You who like to see your money grow have probably considered buying or investing in real estate, or you may have already done so. Buying real estate requires a lot of capital, so many people start by saving in stocks before investing in real estate. People also wonder where they can find the cheapest land so that investing is a bit easier. If you are looking for the cheapest land in the US, there are some states and counties that make it possible for first-time buyers and retirees to buy affordable land on a small budget, whether you are looking for vacant land to farm or to build a home.

States With The Cheapest Land

States With The Cheapest Land

If you are looking for the cheapest land in the USA, the states with cheapest land are Arkansas, West Virginia, and Tennessee. People like buying vacant property as there is such a lot you can do with it in terms of building a home from scratch. When buying land you also want to consider how prices are increasing so that your investments are worth while. A great example of affordable land that keeps increasing is Colorado fishing ranches.

Many people are looking to simplify their lives and are wanting to find the cheapest land in the USA where they can live off the grid far away in some remote area. But finding land that is affordable can be a challenge and you have to investigate the reasons as to why the land is so cheap in the first place.

Cheapest Place To Buy Land In The USA

Cheapest Place To Buy Land In The USA

Some people want to buy vacant land for farming at a time when they never dreamed that this is the way they would go. This is because Covid-19 being such a shocker for them. They are looking for a land far away from the buzz of life and the crowds. They want cheap land where they can experience quietness and tranquility.

As suggested already, in states such as Tennesee, Arkansas, and West Virginia, the cheapest place to buy land in the USA is these states. This is because the average price for residential land is about 40% cheaper than the median average price for land in other states.

If you love the great outdoors, the cheapest land in the US is worth looking at in Tennessee. There are still parts of Tennessee that have a low cost of living and where your dollar definitely goes further. People like to look at some of the vacant lands in some of these Tennessee towns where there are fewer residents and more space.

Places such as Clarksville have living costs that are well below the national average. But even some of the more populated areas are affordable. It makes Tennessee one of the states where you can buy land for sale and enjoy a good standard of living with high-end prices.

Buying cheap vacant land for sale does not have to mean buying in the middle of nowhere unless that is what you want. When buying the cheapest land in the US, some investors want lots that are close to all the amenities that a town can offer.

Land Is Cheap In Kentucky And There’s Water

Land Is Cheap In Kentucky And There’s Water

Many people look at Kentucky because the land is cheap and you can buy open land close to the city. If you want the cheapest land in the US and you are looking for vacant land, whether to build or to make an investment of sorts, take a look at a Kentucky property listing site. You will find a large selection of vacant land for sale.

You will be able to check out different kinds of land as Kentucky has some attractive land and there is an abundance of water. Kentucky has more waterways and streams than any other state plus a few man-made lakes.

Whether looking for cheap land in Kentucky or one of the other states, knowing your plan for your land will help you search for the cheapest land in the USA that meets your unique needs. Finding affordable land is the first step to making your land dreams come true.

Even retirees these days are looking for the cheapest land in the USA as a means to ensure some future income. Gone are the days when retirees could settle down to relax, Many have to think up all kinds of creative ways to boost their nest egg.

Many of them are looking at the cheapest land in the US and investing in vacant land. They are looking for undeveloped areas that may possibly see a building boom while they are still alive. They will be hoping to sell to a commercial real estate company for a good return.

For anyone looking to buy the cheapest land in the USA, you have to remember that any land purchase is a high-risk investment – more so for inexperienced buyers. Raw, vacant land is the most illiquid type of real estate investment, and before you buy a vacant piece of land, think carefully about things such as tax obligations, zoning requirements, and topography.

That is why a person wanting to buy the cheapest land in the USA and specifically farms will have to give primary consideration to the condition of the land. It may be cheap but a buyer with farming on their mind will want to know whether the land is easy to cultivate and make sure it is not too dry or too wet.

Many people looking for a good deal wonder if they should look at states with cheapest land, whether to look to build their own house on vacant land or buy land with a house on it. If you find a suitable piece of land in terms of size, condition, closeness to work if you are still working, and it has a good house on it, then buying such land seems like a good investment buy.

The Best Place To Buy Land

States With Cheapest Land

For many people, Arizona is the best place to buy land. This is because it is an affordable place to own land and there is also a lot of vacant land in Arizona. In Arizona, there are many opportunities for people to make a profit from buying land there. If you are not ready to settle there yet, you will easily be able to make money renting the land out, as Arizona is a massively popular state.

Many people have made a nice profit just from buying affordable land in Arizona, holding on to it while its value increases, and then selling it again for a higher price.

Another state to look at because it is considered the best place to buy land is Utah. You can buy land in Utah for a very good price in a state known for its beauty. Sometimes you are lucky and you can find property for sale that is far cheaper than in any other state. What makes things cheaper too is that Utah has low property taxes and also a low utility index score,

Then again, if you are looking for vacant land for sale, and you want to try the farming life, there are quite a few of these opportunities. The cheapest place to buy land in the USA may not even be in the three states we have mentioned. Rather, it will be in states where there are government programs and also private sources that offer people assistance to buy farmland in the form of financial grants and low-cost loans. These loans are also to assist with the buying of farm equipment and supplies.

Farmland For Sale

Farmland For Sale

So in effect, it may not be the cheapest land in the US, but with farm loans from the FSA, farm ownership is possible to those farmers who were not able to get commercial credit from a bank. FSA loans can be used to purchase land, but also all kinds of farm supplies and to even make farm improvements.

For many people, the high cost of living is causing them to look for the cheapest place to buy land in USA as they want to go back to a way of life that was lived a century or two ago. They want to rely on n themselves to grow their own food.

They want to run a farm where they can raise cattle and grow their own crops. People are willing to take risks to find the cheapest land in US knowing full well that this might mean taking farmland for sale that is not as beautiful and fertile as what they’d like.

It may mean choosing land in areas where a great deal of input will be required. Maybe then people will look at smaller pieces of land where they have a better chance of making it as the costs would not be that high to make the land farmable.

Tax Credits And Lease Options

Tax Credits And Lease Options

Smaller farms do seem to have a better chance in areas such as Nebraska because farmers are given tax credits and also these flexible lease options. In fact, the current governor, Pete Ricketts, together with some of the local farmers, have got together to push the state’s efforts to grow the dairy industry across the state.

But did you know that there are actually places in America where you can get free land? But having said that, as a young person looking at this option, there is no point in moving to a place where the free land is available and not being able to find work there. So you have to take that into account.

You will also need to check out what the specific requirements are to get this free vacant land. If you believe that you conform to the requirements you can contact the appropriate people to get things moving.

For instance, in the southwestern area of Iowa, there has been a decline in the number of small family-run farms and more specifically in the area of Marne. This small town has actually seen a big population reduction and they are trying to come up with the idea to see some growth in the area.

It happens to be a beautiful area too and in covid-19 times, away from all the overpopulation and hustle and bustle of a large city.

When you start doing research on the states with the cheapest land for sale, you can actually look beyond the 3 cheapest states because there are deals to be had with property in the cities, in country towns, and farmland for sale just outside some towns.

It pays to do research because wherever you look you will see how land is being developed for commercial centers and homes. If you are able to find the cheapest land in the USA for a good price, you are in a great position to hold onto it and sell it later for a remarkable profit.


Hundreds of thousands of people are looking at the cheapest land in the USA as a means to ensure regular income for themselves in later years.

If you can buy land cheap, then you are in a great position to hold it for the long term or have somewhere you can build one day. Remember too that land not touched by a road may be a far more desirable site and it usually sells at a much cheaper rate. Sometimes people in the community get together and make their own makeshift kind of road.

If you do buy land on the outskirts of a growing town, in all probability that land will gradually increase in value. If the town is increasing in population, then the town is spreading, and consequently, with an increasing demand for land on the outskirts the value of the land is going to go up.

You also have to remember that if an area becomes too suburban, then there will be zoning regulations put into effect restricting the keeping of livestock, etc. So when buying the cheapest land in the USA for farming purposes, your hopes might be dashed if you do not do research. Therefore look at land for sale with caution.

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