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Bare breasted ladies cross swords

Bare=breasted sword fight
Sketch by artist Splish

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A naughty peek at bare breasted women sword fighting

A show in Washington, DC

The show's advertising boasts that it features "brutal buxom beauties", and "tantalizing ta-ta titans", and that it "unleashes the feminine mystique in a whirl of petticoats and a dazzling display of strength, swords, and skin." The Washington Post refers to it's "comic timing" and "irony."

But hey, you may ask, does this play deliver what it promises - does it really have "irony"? Yes - this show is full of irony - bare and shapely irony, and even girl-on-girl irony, accompanied by a masterfully crafted script, a rousing (and arousing) performance by an all-too exquisite female cast, and a glorious array of gorgeous female bodies and brilliant and expressive female minds. "Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting" combines vaudeville, burlesque, and unclad breasts to create a tantalizing and erotically charged modern humor classic!

They say you can't tell the players without a scorecard - so here's a brief rundown on the fascinating characters and the players who made this comic tour-de-force happen:

- The Mistress of Ceremonies: Charity Pomeroy
A Charity who gives us just what we need - a wealth of talent and strutting and sultry comic timing and delivery.

- The Amazing Rubber Woman: Becky Peters
Becky Peters masterfully and skillfully portrays her role as a perennial victim with aplomb and style.

- The Rubber Woman's Assistant, Mister: Maggie Ulmer
Maggie Ulmer portrays her part as the unsympathetic character of a woman-beating lout effectively and well.

- The Warrior Princess: Kate Langsdorf
Kate Langsdorf is a "heap-big woman" and a heap-big bundle of raw talent - she's butch and femme rolled into one!

- The Damsel in Distress: Brianna Letourneau
Brianna Letourneau gives a stellar performance as a bikini-clad, eye-popping babe who steals the show with her alternately prancing and plaintive performance.

- The Amazons: Katie Nisch and Katie Molinaro
Katie Nisch and Katie Molinaro combine feminine wiles with animal energy in their joint roles as feral and animalistic Amazon tribeswomen.

- The Virgin: Amanda Barber
Amanda Barber skillfully creates the character of a sweet, witty, and naive Virgin, whose charm and innocence contrast sharply with her snappy delivery of first-rate off-color jokes.

- The Mother: Sara Waisanen
Sara Waisanen is an Alaskan-born actress who delivers a smoking-hot performance as a knocked-up and warmly satisfied Mother.

- The Lady Of The Evening: Wendy Nogales
Wendy Nogales gives a skilled and deadpan delivery, and her character of the wisecracking Lady Of The Evening is so spot-on that you can almost here her say your time is up.

- Bare Breasted Women: Rachel Grossman and Becca Bernard
Rachel Grossman, one of the three "co-conspirators" who helped bring this play into being, elegantly showcases her lovely physical attributes, and for those who have the presence of mind to see them, displays a wide and responsive array of facial expressions that enhance the ongoing action of the show. Becca Bernard, her counterpart and adversary in arms, delivers a performance worthy of an Emmy or an Oscar, while doing us the extreme favor of letting us see her "Golden Globes". Together, Rachel and Becca perform a brilliantly choreographed and erotically charged duel of arms, which is a credit to their fine performance skills and also a clear illustration of show creator Lorraine Ressegger's impressive ability as a director and fight choreographer...

So in summary, "Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting" by the ensemble group Dog and Pony DC, is a show that is not only well-worth seeing, but hopefully will have another run and maybe even a tour. It's the kind of excellent; off-beat Theater that makes one glad that there's a First Amendment in this great land of ours. See it if you can - so long and enjoy the comedy!

Bare-breasted sword fight
Program of "Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting"
courtesy of Dog And Pony DC

A stunning combination of comedy, swordplay, and feminine showmanship,
conceived by Lorraine Ressegger,
aided and abetted by co-conspirators Rachel Grossman and Wyckham Avery

Source Theater
1835 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Fri. July 24 at 10:30pm
Sat. July 25 at 10:30pm
Sun. July 26 at 6:00pm

2 июля 2009г.
Крис Браун

AMDC Comedy Examiner

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