Are you worried that you’re operating an insecure construction site?

Well, you probably should be. Construction security is often overlooked because construction sites usually have phones and laptops that robbers might want to come in and steal.

But having a secure construction site is critical for a number of other reasons. So, in this guide, we have put together the information you need to create a watertight construction security plan!

Know the Dangers

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Before you go installing construction site security cameras, you need to take the time to audit the dangers you are dealing with. This is because no two construction sites are the same.

For some sites, the biggest issue is going to be ensuring the safety of expensive construction equipment. Even a lost toolset can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention setting the project back by a period of days.

At other sites, it might be that there are valuable materials like marble that haven’t been installed yet. At others, it might just be that youths want to go inside your construction site and use it to recreate.

All of these dangers require different construction security responses. So, make sure you take proper account of the situation and customize your response to it.

Know Your Weak Spots

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The next thing to be sure of in commercial or residential construction security is that you know the weak spots of your site. You can fence up the front of a residential block, but you might still have a weak spot at the back or side of the house.

So, you need to do more than just keep up the appearance that the site is secure. Go around the whole site and work out which areas need special attention.

Of course, the bigger the construction site, the more of these weak spots there are going to be.

Be Smart About Your Construction Security Solutions

Of course, if you really want to, you can go and splurge on things like construction security guards and motion sensors. But this might not be the most effective way of keeping out robbers and vandalists.

Often, adding an extra bit of fencing can be more beneficial than a laser tripwire. Likewise, simple motion sensor lights can do a better job of sending would-be thieves scampering away than a state-of-the-art, high-definition security camera.

List of Solutions

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So, now you’ve got the general advice, let’s run over the main construction security solutions to go for:

With some combination of high-tech and low-tech security, you should be able to secure the site.

Don’t Get Complacent

Do you think you’ve got your construction security covered now?

Hopefully, you do. But make sure that once you get your plan in place, you don’t get complacent. Your system can always fail and the situation can always change.

So, as the final piece of advice, ensure you keep monitoring your situation!

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