Homeowners, from time to time, face problems that the roof of their own house can arrange for them. Each roof covering has its own service life; after its expiration, you must replace the roof. Sometimes, however, the owner changes the top because it does not meet his aesthetic needs. For example, it does not fit the new facade. Roof replacement is a long process, but it is not.

Replace A Roof In One Day!


And it is true. It is possible to replace a roof in one day. It may seem that this is impossible, that the quality of work will necessarily suffer, or the contractor will not have time to do everything right. However, one crucial nuance here is that some contractors work with the roof occasionally, while other artisans do it daily. Therefore, the latter are accustomed to coping with the work quickly and performing it efficiently.

When company representatives are engaged in replace a roof daily, in addition to experience, they have all the necessary equipment and a well-coordinated team. So if you live in the Pittsburgh area and need the roofing services, our truckloads of equipment will help, and our staff will be up and running early in the morning.

What Determines the Time Of Work On Replace A Roof

In many ways, the size of the roof and its shape affect the installation time of a new coating. The larger and fancier the top, the more complex the work will be, and the replacement will take more time. The average roof in Pittsburgh is about 22 sq.m. An experienced roofer changes the coating by approximately 4-7 square meters daily. The team consists of as many people as required by the customer’s roof.

Preliminary Preparation


The roofing team arrives at their destination at seven in the morning. Before proceeding with the replacement of the coating, workers ensure the protection of the house and the surrounding area. There is always the danger of damage to the landscape, but the property of the homeowner and his neighbors is treated with care by the staff.

If landscape details or property are damaged as a result of the work, then the roofers fix everything. Therefore, we try to leave behind only the perfect result of work.

Composition Of the Brigade

The average team of roofers consists of 5–8 people. One (sometimes two) guy (or girl) remains on the ground during work. 3–5 roofers change the coating, 1–2 assistants provide them with everything they need, and the team leader ensures that the position moves in the right direction. Each team member knows their part of the work and is not distracted by others.

When a new employee appears in the team, he works on the ground. It may take him half a year to grow up as a roofer. For the team’s quality work, each team member must understand all aspects of the activity so that he knows in detail how the process of installing a new roof takes place.

Some learn faster, some slower. Someone aspires to the roof and becomes a roofer, while someone prefers to remain an assistant. Every activity is essential. The roof installer requires clarity of thought and excellent physical shape: a roofer’s work is not easy.

Only some people can become a foreman. For this position, not only skills are important, but also experience. But when the team consists of professionals, the replacement of the roof happens quickly.

How We Replace A Roof In One Day


When the protective tarp is stretched, the ladders are in place, all the furniture and other items are in place, and we begin to prepare the tools and necessary equipment. After ensuring everything is in order and the tools are working, we get down to business.

After replace a roof, the team cleans so that neither the site, house, nor neighbors have anything extra. If after our work, there is garbage left or we did something poorly, then the homeowner or neighbors will be able to contact the company so that the problems are fixed.

The main thing for us is the client’s and his neighbors’ well-being.

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