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Old style fist fight

Bare fist fight
Arrwork by Andy Moore

Report from the bout between Angela and Jenny

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The story is told by a professional boxer who was the referee of the old-style female pugilistic bout in 1970s. Two English women engaged in the bare-knuckle and bare breast fight: an unarmed combat instructor in the Air Force against a pub servant who trained her husband in boxing. The author describes the bout in detail as a professional in boxing.

"My name is Tony. I was a boxer and sometimes refereed junior bouts. In 1972 or 1973 I was asked weeks before the fight to referee a bare fist fight between Jenny and Angela. Registered refs would not take it on because such fights are illegal and if they were caught they would loose their license. Mr. Charles was in charge and I wanted to do him a favour, so I agreed to do it. The fight took place out doors. Jenny worked in a pub that was a hangout for boxers etc. from a nearby gym and it had a lot of pictures of fighters around the walls. Quite a lot were of pugilists from the old days. I can't remember what the argument was about but the two women decided to fight each other in the pugilist style. I don't know why, but the pictures gave them the idea. That's why they fought in long pants and bare tops. The rules had been decided by the parties and I had accepted them."

The contest was to be conducted in rural Essex, not far from the pub (about 35 miles from London), and was divided into 2 min rounds or shorter by knock down, with one minute break or longer by agreement. The winner was to be the last left standing at the beginning of a round. Usual pugilist rules applied, including throwing and holding with punches below the waist foul. I was assisted by a timekeeper. Angela weighed 141lbs and 5ft 8in. Athletic build, trim, muscular arms and shoulders, small breasts set high on a strong chest, high central rib arch above well muscled abdomen and lateral chest muscles. Tanned complexion, boxer’s faces with marked eyebrows and nose. She worked out in a gym every day. Angela had been an Air Force MP and unarmed combat instructor. She was in her 30s. Jenny weighs 148lbs, 5ft 7in. Stocky build, strong arms, neck and shoulders. Medium size pert breasts on a muscular barrel chest above a well covered midriff. Fair complexion with masculine face. Jenny has past experience as skills coach to her husband who is a professional boxer. She does road training with her husband. She is in her 30s. The ground is well grassed and firm about 20 by 60 ft in area. About 20 spectators stand around beneath the trees and bets are taken. I had to anounce to the spectators which fighter drew blood from the other. I was told by Mr. Charles that most spectators bet that Angela would make Jenny bleed first. Later I learned that Jenny was favored among the punters to win the fight. Both women accompanied by two seconds each come to the ground between the barn and a row of trees. They get ready, hair tied up, wearing soft shoes and close fitting cotton trousers, and bare top. No roped ring. The fight is on an open grassed area. Both use mouth guards. I bring them together and remind them of the rules agreed to and warn them against grappling etc.

Round 1. Both crouching forward a little with guard in place circling each to the left, Angela looking for chances mostly moving forward, her left held back like a southpaw. Jenny standing her ground also crouching guard in the orthodox position. Both trying tentative light jabs at first. Nothing lands as they continue to circle, cautious, exchanging feints and light jabs that are blocked or slipped. Neither woman is impatient, both are calm and deliberate. Jenny lands a sharp counter jab to the cheek puts Angela on the back foot. Angela attacks with a high right, Jenny slips the punch and thumps Angela with a hard right uppercut to mid body. Both reset and back away. Angela grazes Jenny's cheek with a fast left and a right to the ribs on the edge of her breast and takes a good left jab to the face in reply. Bell. Jenny has found her distance and timing, she moves well. Angela a little uneven but not fazed by a couple of good shots, she can take a punch. Both are cautious and not giving away easy chances, keeping their guard intact and jabbing with knuckles tight.

Round 2. Both circle to the left. Angela opens with a stinging straight left to the mouth, followed by a left right combo on target to the head. Jenny delivers a straight right to the chin and both reset their guard, crouching. Jenny slips a right and draws a gasp from Angela with a hard uppercut to the midriff. Angela crouches forward protecting her hurt upper abdomen. Jenny misses with a right. Angela is straightened up by a hard left jab to the red patch on her cheek and counters with a good right to the left eye. They circle and exchange feints and light jabs blocking most with open palms. Jenny is shaken by a thumping round right to the edge of her left breast. Jenny grabs Angela's right wrist and lands a hard right over the left kidney and takes a sharp hook to the mouth and a jab to the left eye in return. Bell. Both women are defending well and entertaining the spectators with good shots to the head and body. Angela was punished in mid round but came back well every time and ended with a well timed left hook that would have dropped many a strong woman. Both show red welts to head and body. Jenny's eye swelling and she has a red welt on the ribs and left breast. Both are keeping their guard together, elbows tight to protect their breasts.

Round 3. Angela opens the score snapping Jenny's head back with a stiff jab to the right eye. Jenny backs away hurt. Angela has the advantage and off the jab lands a solid left hook under the guard flush on the nose. Jenny is stunned and hurt; she shows blood from one nostril. Angela in control comes in close and drops her opponent with a muscular right uppercut high up under the ribs, 50 seconds into the round. Angela created the advantage with a very fast jab right onto the already swollen eye. She has consistently attacked that eye with light jabs in the first two rounds and the accurate jab gave her the opening she wanted. Jenny was set up for the damaging body attack by a lovely left hook that flattened the end of her nose.

Round 4. Jenny looks restored by her seconds' attention during the break. They circle with tight guard. Jenny slips a shot and counters with a hard jab to the left cheek and a left right combo to the face. They exchange light body shots keeping back. Jenny is resetting her guard when Angels shoots a straight left to the nose. Blood from one nostril again. Both women tiring and punching past each other. Angela is bowed by a good right to the left breast and a hard right hook across the shoulder to the left ear. They clinch with Jenny holding, she gets a nice right away to the head on the break. Both circling keeping back. Jenny moves in and is staggered by a hard straight left to the nose. Jenny holding in a tight clinch. Angela takes a jab to the left eye on the break and has blood from the right cheek. Jenny has blood from both nostrils. They circle with guard tight. Angela is jolted by a jab to the mouth. Bell. Both women are tiring but determined and defenses are weakening. Jenny is showing her boxing skills in the clinches. She has recovered from the round 3 knock down and her combination punching and accuracy are having good effect. Angela uses single punches but with good power. Both are slow to reset their guard offering more opportunities and taking punishment for it. An excellent athletic exhibition and the spectators are appreciative.

Round 5. Jenny yelps to a straight right to her reddened left breast. They circle and Jenny jolts Angela with a hard right off the jab to the mouth. Both reset and exchange light jabs and counters. Jenny is favoring her right hand and takes a big round left to the ribs. Angela's mouth is bleeding, she grasps Jenny's upper right arm and sinks an uppercut to the waist and takes a left hook to the right eye in reply. Both are tiring and hurt. They circle crouching, Angela grasps Jenny's right arm and they clinch, struggling, their foreheads meet with a crack. They break, Angela is staggering with blood from one nostril, guard down. Jenny lunges at Angela, takes her around the neck and head butts her, forehead to forehead. Jenny staggers, blood is flowing from the forehead and falls heavily. Angela is hurt, she tries to stay on her feet, staggering, arms spread wide to balance, more blood from the nose. Jenny's second throws in the towel. Angela falls to the ground. Seconds attend. She is not able to continue.

A very good exhibition of athletic ability. Both ladies are strong and skilled with their fists. I declared the fight a draw and Mr. Charles was well pleased.

We asked Tony a couple of questions.

How do you remember so many details from so old time?

I made notes after each fight that I refereed. I was able to find the notes from that fight in a book with several others. Most of the fights I refereed were between adolescent boys. Referees always make notes after fights. I was not a licensed referee.

Except boxing terms and good professional bout report, the story sounds similar to some catfight stories. Do you claim the story is 100% true?

Both women boasted, before the fight, that they could fight bare fists like the old style pugilists. I did not allow hair pulling etc. They agreed to fight with fists and not like a catfight! It was a real fistfight, I can remember quite a bit of the details with the help of my notes. I can still remember the color of the jacket that Mr. Charles was wearing and the color of his car - sky blue. I can remember Angela's hair color and how it was cut. Her breasts were quite pale compared to her torso which was tanned. At the end of the fight the left side of her left breast had a red patch which extended onto her ribs. Jenny's breasts were the same pale color as her chest and back.

Thank you for so interesting report – one more time we become convinced that England remains a country of pugilists (both male and female ones).

May 2003

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