The split rail or post and rail fence has a decorative touch that creates a visual barrier and looks very rustic. The split cedar logs and other fence materials that have random dimensions and shapes look beautiful with their imperfect details. Wood logs are cut into random but similar shapes and sizes. The untreated wood has a rustic appeal that can look good in natural weathering and when treated with wooden stain.

Constructing a split rail fence is easy. All you have to do is organize them and join the fence together. The posts have holes and notches cut in one or more facets that fit into the mortises. The managed finishes of the rails fit into the mortises on the nearby aspects.

Usually, fasteners are not needed, and the fitting is strong enough to keep the fence together. The rails can be as short as three feet tall and as long as ten feet tall. The one you choose for your home is determined by your own preferences and needs.

The long posts can be found at a local fencing supplier. The beauty of a split rail is its ability to give the vibes of a ranch and look stunning all year round. Maintaining the split rail fence is exceptionally important to keep it looking new and sturdy. It is not very tricky to build a split rail fence and maintain it. However, it requires some effort.

Building a split rail fence gate is a cheap and beautiful addition to your yard. It lets you have some privacy, and the boundaries are a must-have if you are planting trees and don’t want anyone to step over them. Split rail fencing is one of the easiest fences to install in America and can be DIY.

All things considered, split rail fencing was broadly utilized because the fence structure didn’t require many materials to build and it was quick to set up. Farmers with plenty of land could easily and cheaply install the fence, and it would take less wood and cost less. As time went on, fencing gave people a sense of privacy and set a boundary. It marked territory and took less time to install. Therefore, most houses and farms in rural areas or towns have rail fences today.

But the idea of a split rail fence gate is becoming more popular in suburban areas because it adds an element of rustic charm to the home or farm. Every rancher knows that the split rail fence adds a sense of privacy and style to their property. The antique split rail fence can give a subtle and natural look to your home, which is becoming popular again. It is the look of a split rail fence gate that is incredibly rural and stunning.

Reasons for building a split rail fence:

  • It requires fewer building materials and usually takes a few hours to set up.
  • It is easier to build in hilly areas.
  • It would last longer and would not need a lot of maintenance.
  • Two amateurs can install it within hours or a few days (depending on the number of rails).
  • It has a natural and rustic appearance.

What Is The Cost Of Constructing A Split Rail Fence Gate?

What is the cost of constructing a split rail fence gate

Split rail fence gates cost between $4 and $12 per foot if you were to do the installation yourself. The prices may vary depending on your location and the availability of rail fences. It can cost around $8–12 for each direct foot.

The average number of square feet required for the installation of a split rail fence in a small-to-medium-sized yard is roughly around 150 ft. The split fence would cost you $12 to $30 if you got it installed with the help of professionals.

Depending on the quality of the rail fence and your supplier, you might pay less or more. If you want something strong yet reasonable, you can go for cedarwood. The cedar split rail fence gate can save money and get installed for minimal expense.

You won’t need any nails or require any other materials to assemble the fence. It comes together like a puzzle piece, so if you are installing a split rail fence in your yard, two amateurs can install it within a day.

Steps To Build A Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence

If you want to install your split rail fence by yourself, then you need to follow these steps to ensure you install the split rail fence gate like a pro.

Complete The Paperwork

Getting the administrative part done is the most important stage. Paperwork can save you a lot of trouble and legal problems later. So, study your city or town’s drafting laws to track down any nearby limitations and mandates because sometimes they require paperwork if a mishap occurs on your property, or if they have limitations on fence stature.

For paperwork, you would require the property survey. If you can’t find your original one, then you can get a duplicate of that survey. You can draw out where you want your split rail fence on your property.

Service organizations check your property’s boundaries to ensure you will not be delving straight into any underground pipes. From here, you would be able to file a permit and take the sketch to the relevant organizations’ building departments. It may look like a lot of work at first, but the process is usually very straightforward and without any interruptions.

Create An Outline

After all the paperwork is complete and you get the rights and go-ahead to proceed with the works, you will need to illustrate an outline of your fence in your backyard to get started.

Now that you have your outline ready, it is time to put the stakes in the ground at every corner or the last post. You would then be able to utilize artisan’s string to interface with every stake in the ground, putting them together each at 12 crawls above grade.

You can allot the same size to each post to guarantee they are at a similar distance if you’d like consistency. Decide where you’d like to have the split rail fence gate. How much ground should you cover and how do you intend to accomplish this task?

Mark Locations

Put the rails along the edge, covering their finishes by six inches. Mark the ground with some paint and burrow the openings for each of the posts. You can use chalk or any other non-toxic paint to mark the boundaries or spots for the burrows.

Set The Height Of The Rail

Each post should be set almost thirty-six inches apart from its base. This leaves twenty-four inches for the perceptiveness of the entire project and twelve inches starting from the earliest stage of the primary railing.

Once stamped, you can now put a post close to each splash-painted post-opening. You’ll have to do some math to ensure you are placing the posts in the right location. You can also get help from someone who has installed a split rail fence before or call in a professional.

Dig Holes

For digging holes, you would need a digger to dig around 24 inches deep and ten inches wide. You can then put the posts in each opening once you have burrowed. Ensure that every one of the markers on the posts lines up.

Assuming you really want to, burrow further or add soil to the opening to guarantee that the post is at the right stature. You can pour in some cement to fill the gaps in the hole once they are positioned correctly. In certain states, simply utilizing compacted soil or rock could be fine to keep the fence balanced out. For instance, in Colorado, a fence is sealed with concrete so that strong winds don’t blow it away.

Install Fence

All you need to do is to fit the rails into the holes on the posts. When your rails are set up, this fence will not need much care and will stay in its place for years to come. Later, when the wood’s color fades away, applying a wood stain to the rail fence can prolong its life and improve its appearance.

You can also get professional help with the installation of the split rail fence gate to ensure the sturdiness of the structure. The professionals can also give you great advice and solve problems that you may come across while installing a split rail fence on your own.

How To Maintain A Split Rail Fence Gate?

How to maintain a split rail fence gate

Here are some easy and quick ways to care for your split rail fence gate to keep your split rail fence looking new and stunning all year round.

Use Pressure-Treated Wood

From the beginning, you need to invest in good quality wood and products to keep the split rail fence gate looking perfect. Pressure-treated wood comes prepared from the industrial facility to endure the most awful problems, such as strong breezes and other harsh weather conditions. Added substances like fungicide, UV inhibitors, and sealants are mixed into the rails and introduced to protect the wood from the back to the front throughout the whole year.

Utilizing modest, non-treated wood isn’t a choice. Finish the wood regularly and stain if needed. Just after installing the split rail fence gate, you should apply a wood tone to seal the wood.

The shading will soak into the grain and guarantee a lovely color even when the wood dries out in the sun and wind. You can pick a seal with the shade of wood tint of your choice and DIY seal the wood.

Keep Plants And Grass Away

A split rail fence is a fantastic way to create boundaries for livestock and other animals. Your animals will be inside and under control. The other animals will stay outside and away.

Similarly, the split rail fence gate will control the trees, plants, and grass that fill in and around the fence. Termites use branches of trees to climb up and get into the wooden fence. Tragically, trees can blow over and break a fence by weakening the wood.

So, if you can keep trees, plants, and insects away from the fence, your fence can last much longer than its average life because it won’t be weakened by these agents.

Use Fence Armor

The fence armor wraps around the foot of the posts and comes in plenty of sizes and shapes. The metal cover will stop creatures from sharpening their teeth or gnawing at the wood, which can weaken the fence structure. Moreover, it stops termites from getting in and fortifies the posts during strong winds and even blizzards.

Choose A Vinyl Split Rail Fence Gate For Low Maintenance

Choose a vinyl split rail fence gate for low maintenance

The vinyl horse fence may not be made by any large split rail, but it can keep the farm’s animals and your house pets inside the boundary. The genuine excellence of vinyl is the low upkeep, and its ability to endure weather conditions. It is termite resistant and present-day vinyl can endure harm and even UV rays.

With a little effort, you can simply wash the fence with a hose to take off the dirt and keep it looking like new for years.

Do Repairs Immediately

The importance of fixing the problems and getting the fence repaired immediately cannot be stressed enough. As soon as you notice a problem, fix it before the split rail fence gate deteriorates further. A little break can allow water or termites to enter and spread quickly. A destroyed rail weakens the fence and can make posts fall over as well.

Keep The Design Solid By Taking Care Of Fixes Right Away

Standard investigations of the split rail fence gate can assist you in identifying and correcting common problems. So, take a walk along the fence and look for breaks and any signs of rot or termite invasions. Shake the posts and watch if one of them falls or shows signs of weakness.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Similarly, one weak post can risk the sturdiness of the entire fence. If there is a termite invasion or any other problem, fix it by changing the post.

If you invest some time in taking care of the split rail fence gate, the structure can last for many years without recurring problems. So, do regular checks, and if you have a vast fence, get professionals to check it for you.

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