There are more than 100,000 real estate brokerages and 3 million active real estate agents in the United States.

Each of these businesses relies on cash flow to operate efficiently and effectively. Real estate agents assume a lot of the costs early on in a transaction, such as advertising.

Getting paid on time could mean the difference between paying the bills and not. If this sounds familiar, you need to get a system in place to get paid faster.

Invoice generator software can help agents and brokers streamline invoicing. You’ll get paid on time and improve your cash flow.

What are the best invoice generators on the market today?

Keep reading to find out.



This is software originally designed for freelancers to track time and bill clients. It’s grown over the past five years to become a viable invoice generator option for real estate businesses.

Agents can keep track of bookkeeping and accounting tasks. It’s easy to create and send invoices to customers, too.

FreshBooks makes it simple for customers to pay on time. They can click on a link in the invoice, submit their payment information, and you get paid faster.



Zoho is a comprehensive invoicing and business management suite. If your real estate business involves repairs or maintenance, Zoho makes it easy to track billable hours.

It’s easy to track expenses and add them to invoices. This is great for agents who need to bill a real estate company for reimbursements.

Zoho also lets users add property documents to files and create client logins to keep everyone on the same page.

The software is so advanced that you can send payment reminders to clients from your smartwatch.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud

Your real estate brand is how your business gets remembered by clients. It’s how you’ll get referrals and keep your real estate business running smoothly, even when the market cools down.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers the best free invoice maker that lets you create branded invoices in a few minutes.

Use one of their templates, customize it with your logo, and download it for your records. You can then email it off to your client for prompt payment.


Square invoice

You probably think of Square as an easy way to pay for coffee at your local coffee shop. It does help millions of small retail businesses with their transaction.

Square is a good option as an invoice generator for mobile devices. Square also has a way to collect payments directly from invoices.

What’s the Best Invoice Generator Software?

Cash flow is critical to running a healthy real estate business. You can get paid faster with the best invoice software for your needs.

If you’re wondering what the best invoice generator software is, look no further than this guide. You have a broad range of options to generate invoices and get paid faster.

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