Hardwood flooring has become a new trend that not only looks good inside a home but also feels expensive. With so many different colors and variations, hardwood floors have replaced the bulky and expensive marble flooring in many homes. However, unlike marble flooring, hardwood flooring can wear and tear quickly, and therefore you would’ve noticed many consumers having hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot sells for their homes. Let’s look at the types of wood floorings in the market before we go on to hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has to offer.

Types of wood floorings

The natural beauty offered by hardwood flooring when placed in a closed space can sometimes feel magically like something out of a fantasy. Houses are heavy man-made constructions that don’t feel natural especially when you’re living in one.

You may find that sometimes a modern house does not give you the homey feeling that you desire. Adding a piece of natural beauty to the mix like hardwood flooring can make it feel natural, comforting, and even become a haven for many.

Before we go onto the need for hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has to offer, let’s quickly go over the different types of hardwood floorings available on the market.

Unfinished or finished?

Unfinished or finished

The two types of hardwood flooring that many have in their homes are unfinished and finished floorings. Unfinished floorings are simple hardwood flooring without any human patterns or designs added to it. This is great if you are picky about customizations and want a pattern that you like on the hardwood flooring or a pattern that matches the aesthetics of a room.

Finished floorings already come with their final touches and patterns which can simply be installed without any hassle. However, without the customization options, you may not find that the patterns go well with your room if you are picky about things.
Another thing to keep in mind is how the finishing layer adds protection to the hardwood flooring so that it lasts long. If you’re fitting hardwood flooring in rooms that have access to water (kitchen and bathrooms), get the unfinished ones as you can easily apply the finishing layer once the hardwood flooring is installed. The finishing will seep into the spaces of the flooring and completely cover so that water does not penetrate through the floor.

Solid or engineered?

You can choose to have solid wood or engineered wood in your home with each having its advantages. Solid wood is complete pieces of wood that can be finished according to your needs and requirements.

However, engineered woods are real pieces of wood glued on top of plywood layers that offer excellent stability over time. Solid wood is a bad option for places with humidity like your basement or kitchen.

We recommend hardwood floorings that are made from wood easily accessible anywhere and are very durable. This can be oakwood, maple flooring, and other durable wood species. Mahogany, bamboo, and other exotic woods can be hard to find and therefore very expensive.

Do your budgeting and decide which wood species you should go for as you’ll be living in your home for at least 10 to 15 years or more. Invest in good wood that will not only last you a long time but also provide aesthetics to the house and the area where it is installed.

Why do you need hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has?

Hardwood floorings can make your room liven up with its rich textures and solid colors. It can easily match with the colors found in any type of room adding a cozy feel to it. Hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot have slowly replaced the might marble that had reigned as a sophisticated elegant flooring choice for the rich. Now even those that could not afford marble flooring have access to purchasing hardwood floorings as they are relatively cheap. Where you’ll find hardwood flooring options, you’ll also come across furniture protectors.

Take for example home depot. The isle with many hardwood flooring options also has nearby hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot shelves where you will find a magnitude of options for floor protectors. But the question remains, why do you need hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has?

Think about it. You have placed some nice rich dark hardwood flooring in your study or your living room. It’s pristine and the feel it gives off is spectacular. You’ve paired the flooring with heavy wood furniture, shelves and even matching colored curtains to give your living room a comfortable, warm, and inviting vibe. All seems good.

Now, it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your living room or you would like to change the furniture arrangement. Moving heavy furniture around the room can be difficult on your back and therefore you might find yourself pushing it along the floor if you don’t have a helping hand. Even with a helper nearby, you won’t be able to lift the furniture comfortably high and there will come a time where you start to scratch the hardwood flooring.

Now imagine these types of scratches, also known as wear and tear, multiplying over the next few weeks or months and even years. Next thing you know, you’re in a room with washed-out hardwood flooring covered in irregular scratches. This can make your room feel untidy and even uninviting especially when you have guests over. The scratches give a bad impression and sometimes these scratches can be deep depending on how heavy the furniture is. This is the reason why hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot shelves nearby the hardwood flooring section.

Why hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has a good option for protection?

Why hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has a good option for protection

Well, after reading the argument for hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot offers, you may go on to say that new modern furniture comes with pads that prevent the floor from being scratched.

You are technically right as modern furniture comes with pads. For example, if you flip your sofa, you will notice a pad covering underneath each of the sofa legs. These pads protect your floors from any wear and tear caused by moving the heavy articles around. However, what many people fail to realize is that these pads are stuck to the bottom of the legs using a simple adhesive.

Adhesives can easily slip off or even peel off from the pads after a few movements here and there. Having to deal with fallen adhesive on your hardwood flooring is another hassle that you don’t want to get into. Hence, you’re left with a couple of options depending on the situation.

If the pads are still good to use, you can stick them back on the bottom of your furniture legs using more adhesive. This is not recommended as things can get messy and you don’t want any more damage happening to your hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot or even the furniture. Bear in mind that adhesive tape will eventually fall off again and you have to repeat the process again and again until you replace your furniture. That is an investment not everyone can afford.

So, what’s your second option?

Throw away the old adhesive pads and purchase new pads that can be screwed at the bottom of the furniture legs. Installation of these pads can take a considerable amount of time not to mention the damage it can do to your furniture by weakening its base structure with a drill or a hammer.

You would also need to flip your furniture over and if you’re a single person with no help around, that can be a daunting task considering it is not one article of furniture but the entire living room. If you hire someone to screw in costs that is an added burden on your wallet.

Now think about it this way and it might make more sense. We’ve been discussing sofas all this while. What about standing shelves? Or large cabinets that hold your trophies, memorabilia, and more? Or the TV table? There are many articles of furniture that can be moved around especially when people are cleaning the room. How many pads will you require and who will do all the pad installations?

This can increase the amount of time, effort, energy, and money poured into the task which can become highly unfeasible for a person to go through. This is why you will find hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot shelves near the hardwood flooring section.

Hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has to offer

Hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has to offer

There are many different hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has to offer.

Rubber leg tips

These are some of the best options for your hardwood floors as they are not adhesive-based. These are rubber tips that simply fit on your furniture legs. Rubber leg tips are highly durable and can be used with heavy furniture like your standing cabinets, TV tables, and more.

Since they are made from rubber, they will last you a longer time than many other options on the market. Rubber leg tips are also great because they are convenient to install since you do not require any screwing in place or the sticking of adhesive tape.

It comes in white, however, you can also choose black which we think goes well with dark-colored hardwood floorings allowing it to easily blend in. Rubber leg tips also come in different sizes making it a perfect accessory to have if you have furniture with legs that have a larger base area.

Rubber floor surface protector non-slip

These are the ones found in chocolate brown color at home depot and are perfect accessories for protecting your hardwood floor from heavy furniture dents and marks. They are different than the rubber leg tips mentioned previously and also the self-adhesive ones as these resemble something like a teacup saucer.

Rubber floor surface protector is not only non-slip but does not have any adhesive to stick or holes for furniture legs to securely fit in. They simply lay on the floor while the furniture rests on top of it. The non-slip technology is the secret here. With rubber and surface design, the increased traction ensures that the furniture does not move from its place.

The non-slip rubber floor surface protector is not only great for chairs and tables but any heavy standing furniture with legs. They come in 3 inches sizes, however, since they are rubber with special round designs for traction, users can cut the rubber according to the round designs provided to ensure a perfect fit for any sized furniture legs. Each pack contains four non-slip chocolate brown protectors which blend well with the wood flooring.

Self-adhesive felt pads (Heavy duty)

Yes, we did mention that self-adhesive pads come out from under the furniture after a few movements. However, these are the ones that come in a pack of four and can be found at home depot. These are not your regular pads but are durable felt pads made from tough materials ensuring that the product lasts longers.

It is very easy to install since they are self-adhesive and comes in 24 packs ensuring that most of your living room furniture is protected using a single pack. These are 5mm thick pads that are made from recycled yet dense polyester perfect for your hardwood floor and the environment.

Self-adhesive felt strip

Another hardwood furniture protectors home depot has been the felt strips with heavy self-adhesive. These can go under any furniture and is available in rolls making it the cheapest solution on this list. They can be cut in any size and stuck under the leg of the furniture. These are non-allergic which is a great option if there are household members with any allergies.

Preparing the surface is important

Now that we’ve mentioned details about hardwood floors and the different hardwood floor furniture protectors home depot has in their inventory, it is important to understand how to prepare the surface.

Preparing the surface of the base of your furniture legs is very important. Furniture legs are finished and can easily slip even with self-adhesive in place. To combat that, the base area should be clean and sanded for achieving durability with any of these protectors mentioned. Sand down the base area before attaching your preferred choice of furniture protectors. This provides a lot of traction for the protectors to stick in place for a longer period.

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