Whether you’re buying a home to sell or settle long-term, you should consider upgrades that boost the value of your asset.

You never know when you’ll need to pack up and leave. An unexpected loss or job relocation may force you to sell your home quickly. In these cases, you still want to get as much money as possible for your investment.

Plus, gradual renovations over time are less hassle. You don’t have to worry about dealing with construction sounds and debris for months.

Here are a few quick home renovation ideas to get started.

1. New Countertops

renovating a house checklist

Let’s start with the top home renovation project for many homeowners.

New countertops are practically mandatory when selling a home or showing an apartment to prospective renters. Kitchen upgrades are the most requested remodeling projects, following bathroom renovations.

Granite countertops are the go-to choice for building materials. These counters also come in a rainbow of granite shades, including creamy, rusty, blue hues, and “galaxy” inspired color schemes.

You can also use marble for your countertops. This material looks great in clean, minimalist kitchen themes.

Don’t forget about your bathroom countertops!

Bathroom counters are shorter and lower, so remember to measure accurately when choosing your granite size. This article on Louvre doors offers some ideas on pairing swinging doors with your renovation, as well.

2. Think About Curb Appeal

Start With Curb Appeal

When selling a home, you’ll eventually run into a term called “curb appeal.” This term refers to everything passersby can view while walking (or driving) by your home.

Elements include:

  • Lawncare and Landscaping
  • Porch condition (and decor)
  • Garden lighting and decor
  • Walkway design and lighting
  • Driveway condition (and availability)
  • New roofing
  • Sidewalk condition
  • Tree pruning and removal

Your home’s surrounding area also impacts its value.

For example, if you live next to a vacant, dilapidated home, that house will lower your home’s property value since it’s likely to detour homebuyers. This point also speaks to the importance of location when buying your first home.

Curb appeal is also necessary for taking high-quality real estate images for home listings.

3. New Bathroom Renovations

Vintage Bathroom

The next essential upgrade is your bathroom.

Growing families and homebuyers want lots of space for relaxing (not cramped) baths. They also wish for roomy counter space, large mirrors, adjustable lighting, new showers, and tiled flooring.

Furnish your new bathroom with the following items:

  • Bathroom rugs with rubber padding
  • Colorful towels
  • Drapes and sliding windows
  • New shower doors
  • Sleek backsplashes
  • Roomy sinks

Bathrooms need good ventilation to prevent mold. Replace your current air conditioner and fan if needed.

Another value-increasing idea is senior upgrades.

Aging homeowners look for bathtub and shower railings, toilet area railings, and higher countertops. Senior upgrades, in general, are a big sell, including kitchen railings and low kitchen cabinets.

Discover More Home Makeover Ideas

These home renovation ideas are just the beginning of your project. Think about what future buyers would want in your home, and center your remodeling around those preferences, like a new pool or deck. Remember always to put the kitchen and bathroom first.

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