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Beach Romping

Beach Romping

Photo by Michael Ekstut from the site Her Muscles

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Beach grappling
Bathers wrestling in the water

Pushing out of the circle Pushing out of the circle

Pushing out of the circle
Pushing out of the circle

Water wrestling in civilian clothing

Water wrestling in civilian clothing
Water wrestling in civilian clothing - photos from the site EE Productions

Posing - photo from the site
Stormee knights

Wrestling on the raft

Wrestling on the raft
Wrestling on the raft

Beach boxing

Beach boxing
Beach boxing

Bathers by Pissarro
Camille Pissarro. Wrestling Bathers

Rest on the beach is a special way of spending time. Uninhibited feeling, minimum of clothing, soft sand, closeness of water and water itself are conductive to cheerful and sprightly games. One more advantage of water is the possibility of washing away sand and perspiration. Friendly bustle at the edge of a sea, river, lake or pool or when bathing -- quite usual sight. As always and anywhere, ladies are not behind in anything -- they have the excellent opportunity to have fun and to demonstrate their beauty, bravado, grace and sex appeal to everyone around them.

Friendly wrestling on the beach transformed into the establish sports - Beach wrestling

Renoir. Wrestling bathers
Physical contests at the water edge seem to be the most popular folk combat among women. As far back as in the 19th century famous Renoir drew wrestling female bathers

In fact, the most of such games are spontaneous pranks but peculiar contests occasionally happen like "horse battle", wrestling on the beach sand or in the water, pushing out of a circle, friendly boxing or pillow fighting. Girls and young (and not so young) women (often with boy friends, kids or husbands) grapple ardently at the edge of water or in the water.

Pushing into water seems to be the most straightforward contest but if organized properly such battles are exceptionally exciting, like the Japanese girl wrestling on rafts settled down in a pool. As you can see at the animations, the girls are not just roughly pushing and pulling each other; they demonstrate flexibility and dexterity.

Wresting in the water is another pleasant fun, especially if there is no danger of drowning. The water substance prevents traumas and makes wrestling much gentler and feminine. The special WEB site (EE Production) exists with tons of photographs with dressed up girls wrestling in water (and mud) -- it is very sexy.

Various contests occur on sand beaches: armwrestling, fingerlock grappling, pushing out of circle, pillow boxing and usual freestyle wrestling. Usually girls wrestle not for the rules and matches rarely end with clear pin or submission. However, testimonies exist about serious female wrestling matches on the beach. Prominent women's wrestling enthusiast Barbara "The Doctor" told about her wrestling match against her girl friend on a deserted beach. The story "Bout under the Moon" tells about the similar event. The story "Beach for women only" tells about nude girls wrestled on the beach for women only.

One of popular forms of female beach combat is "equestrian battle" (or "chicken fight") - competitions of girls saddling their partners.

During past years beach wrestling became a well-established popular sport in USA. Tournaments and championships are held for men and women on the regular basis.

The progress in the women emancipation makes them more uninhibited; they take the opportunity to have fun in the games, which used to be "for men only" and at the same time to show themselves from the unusual and advantageous positions.

Wrestling games on the beach. Videoclips from Youtube

Volunteer girls wrestling at Bamboo Beach

Girls wrestling at Coney Island beach

Girls wrestle at the edge of the pool

Wrestling on the sand beach Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling in bikini on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Wrestling on the sand beach

Pillow battle Pillow battle
Pillow battle

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