Painting a house is a relatively simple way to brighten and modernize a tired-looking house. You can either paint your house yourself or you can get professionals in to do it for you.  The cost to paint interior doors and trim is roughly between $50 and $200 so an entire house will cost a lot more.

Cost to Paint Interior Doors and Trim

Costs Include Prepping

The cost to paint interior doors and trim will include prepping these areas first. Certainly, if you’re not a paint expert, you may want to give this job to a professional. You may not even know about how colors can impact a house.

Colors can make a room look larger and bold colors can turn a boring , dingy looking room into something appealing again,. You need to consider different paint finishes too because choosing the wrong type of paint can be a costly mistake. You may fancy a high gloss paint because this is durable and easy to clean, while satin paints have an attractive, velvety luster and sheen, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Ceiling Paint

When you look at your ceiling you’ll see that quite possibly there are stains on the roof as well as a shadow of dust.  With a stain-blocking primer, your ceiling problems might soon be over.

Ceiling paint is telling you exactly what the paint is to be used for. It is a location-specific paint, and there is a good reason for this as ceilings require special paint. You won’t find a tin of paint that says dining-room paint. Using ceiling paint will make the process of painting the ceiling easier as the paint’s greater viscosity prevents drips and splattering.

Regular latex paint for instance is low in viscosity or thickness. Higher viscosity paints mean that you can paint above your head with fewer drips. Bathroom ceilings might have mildew spots and after cleaning the spots you can cover the stains with ceiling paint.  Dedicated ceiling paint does a better job at covering stains than your regular latex paint.

The cost to paint interior doors and trim may be less than a ceiling. Ceiling paint is always a good buy, but particularly when your ceiling has issues such as mold. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than wall paints, but its thick consistency makes it useful and sought after when painting entire rooms. Some people opt to use paint sprayers as they can be efficient, especially if you have a textured ceiling. Cutting-in is a time-consuming task and this can be eliminated with spray painting.

Cost to Paint Exterior of House

The cost to paint interior doors and trim can differ and nothing is set in stone when it comes to costs to paint the exterior of a house either. The type of paint you use and the size of your house will come into play when you work out costs.

Also, what about labor? Will you do the job yourself or hand it over to someone else?  The average cost for hired labor is about $30 to $40 per hour for each painter.

The cost to paint interior doors and trim isn’t always easy to ascertain, and you can’t easily give a cost of the exterior of a house either because it’s not just the walls that are involved. An exterior of a house has many parts and these will require different prepping and different paints.

There are ridges, rakes, fascias, eaves, soffits, roof vents, gutters, downspouts, chimney, railings, porches and much more. To give you an idea, you could say that the costs per 100 square foot is $50 to $160. For one sq foot, you can expect to pay $0.50 to $1.60. Remember, that if you want more help, you can always get free cost estimates from professional painters at a local paint store.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

Painting a house is a huge job and while the cost to paint interior doors and trim can be quite costly, when it comes to painting an entire house, it can be better left to professionals. It’s purposefully done and can be over and done with much quicker than if you were to tackle the job on your own.

Some professional painters charge an hourly rate for their services, while others will charge a flat rate. The average cost of painting just the walls is in the area of $.50 per square foot, but these costs don’t include the preparation costs.

The cost to paint interior doors and trim have to be factored in if you are painting the entire house. You will need to think of the costs just to get started such as paints, brushes, plastic sheeting for the floors, gloves and other items. Professionals always recommend a coat of primer first followed by two coats of paint for interior surfaces.

To make the interior and exterior walls ready for painting, you’ll have to put a fair amount of money towards preparing them. You’ve also got to be prepared for unexpected expenses too such as having certain repairs done before it can be painted. Remember, that if you do use professional painters, hiring a reputable company to do the job is important as a fly-by-night company will cost you with their lack of knowledge.

Cost to Paint a House Interior

In the United  States, the average size of a home is about 2,300 square feet, but even so, it is still practically impossible to give an accurate estimation of what it costs to paint a house interior.

Just for starters,  the cost to paint interior doors and trim will be one thing, but rough-textured walls will require more effort and labor to ensure the surface is correctly coated.

These kinds of walls also use about 20 -25% more paint than smooth textured walls. The painter will use more paint which will affect the costs of the paint per square foot. There are a number of things that affect the cost to paint a house interior. Each experienced painter will give different estimates per square foot of what costs will be. Size of the interiors, type and quality of paint and even choice of colors will all impact costs.

Cost to Paint Interior Trim

Painting the interior trim can certainly bring new life indoors. The cost to paint interior doors and trim will depend on the type of paints used. Some people want the interior trim – that molding to frame the windows and doors – to be a different color to the surrounding walls.

Painting the trim can cost on average from $800-$1,500. You can say that painting trim on a 1,500-square-foot home with 500 linear feet of trim will cost in the region of $500 to $1,500.

How to Paint a Door

If you are painting an interior door,  the cost to paint interior doors and trim will include prepping them first. Prepare the work area by placing a plastic sheet underneath the door to catch drips. It’s a good idea to remove doorknobs. The next step is to sand the door to get it feeling smooth.

Prepare your materials.  The cost to paint interior doors and trim will depend on whether your door is plain or paneled. If your door doesn’t have paneling, a good choice of brush is a 4-inch brush or small roller. With a paneled door you could use a small 2-inch brush.

Next step is to dampen the surface making use of a sponge or cloth. Apply the primer so as to help the paint glide on more smoothly. Apply the paint in broad strokes across the door surface for an even finish. It is always recommended to apply two coats, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the next coat.

Painting Cost Per Square Foot

Estimating any painting job is difficult. The cost to paint interior doors and trim will require you measuring the door and trim first. If you are painting someone else’s house you would first have to visit the site and measure the areas to be painted. Asking questions about what is to be painted will ensure your estimate is more accurate. Estimate the cost of the paint and the cost of all materials and labor. The cost to paint a home is about $3.25 – $6.41 per square foot, but as always these costs can vary with site conditions and options.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 2 Story House

Once again, this question isn’t answered easily as exterior paint is very different to interior paint. The cost to paint interior doors and trim will be totally different to exterior painting as the exterior requires tougher paints.

Different paints work n different exterior surfaces and this influence costs too. The cost to paint the exterior of a 2 story house is roughly $10,000 – $20,000, but this is depending on the condition of the house. Factors that can affect the cost of painting a house exterior will be size of home and wall materials. The national average cost to paint a two story house is roughly $0.31 per sq ft.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Painter to Paint a Room?

Some people prefer to paint their own places because they feel that after buying the paint and paint accessories, forking out money to a painter is just way too costly. The actual painting is just one part of the entire paint job because all the switches and windows etc have to be taped up and scaffolding has to be erected for taller homes. The walls and ceilings all have to be prepped for painting. Hiring a professional painter is typically anything between $20 to $50 an hour.

Interior Painting Cost Calculator

If you’re wondering just what you’re going to spend on painting the interior of uour home, an interior painting cost calculator can give you an idea.  The calculator is designed to provide accurate costs of interior paint per square foot. Prices are worked out according to an 8 foot ceiling so if your ceiling is higher you would add abut 9% for each additional food to get the total p[rice.

Cost to Paint Wall

Some people just think that painting a wall is as easy as dipping your paintbrush into the tin and painting the wall. Painting a wall is actually a painstaking process that can be a waste of your time and money if not done the correct way. The average cost to paint interior walls is $1 to $2 per square foot.

Painting Labor Cost Per Square Foot

A site visit and check over gives one a more accurate labor cost estimate. The cost to paint interior doors and trim can be calculated on an interior painting estimator but a professional painter can also give you a good idea.

You want to only hire a professional, referenced painter, otherwise, you’ll find someone deliberately being slow on the job to get more pay.  An ordinary professional painter should be able to paint a room of roughly 14’x 14’ and 9’ high in about 3 to 4 hours. Roughly, painting labor cost per square foot is about $2 per square foot., while someone else says it should be around .45 cents per square feet. So paints, painters and costs differ a lot.


When deciding on the cost to paint interior doors and trim, even this relatively small job can be tiresome. You may want to hire help. There are always a few factors to consider with painting, and the sheer scale of a 2 or 3 storey home might have you quietly handing over the job to a professional.

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