With the best gutter cleaning tools, you can easily get your gutters clean every other weekend and if you hire a gutter cleaning professional you can be sure the tools they use will be all the right ones.

There are different types of gutter guards all with the same purpose of eliminating leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging gutters.

Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are always worth your research where you can find out about the different types and to compare their features and prices.

Some homes have beautiful trees growing around them, but they in themselves can cause problems when their leaves blow off and settle in the gutters.  Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot comes to the rescue because with a simple installation they can play a huge role in capturing most of the debris and putting an end to clogged gutters.

You are not restricted with the choice because there are several types on the market all with their own unique features. The designers of these guards have gone out of their way to ensure the guards always look attractive and they come in different colors to match your gutters. Most importantly they extend the life of your gutters and prevent premature damage.

All About Gutter Tools

Gutter Tools

Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are perfect for any DIYers or for contractors who want to do a good job cleaning gutters. There are quite a few gutter cleaning tools on the market and even though they work differently, their aim is to clean clogged gutters.

Ignoring clogged gutters can lead to a leaking roof. In fact tedious though the task may be, gutter tools help with the gutter cleaning that needs to be done regularly. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are available in many options, and you might prefer to use a gutter claw, designed to extend a person’s reach and grab gutter debris.

Others use a gutter wire brush while others prefer a pressure washer. There are many gutter tools designed to make the job easier for you.

Gutter Cleaner

A gutter cleaner can either be you or you can get a professional gutter cleaner in to do the job for you. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot supply DIYers as well as professional cleaners with all the tools needed to clean gutters effectively.

If you do it yourself it will require you at least investing in some gutter cleaning tools. A sturdy, reliable ladder will be required too. Gloves will also be important because you never know what could be hiding amongst all the leaves, twigs and other debris.

Other people opt to hire a professional gutter cleaner with the necessary skills.

Gutter Cleaning Tools

There are lots of different types of gutter cleaning tools, some more complicated than others. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are as simple or as sophisticated as you want. One nice tool that can spare you the hassle of hauling out a ladder, is a long-reach butter cleaning kit that blows leaves right out the gutter.

There are quite a few of these cutter cleaner tools that allow you to clean your gutters from the ground without the use of a ladder and make it ideal for even the elderly to use. If you find that manual versions of gutter cleaning tools are too strenuous, there are also robotic versions.

The Gutter Guards

Home Depot Gutter Guards

Home Depot started out in 1978 and is the biggest home improvement retailer in the United States. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot offer their own house brands but carry a number of major brands too. Amongst their gutter protection products, apart from their many different gutter guards they also have gutter covers.

The Home Depot store also allows you to shop online allowing you to shop around, to compare quality, prices and value to ensure you settle for the best gutter guards on the market.

Menards Gutter Guards

Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are not the only place to look for gutter equipment.  Menards started way back in 1958 in Wisconsin and today it is made up of a chain of home improvement stores located in the Midwestern United States.

As the biggest privately owned DIY chain in the world, they are known for their superb services and quality. They carry garden tools and supplies, lawn care products, home improvement products, pet products and much more from top brands. One of their products is the Viking Gutter Guards, made from stainless steel micro-mesh to ensure they do not rust or warp. The gutter guards, with patented V-Bend technology, provides rigidity and is easy to install.  They are designed to fit any gutter and roof type.

Amerimax Gutter Guards

If you do not want to look for gutter cleaning tools Home Depot, there are other options.  Amerimax manufactures rain-carrying systems, offering customers all the products needed to protect your home from rainwater.

Their rain carrying systems and roofing accessories are made from robust materials such as copper, vinyl, aluminum and steel.  They have got their budget friendly, quick, and easy to install gutter guards too, offering exceptional gutter protection from all kinds of debris. The Amerimax Snap-In gutter guards are so easy to use and it is a case of simply snapping them into place to keep debris away from accumulating in gutters and allowing rainwater to freely flow.

Aluminum Gutter Guards

Those in the know will tell you that aluminum gutter guards are a good investment as these gutter guards are rust-resistant. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot is where you will find these aluminium gutter guards.

They are not only durable but they are also fire-proof. Aluminum gutter guards prevent home damage, keeping moisture and mold away.

Wet leaves and debris lead to rust and corrosion but with aluminum gutter guards, water drains freely, and the gutters can dry out. These gutter guards can be fitted to most domestic gutter systems and they can be trimmed to size as needed.

Harbor Freight- All the Help You Need

Harbor Freight Hours

Harbor Freight, started out in the year 1977 as a small family-owned business but the have grown tremendously and offer more than 7 000 different tools and accessories, and always at the fairest prices.

Today you can visit any one of their 1100+ stores across the nation.  The stores are open every day of the week, opening their doors at 8 in the morning and closing at 7 pm. On Sundays, stores open at 9 and close at 6 pm. You can always check out their website for details on their hours on holidays.

Harbor Freight Locations

With more than 1100 stores dotted across the nation, you are sure to find Harbor Freight stores close to where you are. All you have to do is type in the words ‘Store Locator on Harbour Freight Stores and you will find them listed according to the state.  The discount tool and equipment retailer has opened some new stores in Texas, Florida, Idaho, and others.

Harbor Freight Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are super-powerful hoses or power washers that blast windows, gutters, driveways and other things totally clean with pressurized water jets. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot are available but with Harbor Freight the same thing is much cheaper.

They offer some excellent pressure washers and from leading brands too such as Portland, Predator and Bauer. The 2000 PSI Max Performance Electric Pressure Washer from Bauer is one of the more affordable brands for instance and comes with some quick-connect fittings as well as a built-in hose reel. It is rugged and easy to use and comes with an on-board detergent tank to make short work of lots of cleaning jobs.

Harbor Freight Merchandise

Harbor Freight stocks a lot of different merchandise in their various departments, and apart from their tools and home improvement departments, you can find jewelry, clothes, garden and outdoor items, toys, pet supplies, baby items. Appliances, cell phones and accessories, office products, musical instruments, personal car items and much more.

Harbor Freight Pressure Washer Coupon

To ensure even a nice shopping experience with Harbor Freight you can find coupons on their website that make buying a pressure washer even more affordable. You can use both their 20% off coupon as well as their free item coupon even when you buy just one item. They are always working towards saving their customers extra dollars.

Harbor Freight Pressure Washer Hose

A good pressure washer hose is imperative because this is the part of the pressure washer that transports the water to where it should be so as to wash all kinds of surfaces.  Many of the top pressure washer brands offer these hoses that can be up to 25 feet in length. If that is still not long enough, you can even buy pressure washer extension hoses.

All those pressure washer hoses at Freight Harbor vary in terms of length and diameter. Known also as the water inlet, the hose connects the pressure washer to a faucet and comes with an inlet that has a filter to prevent small particles from entering the pressure washer and damaging it.

Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House

If you live in a 2-story house, there is no need to fret that your gutters are unreachable. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot will have gutter cleaning tools that can reach right up to the 2nd story. There are the right tools that will make cleaning your gutters fast and safe and most times without the need for a ladder.

One of the best gutter cleaning tools for a 2-story house includes the telescopic extension poles, leaf blowers, and cleaning wands among others. For instance these cleaning wands are excellent for blasting away accumulated debris from gutters and the wand is strong and robust too.

Most times they are made from strong aluminum with non-slip grips that make them easy to handle. The rod can also be extended and the spray head itself is not fixed and it can rotate to reach all those hard to reach areas.

A telescopic extension pole can extend its length from about 6 feet to 24 feet. Lightweight, it can be used hour after hour. Some of the more multi-purpose ones can also be used to clean high-to-reach windows.

How to Clean Gutters from the Ground

If you live in a home with gutters, particularly when there are trees growing close by, you will have to know how to clean your gutters if you want them to remain unclogged, work properly and keep water from pooling around your home. Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot has gutter cleaning tools to use without the need for a ladder.

The idea is always to ensure that your gutter cleaning job gets done swiftly, easily, efficiently and even pleasurably. Many people dread the idea of hauling out a ladder and climbing up and sensing it is not stable.

If you find cleaning your gutters with a ladder unacceptable, there are other options where you can clean them from the ground. Just for starters, you can use a power washer and keep your feet firmly on the ground.


Gutter cleaning tools Home Depot will provide you with a tool that suits the style you have in mind to clean your gutters. Gutter cleaning plays an important role in home maintenance. Whether you clean your gutters yourself or hire a professional gutter cleaner to do the job for you, gutter cleaning tools Home Depot will have something that will be in the price range and style that you want.  From tongs to pressure washers to gutter guards to wands, hoses and other accessories, many of the best gutter cleaning tools do not even require you stepping up onto a ladder.

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