Parking lot lighting is likely something everyone takes for granted with total disregard for how important they really are, except maybe the lighting companies, that is.

Outdoor parking lot lights are nearly everywhere, but it’s not as easy as buying lights and putting them up. There is a simple, but very important process that you can start yourself, but leaving the installation and ultimate decision to the pros.

Here is everything you need to know about lighting for your parking lot, from why they are so important down to the process prior to installation.

Why Parking Lot Lighting?

Why Parking Lot Lighting

Are you under the impression that your business doesn’t need lights? Perhaps your hours are after the sun comes up in the morning, and you close before the sun goes down.

Thinking in terms of nature, that may be true. However, lighting your lot brings a level of immeasurable safety to not only your clients but your employees as well.

Oftentimes employee safety tips regarding walking alone or in parking lots focus on what the employee can do to protect themselves.

There are things that you as the employer can do to help them, also bringing value to your business because you value your employees and clients.

Take into account the following basic considerations to get the most out of your investment and utilize your lot to its full potential.

Lot Size

Lot Size

The first step in deciding your needs is analyzing the size of your commercial lot.

This determines how many lights and what size light pole suits your needs, giving you the stepping-off point to ultimately getting the most out of your investment and adding value to your business.

Proper Light Placement

So now that you know how many light poles you need, you’ve made a great start, but proper placement is incredibly crucial.

The key to outdoor parking lot light fixtures is installing them evenly, providing coverage to every possible inch. Don’t worry if you are unsure how to divide and conquer your lot, the professionals have your back.

Quality Consideration

Quality Consideration

The final step is choosing the proper parking lot light pole and the ideal light type. There is a science and a standard for all light poles as set by the EPA, but variations exist dependent on durability needs, placement, and other factors.

As for the lighting element, choices exist there as well. For example, if you’re looking for efficiency, LED parking lot lights are the choice for you.

It’s all about weighing your options and considering your needs.

Safety, Security, Success

Any hard-working business owner strives for success, achieved through dedication, safety, and security. By now you know that parking lot lighting is one of the improvements that can only add to these values.

Now you can go forth with confidence and knowledge to make an informed decision, hiring professionals near you to make such improvements.

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