Duplex stainless steel is part of a family of stainless steel and is made up of a combo of half austenite and half ferrite alloys. This family of steel also consists of Lean Duplex Steel, Duplex SS, Super Duplex and Hyper Duplex.

Super Duplex & Duplex Stainless Steels

They are provided by stainless steel manufacturers as the price is lower, the steel is corrosion resistant and it offers higher strength. However, these manufacturers all stock different grades of both duplex and super duplex steel.

What Steel Suits Your Project?

You have to choose the best stainless steel if you want it to perform as intended for the project you have in mind. This duplex stainless steel actually shares quite a few similarities with the modern alloys in production today.

It was developed in the mid-1970s, and while newer standards use different ranges of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, it is the original grades from the 1970s that make sure there are the range of duplex stainless steels in use today.

High-chromium Grade Duplex Steels Referred to as Super-duplex

Duplex stainless steel makes up only a small percentage of the global stainless steel market, but because of its excellent corrosion resistance and reasonable pricing, duplex stainless steels are popular in many different industries such as pulp and paper production, chemical and liquid processing, naval parts, construction and others.

In fact, the high-chromium grades are often referred to as super-duplex, and both duplex and super-duplex stainless steels are sought after particularly in the paper, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Changes in the price of nickel, as well as the availability of lean duplexes, means that it is more cost-effective kitchen improvement to use a lower-performing duplex grade than traditional austenitic stainless steel.

Super duplex even MORE corrosion resistant

Super duplex stainless steel has much the same benefits as duplex steel, but the difference is that this steel has a higher chromium and molybdenum content, so it has even more corrosion resistance properties. It is why you will find super duplex being sought after in offshore platforms and the oil and gas industry.

There are many stainless steel alloys on the market today that belong to a number of different stainless-steel classes and have different characteristics.

Duplex and super duplex steel are looked upon as the most beneficial but they each possess the same metals but at different levels. They are available from Virgamet, a steel industry company where both undergo rigorous testing and both have been tested according to industrial regulations.

This means both are good for any industrial application  They differ in terms of functionality but both are sought after for the fair costs, their strength.

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