Closet space is the most sacramental area in the house not just for women but men alike. The closet is not only an area to hang one’s clothes but many stores their personal belongings in boxes that you will find in the upper compartment of the closet. Some people stack their perfume collection while others might allocate the floor space found in closets for their shoes. Closet space is valuable for many as it reduces the clutter in the room. Your old clothes, new clothes, used clothes, all can now be stacked using space saver hangers for closets. Using space saver hangers for closets is a great way to have all your clothes fit in your wall closets or portable wooden closets. Before we give you some tips on maximizing your closet space, we will let you in on some of the best space saver hangers for closets that you can buy in 2021.

What are space saver hangers for closets?

When you open your portable wooden closet or any other type of closet that you have, you might find that no matter what size your closet is it always seems to be quite small. Think about it. How many times have you found yourself organizing your closet in the hopes to make little space for some of your new stuff? This is because we don’t want to let go of things and some of us just like to go on a shopping spree now and then.

What are space saver hangers for closets

If you find yourself in this situation and are thinking of ways to increase closet space, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a wooden closet. However, many people can’t go for that option because their room is not big enough to add an extra portable wooden closet to it. Or they might not want to spend money. This is where space saver hangers for closets come in.

Space saver hangers for closets are the latest innovation regarding hangers. They are thin, lightweight, and don’t take up too much space in the closet. Space saver hangers for closets save a lot of space by bulking up clothes on top of each other. These types of hangers come in many different shapes and sizes. The capacity of how many clothes you can hang on that one single hanger depends on the size and shape of the space saver hangers for closets.

Depending on the quality and brand of these hangers, you can easily find them in different price ranges. Some of the durable ones are relatively a bit pricey but a durable space saver hanger will save you a lot of money down the road. You might find that the cheaper ones are made out of low-quality plastic and if you start to bulk multiple clothes on it, they might bend or snap.

Different types of space saver hangers for closets

There are many different brands of space saver hangers out there. Some have their patents hence you won’t find that type of hanger produced by another company. Before we go on to looking at some of the best space saver hangers for closets in 2021, let’s quickly go over the most common types of space saver hangers.

Shirt hangers

These are the most common types of hangers you will find. They come in the shape of downward wings where the shirt shoulder lies. These take very little space as compared to those traditional wooden hangers. They are ultra slim so you don’t go around putting your winter coat on them. It might snap. Different brands provide better durability which we will discuss later.

Step hanger

This is where things start to get a bit interesting. The step hanger is in the shape of a hanger but has steps. So instead of one base crossbar, there are multiple. You can hang a shirt on it with several pairs of trousers or pants but if you want to utilize closet space more efficiently, then hang several hangers to it. Make sure the step hanger you’re getting is made of stronger material than plastic if you’re planning to hang a few heavy articles of clothing.

Suit hangers

Every gentleman has a suit hanger in their closet. These types of hangers are great in storing space as they are lightweight yet highly durable due to the aluminum used in their crossbar base. You not only get to hang your suit on it but also your pants allowing you to utilize your closet more efficiently. These can easily fit in tiny spaces making it a great option to have if you don’t already own one.

Suit hangers

Cascading hangers

These are great space saver hangers for closets as from the name you can tell that they might have multiple hangers attached to them. And you’re right as four hangers are vertically attached allowing you to hang four shirts at the same time while taking up space for one shirt. These hangers are known to take up to 10 pounds of weight as well.

Chrome hangers

Made out of steel, these bad boys dominate many cabinets with their sleek looks and strong durability. They are slim in design and can hold even the heaviest articles of clothing like your winter jacket. They are an upgrade on the wire hangers which, although slim, would bend upon weight. You can even hang your pants with it as these come with crossbars, unlike the shirt hangers that only accommodate single shirts.

Swivel hangers

These types of hangers are a new twist on the step hanger. They are shaped in such a unique way that you can easily hang multiple articles of clothing like scarves, ties, belts, and more. Swivel hangers will help you save on floor and cabinet space by allowing up to 18 different clothing items to hang from them.

These are some of the different types of hangers that are available on the market. Of course, there are many more types of hangers as companies are trying to innovate and go minimalistic with their designs now and then. Getting into all of these would be pointless as we’re going to mention our list of the best space saver hangers for closets in 2021.

Best space saver hangers for closets 2021

Space saver hangers for closets are a great way to save on space and costs at the same time. Not many can afford closets with no doors or target wardrobe closets so here is something that everyone can afford, the best space saver hangers for closets.

  1. Joy Mangano shirt hangers
  2. Black Velvet touch four-step hangers
  3. Studio 3B slim grips
  4. Cascading velvet hangers
  5. Add-On skirt hangers by Tosnail
  6. Zober open-ended pants hangers
  7. Songmics skirt hangers

Here’s how you can maximize closet space

You may have watched an episode or two of Marie Kondo inspired by her will to organize and save space by decluttering. Here are our tips that can help you in utilizing your closet space to the max.

Avoid buying too many clothes

You might be one of those people that buys too many clothes and ends up with no closet space at all. That can be a huge problem even if you can afford a new closet. Your habit will have you pile up clothes in your house and no matter how many tips you fall, closet space will never be enough. Follow the “one in, one out” method.

Avoid buying too many clothes

“One in, one out” is a behavior where people only buy new articles of clothes if they are throwing away the old ones. This method restricts you from purchasing too many articles of clothing in a short period. If you’re a shopaholic, start practicing this method. It’ll not only help you have sufficient space in your closet but also save you lots of money by curbing your shopping habits.

Buy different types of hangers

Buy a couple of different hangers for all sorts of needs. Cascading hangers will save you a lot of space on shirts and pants while a suit hanger can have your entire three-piece suit in the space of one clothing article. See what kind of clothing you have. If your clothes involve scarves and ties, then getting a swivel hanger is the way to go. Each hanger will serve a different purpose. Having the same chrome hangers or other types of hangers will not help you save space as not all hangers have similar features. You can’t hang 18 pieces of scarves on a chrome hanger but you can do that with a swivel hanger.

Seasonal swaps

This is a very helpful tip as it’ll help you save on space and even keep all your clothes. There are different types of clothes for different seasons. In winters you might wear thick articles of clothing, jackets, coats and more while in summers you’ll have some shorts, shirts and so on.

Every time a new season begins, take out the previous season’s clothes from your closet. See which one you might be wearing in the new season. If there is a jumper you feel that you can wear in summer, keep it to one side. All the other clothes that you think you won’t be wearing in the new season, fold them nicely and keep them in a box. You can put the box in your attic, storeroom, under the stairs, garage, shed, or any other place where you have extra space.

You can always resort back to the box for some items if you feel like you need them for the new season. This way, you get to keep all your clothes without throwing them away. This not only saves money on clothes since you don’t have to buy clothes more often, and also a lot of closet space.

Fold your jeans

Jeans can easily be folded and tucked at the bottom of your closet. This is a great way to stack jeans and pajamas if you’re running out of hanging space. You can even fold your shirts and start piling them neatly. However, don’t get too involved in this method and start piling suits and pants. These can easily wrinkle and now you don’t just have space problems but also need to iron your clothes.

Push the hangers back

As the seasons go and you start to add clothes to your closet, push those clothes to the back of the closet that you don’t use. Well, you don’t have to do that because it’ll get pushed eventually since you’ll be grabbing those items of clothing that you wear often. At the end of a season, you’ll get to see all those clothes that you rarely wear at the back of the closet.

Once that happens, take those clothes out and store them in a box or give it away to donor organizations. They’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands and you’ll also be doing something good for the community as donor organizations uplift communities.

File fold

Yes, this method of clothes saving is the best of them all. However, it is only applicable to closets that have a drawer. If your closet has a drawer, you can start to fold your clothes vertically and keep them in a way like you would a file in a cabinet. This way you can store many clothing items and can easily reach out to the one you want to wear. The file fold is perfect because, if executed properly, your clothes won’t even wrinkle. You got Marie Kondo to thank for that.

How you allocate space can affect the aesthetics of the place too. If your cabinet is crowded and is not neat, then you may not want to even get near it or re-organize it. Tidying up mess and organizing can help you save more closet space allowing you to hang more clothes in the same space. Secondly, taking care of messes not only affects the aesthetics but also makes you feel good too.

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