About 52% of homeowners want to have a garage that their neighbors envy. Wouldn’t it be great to have the best garage in your neighborhood? Large enough to host your cars and have enough room for all your gardening equipment, bikes, and other recreational activity stuff?

What if you build a detached garage and make it everything you desire and more? There are numerous benefits to having a detached garage, which you can include in your next list of reasons to build one, but here are seven of them:

1. Better Curb Appeal

Better Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most crucial aspects of your home, especially if you intend to sell in the future. Curb appeal raises property value and if you want to make your home more attractive, building a detached garage is one of the best ways to do it. People who are looking at homes will notice what’s most important about yours.

A detached garage creates the illusion that there’s additional living space available for someone else in your family. Even if your plans don’t include selling anytime soon, you might change your mind later on, so having extra space built onto your home could be very useful.

2. It Expands Your Living Space

Many people build a garage as a way to expand their home’s functional space, especially if they have a growing family. In recent decades, even one-car garages have been expanded. The expansion usually includes an extra bedroom or two along with a full kitchen and bathroom.

Some homeowners choose to install lofts so that the garage can house renters or extended family members. If you want to enjoy more privacy for yourself and remotely host guests, then building a detached garage could be right for you. It’ll give you just enough space to do these things without breaking any zoning laws in your neighborhood.

3. You Can Enjoy On-Site Storage

Storage is a huge problem for most homeowners today, with the self-storage market expected to hit a staggering $64 billion by 2026. As we’ve discovered, these problems seem to be only getting bigger as our lives become more and more full of stuff. With a detached garage, it is easier to keep equipment, recreational vehicles, and all your stuff instead of renting storage.

By keeping them in the detached garage, you can easily access them anytime. You can even use it to store your household goods, especially if you are getting ready to move into another home because it should give you enough space for everything that’s currently living in your basement or attic.

4. You Get a Place for Mechanics

There are times when you might need a special place to work on your vehicles. If you enjoy working on cars or motorcycles, it can be difficult to find the correct tools and enough space to comfortably do your job. Detached garages will give you all the equipment and room you need, even if you like working at night.

5. You Get a Woodworking Workshop

Watching TV shows has given people an image of what a perfect garage should look like: well designed and filled with backyard patio furniture, beautiful garden fountains, and other expensive stuff. That would be great, but it’s not always what homeowners want.

Some people use their garages for other things besides parking cars, like woodworking. The necessary equipment takes up a lot of space, so you need to have enough room. Detached garages are the best solution because they have enough space, and you can create your workshop without taking away any space from your living areas.

You can build a large-enough detached garage to house your cars, equipment, and workshop. Even better, you’ll not have to worry about all that noise woodwork machines make or all that wood dust getting into your home.

6. It Gives You Extra Vehicle Storage

how to install a roll up garage door

If you are like most homeowners today, then chances are good that you probably own more than one vehicle. It’s possible that your home has a garage with two car spots, and you need more for that third or even fourth car. Instead of rebuilding your home and adding more space, why not build a detached garage?

7. It’s Easy to Design

Building a detached garage does not need to be complicated, nor does it require an extensive process. With prefabricated, panelized systems that greatly speed up construction efforts, garage builders are able to build detached garages in a matter of days. On top of that, many professional garage builders are also willing to work closely with homeowners to design exactly what they want while providing expert advice on how best to use the space.

Even better, there is a wide array of garage materials available, and if you don’t need anything complicated, you can get something like a metal shed. It’ll house your cars and all your equipment and leave you some space to conduct your side business if any.

8. More Living Space

Another excellent reason to build a detached garage is that it adds more living space to your home. When most people think about building a new garage, they only consider its functionality as a place for their cars and tools.

However, if you want to build a detached garage, you can design it to be anything that you desire. You could have extra space for social gatherings, more room to work on your hobbies, or an extra bedroom.

9. You’ll Escape Exhaust Fumes

A lot of people rarely think about how car exhaust fumes affect their indoor air quality. However, this is an incredibly important factor to consider because fumes can be dangerous. You may store other equipment like lawnmowers and stuff like paint and lubricants.

These things may generate air pollution that will get into your home. Building a detached garage eliminates this issue completely because all your cars, recreational vehicle, equipment, and paint will be further from your home and family.

Building a Detached Garage: The Benefits

Roller Garage Door

Have you ever thought about building a detached garage? This is a good idea and for a variety of very good reasons. First of all, you’ll escape exhaust fumes, have enough storage space, and find a place to run your side business.

As long as you hire the best builders, you can enjoy having a detached garage. Besides, it’ll improve your curb appeal and increase your property value. For more informative and valuable posts, please head over to our blog today.

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