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Video industry of women's fighting was born in 1970s with development of home video equipment. At first, the great part of taped female "bouts" was a variation of professional wrestling and catfighting. In other words, they were more staged than competitive. At that time, contests in "wrestling", "boxing", "catfighting" and "apartment wrestling" prevailed in video films. Feigned women's fights were called "foxy" (foxy-boxing and foxy-wrestling). In fact, women's fights destined to stress femininity and womanhood of the "combatants" (against a manly background); they usually didn't have any combative experience (particularly "catfighters" who often didn't have even serious background in physical activities at all).

Ladies of old catfighting and pro wrestling
Ladies of old catfighting and pro wrestling
Kyla against Allison

Since 1990s, as female combative sports were rapidly growing, some video producers began offering films with more or less real female fights for sale (including wrestling, boxing and catfighting). Since then, more athletic women have been invited for video shooting, not only for making competitive videos but also for non-competitive ones as well. As a result, the appearance of an average "combatant" changed in compare to the old catfighting. Slender athletic girls came out into the ring instead of soft languorous ladies.

Because of the tough competition between the two forms of video fighting - competitive and staged, both have survived but modified. It's especially true for the non-competitive form. Despite rapid developing of competitive women's fighting, pseudo-combat held its own in the video industry of female fighting. It sometimes adjoins competitive forms on videos by the same video producer (and same girls might participate in both forms), which complicates the classification (example - Festelle Video). At the same time, non-competitive shows came up to straight erotic and porno shows. In fact, search engines on the WEB give tons of porno sites if you entered the keyword "catfighting" (or even the neutral word-combination "women's wrestling").

Besides video films, clients are offered magazines, photosets, comics and stories with voluptuous descriptions a fight between "two booby Amazons". Peripetia of such "fights" are widely discussed in WEB forums and in chat rooms.

First, let's consider those forms of women's fighting, which dominated the market at the earliest stage of the industry, namely staged and imitational fighting. We attribute two types of taped contests to this group: totally staged non-competitive "fights" with beforehand determined "winners" and "reductive" fights ("girlish romping") which (being staged) include a portion of improvisations and do not have predictable "results" (usually no result). We can call those fights semi-competitive , in which the physical resistance exists but the spectacle itself is more important for promoters and contestants, rather than the result (for confused boxing, topless rolling over the floor, etc. Certainly, in some particular cases it's difficult to determine if contestants strive for the victory or just amuse spectators, so this classification is quite relative.

The history of women's fighting for photo and video shooting goes up to кетфайтингу and professional wrestling, which became popular in the middle of the 20th century. Both the lines of the entertainment industry represented specific spectacles, which reflected real life conflicts in the hypertrophied forms. Their difference consisted in how the dispute played: in catfighting, a quarrel transformed into the fight by the "female scenario" (loud screaming, scratching, тасканием за волосы, biting and most important, tearing clothing), whereas in pro wrestling, the fights were organized by the "male scenario" (throws, blows). Actually, such bouts are just choreographic imitations of combat performing by professional models or by acrobats (in the pro wrestling). In fact, "video pseudo-fighting" is a form of erotic shows in which physical confrontation between two women gives piquancy to a regular erotic show.

Catfighting has a specific variety, so-called "apartment wrestling": opponents meet at a private apartment in order to solve their conflict by means of boxing or wrestling match. According to other sources, apartment wrestling appeared earlier - from spectacles of contests in living rooms between female wrestlers hired by rich Americans. Unlike catfighting (which is usually staged as a result of a unexpected argument and run spontaneously), in films of the apartment wrestling genre "matches" ran according to certain rules and terms. Kind of athletic tendencies cleared the way to apartment wrestling into professional combat magazines.

By the early 1970s, women's fighting formed a separate line born from erotic entertainment industry. One of the founders of this genre, American company Triumph Studios, organized repetition work of 30-minute films consisting of two fights between bikini models. The studio also collected various materials - from documentary about women in professional wrestling to "competitions" in mud and oil wrestling taped in night clubs.

American model and producer Roslyn Royce made an important contribution to the genre evolution. In the early 1980s, she founded the studio Golden Girls in California. The production of the "golden girls" set the pace in the video industry of "piquant shows". Royce established kind of standards for quality of female fighting; for the first time, she used simultaneous shooting from several positions; she experimented with attire and plotlines.

The team of sex appealing athletes ("stable" in the professional slang) nurtured by Royce later became a source of personnel for other studios intended to improve the quality of their products. Several "golden girls" are still in the business, one of them, superstar Belinda Belle established her own studio Steel Kittens. The style of the golden girls required of the performers some physical training and skills. The matches were usually held on the ring by formal rules partly adopted from professional wrestling. At that, despite the athletes' beauty and sex appeal, the films with golden girls and steel kittens lack eroticism (which was replaced by pseudo-athletic routines.) Although the girls performed in tight bikini or topless, shaking (both literally and figurative) by terrific silicon forms, the athletic component of the performances looked quite weird.

Video producer Trish Brown realized the necessity of returning to "the root" of the industry. The success of her studio California Wildcats was in her keenly reactions to customers' queries - people liked something spicier than just rolling two beauties in bikini over the floor. While Royce paid a lot of attention to fighting "techniques" and athletics, Brown concentrated on the erotic aspect of fighting. She took classic catfighting as a basis, released it from obsolete conventionalities, and enriched the genre with her real luxuriant fancy. In Browns' films, girls fight everywhere - on the beach, in a dishwasher, in kitchen, in a prison cell and even during a wedding ceremony. The athletic aspect was brought almost to naught. The specific "techniques" were used like breast to breast attacks or "bear hugs". After all, Brown went to "sex fights" in which a winner was the one who first got an opponent to have an orgasm. The effective appeal of Brown's models (she had a few winners of the Miss Nude Universe) title in her stable), their athletic and acting skills combined with Brown's staging talent and hypersexual fantasy, raised the genre to the unprecedented level - Trish causes joy to her fans and shocks uninitiated ones.

Tough competition in the video market forces video producers to seek new tracks and non-standard solutions. All of them tried to occupy their own niche and to elaborate their peculiar styles. The oldest American studio Double Trouble offered the spectacular combination of athletic and erotic actions on the ring, whereas Napali Video) specializes in "clashes" between busty models.

The success of women's combative shows has something to do with the fact that tough eroticism is connected to violence (psychologists must be addressed to explain why). That's why the techniques of the erotic fighting include pulling about breasts, kicking to groin, badly scratching etc. Mixed fights (between men and women) also must be mentioned, even though 99% of them represent erotic domination. At last, there is another area of the video production being very far from combat - facesitting, which is pretended to be a final combat stage (peculiar pin) but really represents just erotic posing.

Currently, tremendous number of video producers makes videos with non-competitive and semi-competitive female fighting. In fact, many companies sell not only what they tape and produce but also buy exclusive copyright or buy videos from other companies (including amateur filmmakers).

One of the oldest companies in the industry is the German studio, which has changed its name several times and is widely known as "Beka Film" (the current name is AS Film). It specializes in topless and nude wrestling. We would define its wrestling matches as semi-competitive, even though the levels of competitiveness might vary and some matches look quite competitive. Another German video company "7Streams" or "OFF-TV/LGIS) creates and distributes video products with variety of fighting forms. Its repertoire consists of non-competitive and semi-competitive topless wrestling, breast boxing, slapping and fantasy catfighting and wrestling by non-skilled women.

It's very difficult to mark out particular video producers among plenty of them in the today's market. The following ones come to mind: Ultimate surrender), "JMRolen", Jenzpinup(remarkable for its Playboy's models), Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network ("AEBN"),which (among erotic and porno videos) offers films with catfighting, apartment wrestling as well as the same California Wildcats which is still in the market.

The following ones might be added to this list: "Female Fighting with a Flare", "Les Femmes Fatales", "Christine Dupree's Erotic Adventures", "Femfight Bound", "Kitty Fights".

Just as in porno films, plotlines in women's fighting videos are unpretentious. The girls have a squabble turning into a "fight" or they decided to "measure their strength" against each other. Sometimes wrestlers act topless or nude. If wrestlers wear bikini at the beginning of the match they would be unlikely able to hold them at the proper body part by the very end – such show may be called "strip wrestling". Sometimes the very goal of the contest is to tear clothing off the opponent. Unprotected breasts make it difficult to really wrestle but it allows better demonstrating female delights in fighting dynamics.

Video studios try to diversify their repertory. Variety of wrestling forms are organized: between plump (tall, hairy) women, wrestling in any possible (and impossible) place: beach, meadow, snow, pond and many more. The most important factor in such combative activities is an entourage rather than techniques. Apartment wrestling and hairpulling still remain very popular (hair turned out to be as much effective wrestling leverage as Judoka's jackets.) :)

Very popular and widespread show (taped or demonstrated on the scene), in which women box (but more often pretend they do) - not for determination who is stronger opponent but just for specific spectators’ amusement. In contrast to athletic competition, such a show just looks like a boxing bout – much more important is the demonstration of "feminine delights" in the contrasting atmosphere of the traditional male activity. In the most of such shows, poorly trained women imitate fighting.

Participants of "boxing" matches usually are slender nice girls but sometimes for special connoisseurs – not too slender but even plump. The most of non-competitive boxing matches are topless (and sometimes nude). "Boxers" may act in brad shoes, in this case the culmination of the "bout" is when the winner steps on the breast of the toppled opponent. The important moment of such a "fight" is "knockout" when the defeated girl is lying on canvas spectacularly and long (whereas the victor celebrates exposing her virtues). If "boxers" start a bout in bikini, during the ardent fight, there is a good chance the bikini will "accidentally" come down. As real female boxing is developed, a girl with boxing gloves looks less and less surprising and a show of two beauties pretending to box becomes palls on the public. That’s why, lately such boxing actresses are given some boxing lessons in order to make the show looking more realistic.

Female boxing matches as non-athletic or staged shows have many varieties, which go far outside of the framework of proper boxing. "Slapping" and "fist fighting" might occur in different decorations. "Boxing" by bare breasts also may be considered among such shows. In the most such "boxing matches", participants act topless or nude (or strip during the show) which allow considering such shows as a form of striptease. In fact, women's pseudo boxing loses its positions as real women's boxing gains popularity.

Female wrestling and boxing are often organized for amusement of tipsy patrons of restaurants and nightclubs - they are usually recorded on video and are spread for sale. Different forms of борьбы в жидкостях (like mud of oil) are also very popular in clubs and restaurants. Mud slightly covers nakedness while oil makes a female body more piquant.

Another show industry achievement is virtual fights. Sometimes they represent just busty virtual dolls, sometimes videoclips, video games or animated cartoons are made in which famous women are boxing or fighting.

It should be noted that until the late 1990s, videos with women's fighting were very expensive - a 30-60 minute cassette cost about $40-60 (sometimes even $100). As soon as tens and hundreds of companies offering video production with varieties of women's fighting, the price for Video cassettes, CD and DVD significantly lowered, which is evidence of golden age of the industry and women's combat in general.

Some facts regarding the history of the video industry has been taken from the article "New Amazons are kept in stables" by Igor Epikrizov. (It used to reside on this site but has been removed by the author's request).

woman wrestling. "Foxy-dolls.com" preview

Shots from videofilms with women's fighting by different video producers

Model fight
Triumph Studios
Model fight

Ring fight
Golden Girls.
Ring fight

Model fight
"Steel Kittens".
Model fight

Wrestling on the carpet
"California Wildcats".
Wrestling on the carpet

Battle on the ring
"Double Trouble".
Battle on the ring

Conflict by sea
"Napali Video".
Conflict by sea

Backroad fight
"Kitty Fight".
Backroad fight

Topless boxing
Topless boxing

Catfight on the floor
"Femfight Bound".
Catfight on the floor

Catfight in underwear
"Crystal Films".
Catfight in underwear

Tearing-off clothing
"Chaos Video".
Tearing-off clothing

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