It’s been said that the golden rule of decorating is to live with what you love.

With so many home decorating styles available, how do you know what will work best for you and your family?

Only you can tie together what is best for your lifestyle, what will make you happy, and what you want to live with for some time to come.

Here are a few decorating options for you to consider.

When you’re planning to decorate your home and are looking for inspiration, there is no shortage of ideas and opinions on the web. While home decorating styles number into the dozens, there are a couple of trends that encompass the essence of these.

Industrial Home Décor

Industrial Home Décor

One of the most exciting and versatile decorating styles exists within industrial home décor. It’s so individual and comes with limitless possibilities.

Industrial home décor pulls its stark aesthetic from old warehouses, city loft apartments, and repurposed commercial spaces. While it may appear to be cold and utilitarian on the surface, the general feel is edgy, a little moody, and alive with potential.

Large, open rooms are often visually separated by innovative homeowners by using laser cutting services to create unique screens or room partitions. This way, you maintain the overall industrial feel while still being usable and practical with a degree of privacy.

Recycled furniture sits comfortably on concrete flooring. Giant abstract paintings hang on faded and chipped walls. Stripped down fixtures and fittings abound, being harshly beautiful yet wholly functional.

A neutral color palette dominates these open spaces. Individualistic accessories add a fascinating splash of color and interest.

Copious amounts of texture and sustainable products in the form of wood, leather, metal, textiles, and concrete make for truly remarkable homes in this style.

Modern Home Décor

A modern home elicits thoughts of a gleaming, minimalist space with clean, crisp lines and a calming feel.

From furniture to wall color, every element of a modern-styled home is pared down, simple, and open. Many people use the terms “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably to describe this uncomplicated style. While they share the same uncluttered and restrained sensibility there are key differences.

For example, the use of sleek futuristic elements in a contemporary style, as opposed to the discreet use of natural materials in a modern style.

In modern home décor, accessories are kept to a minimum, and the overall muted color palette is restful and serene.

Under this broad umbrella, you will find mid-century modern home décor. This particular style borrows from its modern counterpart using unfussy furniture and some minimalistic elements.

It is still a popular choice for those who want to inject the fun of yesteryear into their home. Add organically shaped chairs, a little 1960s retro imagery, and a mix of fabric designs and textures for interest.

Traditional Home Décor

Traditional Home Décor

While so many younger homeowners have moved away from the traditional home décor style, there is something about its timeless warmth.

In this home, we would expect to see dark, polished woods in furniture, flooring, and even wall panels. The color palette is rich and opulent, creating a warm and layered space with no small degree of interest and appeal.

Sumptuous fabrics such as silk and velvet cohabit with heavy brocade drapes and textured accessories. Walls abound with framed emotive images, portraits, and memories. Textured antique rugs soften the gleaming hardwood floors. Lighting is often muted, complementing the natural light from expansive windows.

Underpinning all these seemingly disparate elements there exists an orderliness, a certain predictability. Some find this comforting, forcing them to slow down and find the joy in the simple things in life.

Choosing Your Home Decorating Style

If you’re in the exciting process of building or renovating and are choosing a style to work with, you’re going to be spoiled for choice.

Take some time to create mood boards that are faithful to your home decorating styles. Add to them everything that makes you happy, that is special to you, and that you love. And, of course, stay subscribed to our blog for the best home renovation advice.

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