Not that long ago, white walls were considered the only legitimate choice in a modern home. Nowadays, we see a renaissance of dark paint in various variants. How to combine it with other colors and make the best out of it?

White walls are a blank page – you can cover them with colorful posters or decorations and get carried away in terms of textures and color mixes. They look good combined with stone, wood, plants, plexi, or glass, which gives immense possibilities when it comes to an arrangement. However, we have all become a little fed up with them. In recent years, the colors have started coming back to the scene again, and, supposedly, this trend will continue.

The interior designers have fallen in love with pastels, but it’s not their only new obsession. Another one – the dark paints – is a bit more challenging in terms of blending in. The dark colors will not fit every space. The room has to be quite spacious and filled with natural light. Otherwise, it may create a claustrophobic effect.

What dark colors are in fashion, and how to combine them with textures, materials, and decorations?

Check out the colors combination

Dark green

For a moment, the world fell in love with the combination of bleached forest green and millennial pink. However, this mix is quite intense, and not everyone will be convinced of it.

Nevertheless, the dark green by itself is amazingly elegant and calming. Introducing it to your interior can be the beginning of complete metamorphosis. In order to make it look good, it’s worth combining it with white paint, instead of using it on every wall. This way, you will make sure that the room doesn’t visually “shrink”, what often happens when the dark colors are used.

Dark green will look stunning if combined with some graphic patterns in black and white. The golden details will add some elegance to it. Blending a lot of plants and various kinds of wood into this type of arrangement, you can count on a tropical, smart effect.

Dark blue

When we think about the smartest and universal color, dark blue comes to mind instantly. The interior designers love it, as it gives unlimited possibilities in terms of arrangements. Just as dark green, blue will look great mixed with white walls and floors, as well as golden details. It makes a great mix also with terracotta and all kinds of wood, except for the reddish ones.

If you search for something special, try mixing dark blue with mustard accessories. Another great idea can be making a Mondrian-style interior, minimalist, but with a retro touch.

Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – Painters and Decorators in London.

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