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Coleslaw wrestling

Folk wrestling of redneck girls

Coleslaw wrestling
Coleslaw wrestling at Pigman's Bar-B-Que in Kill Devil Hills, NC during Bike Week 2011
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Bikini Coleslaw Wrestling in North Carolina, 2011 (Youtube)

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Since recently, another exotic combat style for women only has been developing in the States - "Coleslaw wrestling" as women wrestle each other in a giant pool of shredded cabbage flavored with vegetable oil. The competitions have been going on since the early 1990s, and the crowd of spectators and participants continues to grow.

In fact, coleslaw wrestling is a continuation of the popular in the US idea of the "The Summer Redneck Games", holding in East Dublin, Georgia

The main venue for regular women's competitions in coleslaw wrestling for a prize is Daytona Beach in Florida. It's invented by the famous bar "Cabbage Patch") and promoted by "Bike Week". These competitions are part of festivals of bikers and motorcyclists. Similar tournaments are held in different states, mostly in places where motorcyclists gather.

The coleslaw wrestling rules are fairly simple: the rulebook says that no biting, punching, slapping or kicking is allowed, but other than that, just about anything else goes. Women compete in two different weight classes (which are usually determined by an eye): lightweight (below 150 lb) and heavyweight (over 150lb).

The pool made of blue plastic is filled with 2,000 pounds of shredded cabbage and Mixed with the special ingredients (including 10 gallons of vegetable oil) to make it slippery. Girls in bikini (in a wide age and weight range) come out into this peculiar "wrestling mat" and wrestle under a referee supervision. Winners are awarded with prizes (including cash) but losers don't grieve either - look at the photographs taken in these competitions and you will see that everyone equally enjoys the competitions – the girls and spectators.

Since this is "girls only" competition, participants gladly prove their femininity by moving up their tops demonstrating the beauty that has been hidden. It happens though, such exposures occurs during the battle.

You can see how much the show impresses the audience by the spectator's cue, "It's not really a coleslaw, it's the most delicious chicken salad I've ever seen. As soon as you see the appetizer, you get starving even if you just have fortified yourself with food."

Along with demonstrating their beauty delights, many participants also prove that they are not only able to make a delicious salad but also to skillfully wrestle in it.

By the way, the used coleslaw is fed to livestock after the event is over - nothing is wasted

2013 Note. During last several years, coleslaw wrestlers got a lot of skills and experience and polished up their wrestling techniques, so matches in this truly folk sport became much more exciting and sophisticated. You can ascertain that if watch several videoclips form the 2013 tournament.


Preparation to caleslaw wrestling Preparation to caleslaw wrestling Preparation to caleslaw wrestling

Cabbage Patch Event in Florida, 2004 (Youtube)

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling

Coleslaw Wrestling


Daytona Bike Week 2013 Cabbage Patch Wrestling


Coleslaw Wrestling at Cabbage Patch during the Bike Week

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