About two out of three Americans who are under 35-years-old rent. This number does seem to decline as Americans age, but renting is still an attractive option. This has never been more true than during the uncertain age of the pandemic.

Are you planning on renting out a new apartment soon? If so, then you need to know what common apartment renting mistakes to avoid. That way, you can be sure that you end up in a place that you’ll enjoy throughout 2022 and beyond.

Read on to discover 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Neglecting to Consider How Affordable Rent is

Find an Apartment For Rent

Have you ever looked through luxury apartments for rent? The amenities are perfect, and the views are glorious! Everything seems ideal. That is until you realize how much the rent will cost each month.

Never neglect to consider how affordable the rent is before committing to it. Remember that your rent won’t be your only expense, and you need to consider your commute, too.

Avoid this mistake by making a budget and being realistic about your options.

2. Renting Sight Unseen

Renting Sight Unseen

The pandemic has made us all more comfortable with the virtual world. Even so, you should never rent out a place before you tour it in-person. A virtual tour can be deceiving, and you don’t want to make a mistake with where you live.

Avoid this mistake by insisting on an in-person tour.

3. Not Reading the Lease

It makes sense to want to trust your new landlord. Trust but be sure to verify, too. In other words, read through your lease before you sign it. Make sure you agree with all the terms.

4. Failing to Photograph Your Apartment Before You Move In

Once you’ve decided to move into a place, you always want to photograph everything before the move in. Create a documented list of any signs of damage to the unit. Then, be sure to have your landlord sign the document.

This way, you’ll avoid paying for damages the previous tenants caused.

5. Neglecting to Check Out the Neighborhood

Another major mistake you can make when renting out a new place is failing to check out the neighborhood. Some apartments can look perfect but there may be a good reason there’s no one living there, yet.

Drive through the area. Research the area’s crime rate. Check out nearby gas stations and grocery stores that you could frequent later. Make sure you feel comfortable and at ease.

Avoid These Common Apartment Renting Mistakes in 2022

void These Common Apartment Renting Mistakes

Now that you know about these common apartment renting mistakes, you can avoid them in 2022! Empower yourself by following these tips, and you’re sure to get into an apartment you’ll enjoy.

The home buying or renting process is a challenge to navigate nonetheless. So, you may need even more guidance along the way. That’s where we come in!

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