Did you know that almost 65 million Americans have experienced at least one recent episode of back pain?

There are almost countless ways you can hurt your back, but one sure way of doing that is by trying to pull out concrete stakes without the use of a tool. The good news is that there are many types of concrete stake pullers you can rely on to spare your back and get the job done right.

Are you wondering what a concrete stake puller is and how it even works? Keep reading to learn about it.

The General Concept of Stake Pullers

Concept of Stake Pullers

Has a friend or family member ever asked you, “What is a concrete stake puller?” In general, a stake puller combines a fulcrum and lever to give you maximum power when pulling stakes out of the ground. Stakes are designed to stay in the ground no matter what, but sometimes they need to come out.

Instead of tugging with your hands and hurting yourself for nothing, the puller allows you to use a small amount of force that gets multiplied. Some of the best concrete stake pullers can multiply your strength almost 20 times.

Pulling Out Concrete Stakes

Concrete Stakes

Are you still wondering, “How does a concrete stake puller work?”

For the most part, concrete stakes are used for jobs that involve keeping foam boards still. The last thing you’d want is to have the boards move and compromise the integrity of your concrete structure.

Once the concrete has settled and dried, the stakes need to come out. This is when the benefits of a concrete stake puller come in. The best stake puller can handle a wide variety of stakes, including sting line stakes, 3/4-inch stakes, 7/8-inch stakes, and even T-posts.

Qualities of a Reliable Stake Puller

Stake Puller

A quality stake puller will keep the stake intact. It’ll also avoid damaging the ground. After installing concrete, the last thing you’d want to do is chip it or make cracks along the surface.

Zinc coatings on stake pullers are often sought after because they’ll be protected from rust and other deterioration. Aside from the coating, it’s a good idea to get a stake puller made from steel or another high-strength material.

It’s recommended that you apply some WD-40 to the device on a regular basis so that it’ll last for many years to come.

Are You Ready to Use a Concrete Stake Puller?

Now that you’ve learned about what a concrete stake puller is and how it works, you can make sure you always have one handy. The next time you see someone bending down to pull up a stake with their bare hands, you can tell them how to do it with ease.

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