Did you know home sales in the US hit a 15-year high in 2021?

You might be looking to sell your home, however, you may first want to learn more about how long it actually takes to buy a home. After all, if you know this, it might be easier for you to plan the overall moving process.

This post will explore the question “how long does it take to buy a home?” Once you’ve finished this post, you should have a much better understanding of the timelines associated with this process.

Let’s begin!

There Are Lots of Different Steps

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The home buying process tends to be made up of several steps. Each of these steps can have a big impact on how long everything takes in regards to buying a home.

For instance, one of the major steps here is actually finding a home. According to one piece of research, it takes around 8 weeks for someone to find a home that will be a good fit for them.

Another major step is getting approved for a mortgage. Some figures suggest it can take around 3-6 weeks to be approved for a mortgage.

Finally, there’s the process of actually moving home, once you’ve sold your existing home. For the most part, that doesn’t really take long and you could argue this only takes a couple of days at most.

So, what’s the final answer here? Well, if you develop a conservative estimate based on all those figures, you end up with a rough estimate of around 14 weeks.

Can You Speed Things Up?

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After going over the estimates mentioned above, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to speed up the home buying process.

Well, one of the things you might want to consider is working with a well-renowned realtor.

After all, a good realtor will have a strong understanding of their market. Following this, if you tell them what you’re after, they should be able to find something for you in a relatively short period of time.

Of course, this will only be true if you work with a ‘good’ realtor. Now, in most cases, you can tell the good relators from the bad by checking out the testimonials on their site.

For example, if you visit Lasvegashomesbyleslie.com, you’ll see an example of a realtor that has lots of testimonials.

If you can find a realtor like this, there’s a huge chance you’ll be able to shorten the amount of time it takes to buy a home.

How Long Does It Take to Buy a Home?

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This post has taken a good look at the question “how long does it take to buy a home?”

The process of buying a home is filled with many uncertainties. Because of this, it’s hard to come up with a definite figure that you can rely on.

However, the estimates mentioned here are based on the experiences of others, so they do carry some weight. Therefore, assuming you’re dealing with a fairly normal scenario, there’s a good chance these estimates will apply to you as well.

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