Power outages cost families in the U.S. over $150 billion a year. From lost groceries to hotel stays and emergency supplies, power outages can be as costly as they are uncomfortable for your family.

Having a backup generator can help prevent these and other issues you’ll face when a storm knocks out power.

Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits of a home backup generator.

1. Get Quick Power When You Need it the Most

Get Quick Power When You Need it the Most

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a home backup generator is the ability to instantly get power when you need it the most.

While other generators can be used in an emergency, a backup generator is designed to kick in as soon as your home’s power goes out. This makes it ideal for emergency preparedness situations.

When a storm hits, you won’t have to worry about rushing to find your generator and hook it up, or to search for flashlights to light the way or coolers to save the perishables that you have in your fridge.

Instead, your emergency generator will kick in on its own to keep your home’s electric appliances operating.

2. Protect Your Investments

Protect Your Investments

Having an emergency generator is more than just a comfort. It can also help you to protect your investments.

Losing a fridge full of groceries when the power goes out might cost your family several hundred dollars.

But it isn’t the biggest expense you could face.

If your home relies on a pump to get rid of water flooding in, a power outage could wind up costing you thousands of dollars to remove the water, fix any damage, get rid of mold, and replace your destroyed belongings.

A long-term power outage also leads to additional costs. You may find yourself needing to buy additional supplies, like flashlights, batteries, and food, which during an emergency situation can be costly and tough to find. Many families find themselves needing to go to a hotel if their home is left without power for an extended period.

But with a generator, you can continue to rely on your home’s lighting and appliances, no emergency supplies needed.

3. Give Your Family the Comforts of Home During an Emergency

Give Your Family the Comforts of Home During an Emergency

Protecting your investment and keeping your family safe and fed is important. However, don’t underestimate the comforts of home in an emergency situation.

From being able to watch movies to staying cool or warm with your heat or air conditioning, having creature comforts after a bad storm rolls through can help your family stay calm during an emergency.

Having the right backup generator for the job makes all the difference. Check out this article to learn more about choosing a generator set.

Reaping the Benefits of a Home Backup Generator

From enjoy a few comforts of home to protecting your investments and your family’s safety, having a home backup generator can make all the difference during an emergency.

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