Do you want to expand your living space as well as enjoy an increased amount of flexibility? You may want to consider investing in a backyard accessory dwelling unit. These units function independently of your main house, as they’re equipped with their own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

However, there are a variety of benefits that go beyond just more space. An ADU can increase the quality of a senior’s life, provide you with additional income for your mortgage, and more. It’s no wonder that buyers are interested in properties that already come with a ready-to-go ADU.

Read on to learn the top five reasons why constructing a backyard accessory dwelling unit is one of the best options to expand your livable space!

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a backyard ADU can also be described as a mother-in-law unit, guest house, or backyard cottage. Regardless of the name, these units serve the same function–they act as a separate and complete living space.

They’re equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Simply put, they’re an “accessory” or addition to your main living space.

You can construct an accessory dwelling unit in the backyard that’s completely detached from the main house. Other dwelling units can be connected via a garage or a second story. They could also be located in the basement.

Benefits of ADUs

Now that you know that an accessory dwelling unit it, here are some of its benefits as opposed to other construction methods. You’ll find that ADUs can vary between one house and another. For instance, they can be constructed as a detached unit for tenants or a renovated attached garage for senior family members.

1. Host Guests in Comfort

If you don’t have a guest room in your home but want to give guests a more comfortable experience, an ADU is one of the best options. This is because your guest can spend the weekend with relative independence with their own bathroom and kitchen–they don’t have to worry about getting in the rest of the family’s way if it’s a busy week.

2. Passive Income

One of the top benefits of an ADU is that a well-designed one opens up the opportunity for passive income. If you live in a vacation town, you can focus on improving the amenities and design of your ADU in order to host it as an Airbnb.

This is a great option if you want to earn passive income, but you don’t want the long-term responsibility of being the landlord for tenants. Since vacation rentals are short-term, your ADU will be available for your family’s use during the off-season.

You also have the option of renting it out to tenants if you’re willing to do the work. If you have no experience with rentals, we recommend finding a well-reviewed and experienced property manager in your local area to take some of the stress away.

3. Improved Aesthetic

One of the problems of renovating your house in order to add extra space is that it can begin to look unnatural. Additions done wrong can stick out like a sore thumb, not matching the exterior of your house or the aesthetic of your neighborhood.

A detached backyard accessory dwelling unit keeps the aesthetic of your home intact while offering a stylish and functional space. Since they’re typically located in the backyard, they can also be accessed through side entrances, and the extra foot traffic or parked cars won’t detract from the regular traffic flow of your home.

4. Perfect for Families

Perfect for Families

Constructing an ADU is one of the best options for you if you have a senior member of your family that needs some supervision but wants to continue living independently. An ADU allows them to live their lives comfortably with special modifications for any handicaps.

Even better, being near the family can improve a senior’s quality of life. They won’t have to suffer through loneliness, but they also won’t feel as if they’re being a burden since they can go about their day with a minimal amount of assistance.

5. Multi-Use Space

Lastly, constructing an ADU doesn’t mean you have to be locked into one function or another. If you struggle with thoughts of “my house is small,” but you’re on a budget, you don’t have to completely renovate your home for enhanced flexibility. For instance, if it’s serving as a guest house, it can also be used as a library or drawing studio when it’s not being used by a guest.

Sole-proprietors can use it as an office space in order to take advantage of the tax deductions. If you have domestic help such as a nanny or groundskeeper, it can also serve as a comfortable space for them to live on the premises.

Expand Your Options With a Backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit

Expand Your Options With a Backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit

When you invest in the construction of a backyard accessory dwelling unit, you’re not just expanding your livable space. You’re also increasing the number of options available to you when it comes to guest accommodations, taking care of an elderly family member, or even paying off your mortgage earlier through rent.

One of the best parts about accessory dwelling units is the fact that they’re so flexible. After looking up your city’s provisions and permits for ADUs, you have a variety of options when it comes to where to construct them. For instance, homeowners with large backyards can benefit from detached ADUs, especially if they’re going to be occupied by a tenant.

Overall, you’ll find that your city is most likely largely accepting of ADUs because they provide more dense and efficient development. Smaller housing uses less energy and doesn’t take as many materials to construct.

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