Repaving your driveway can be one of the best things you can ever do to enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you want to have a rough guide on the cost to repave driveway, you have to look at costs beyond just investing in brand new materials as actually hauling away the dug-up asphalt will already cost you a significant amount just to have the old materials hauled away.

You will be wanting your driveway to be repaved when you see how cracked, broken, and unsightly it looks. It goes without saying that well-used driveways will begin to show the ravages of time after decades of usage.

On the other hand, the best driveway companies can ensure a driveway that lasts indefinitely – a lifetime. However, there are some driveways that are exposed to extreme weather conditions and they begin to show signs of deterioration long before they should.

Repaving Is Costlier Than Resurfacing

Repaving Is Costlier Than Resurfacing

Is driveway repaving any good? How much does it cost to repave driveway? Repaving a driveway is more complex than resurfacing a driveway. This is because it requires removing the old paving before applying a new layer.

Repaving is the best option when your driveway is full of cracks with weeds and grass growing through every crack. Some problems with a driveway just cannot be tackled with a resurfacing job.

Often the architectural style of a modern home will dictate what kind of materials to use for a driveway and also what borders to use. Will you want a gravel driveway, asphalt, concrete, stamped concrete, paving stones, or brick? Asphalt, made from sand, rock, and asphalt cement has always been a popular choice. However, asphalt does tend to crack over time and it is why it has to be sealed quite often if you want it to continue to look good.

In fact, asphalt and concrete driveways will need to be resealed from time to time and this cost will need to be considered. You may also think that you are getting a bargain with cheap pavers, only to find that just a little way down the line they need to be repaired. So when looking at how much does it cost to repave driveway, you need to keep this in mind with an asphalt driveway.

Cost Calculator – A Guide For Costs

When you go onto home improvement sites, you will often come across a cost calculator to work out how much it will cost to repave driveway. How much does it cost to repave driveway will be calculated on things such as square footage, paving materials, and even excavation.

You can’t use the cost calculator as the final say though but rather as a guideline. it is just a tool to help guide you towards a rough guide. For instance, you may have worked out your asphalt cost at $4 per square foot without taking into account how thick it is to be applied and then the costs work out differently.

So when you are working out the cost to repave driveway, you will need to enter the length of your driveway, its width, and depth. Also, before asphalt is installed, a gravel foundation is required that is about 8 inches thick and this will add to the costs. It can’t be ignored, as the gravel foundation is important for drainage but also for longevity, but it all adds to the costs.

You can also assume that the excavation costs will be $2,000 but once again this can vary. To determine the cost to repave driveway, ask how much ground must be excavated, is the ground sloped? As you can see, the cost calculator is meant to be used as a rough guideline on the cost to repave driveway and does not give costs that are set in stone. There are just too many variables that come into play.

There are just so many different types of driveways but when you start researching them, you will often find a general cost range for each type. Brick is beautiful to look at but it is one of the most expensive driveway options. If you want to repave your driveway with bricks you can expect to be paying in the region of $15, $20, or even $30 a square foot.

Look For Bargains

Look For Bargains

The cost to repave driveway can sometimes work out cheaper than you think. Look at bricks. Sometimes bricks do not pass muster and they are thrown aside because they are not the right size or color for a particular project.

These bricks are often bought by paving contractors who find a good use for them and which are also much cheaper than normal prices. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bricks except for being outside the required specification for the manufactured batch.

Gravel is the cheapest option but at least you can always hear when someone is approaching? However, if you are needing a new driveway and are out of finance, then classic grey gravel can be an attractive, affordable option. You are looking at roughly $1 to $3 per square foot.

Many people these days have to consider costs seriously. it is why concrete slab driveways designs are considered as they are less expensive than even stamped concrete. Yes, it may be a bit boring to the eye, but if it is clean, attractive, and can stand the test of time then why not? People want trouble-free driveways in these financially strapped times.

Every paving block or slab is different, coming in different sizes and thicknesses. The first choice you need to make is on the material. Concrete is always a popular option, simply because of its good price and it can look so good.

When looking at how much does it cost to repave driveway, stamped concrete will cost a bit more as it allows you to add different textures and patterns to give you that visual appeal. It can even be made to look like brick paving.

Sometimes the more expensive materials require more labor. Not only that, some of the more expensive materials like natural stone or cobblestones are laid individually and the job becomes more expensive than concrete for instance. Concrete, whether it is imprinted or colored costs far less than natural stone.

A Number Of Factors Determine The Cost To Repave Driveway

Determine The Cost To Repave Driveway

When you are thinking of repaving your driveway, you will have collected a few quotes from contractors. You will also have eliminated some of them after having selected the one that can offer labor and materials that will best fit your budget. The one that offers the best cost to repave driveway and with a solid reputation of quality work is the one that gets the job.

There are no real set prices of materials as such but the paver grade and size will be taken into account. For people paying cash, there are also usually discounts offered as well as clearance sales for end-of-range products where you can really save on costs.

The price of concrete is always less expensive than natural stone pavers as an example. This is because standard concrete pavers are mass-produced while natural stone is quarried. This obviously requires more labor and will influence the cost to repave driveway.

The shape, size, texture, and brand of pavers will influence the price. Prices will also vary according to the different manufacturers and suppliers.

Repaving Costs Determined By Paving Professional

Repaving Costs Determined By Paving Professional

Driveway repaving prices are also dependent on the professional you get to lay your paving. The quote they give will be split between labor costs and materials. To bring costs down, you can buy your own pavers and just have the contractor lay them for you. Repaving prices will also vary on a number of other factors.

For instance how big is the intended area to be paved and how much digging and labor will be involved in preparation for the area? Some contractors charge more than others. Others again quote such low prices that the work can end up being substandard. If you are a handyman, the way to save money on your repaving installation is to do it yourself. However, this is easier said than done, especially if you have a large driveway.

Repaving is a complicated process because you are replacing your driveway with something newer and long-lasting. It can be a huge job removing all the old materials unless you have some amazing machinery that can quickly get the job done for you. Otherwise, it will require repaving experts digging it all up for you.

We all have plenty of creative ideas on the type of projects we would like done to improve our homes, but most of us have limited budgets, knowledge, and the right equipment. If you have the finances available to put in the repaving of your driveway, you will find that paving prices differ for a number of reasons.

Poor workmanship and badly planned structures will be a waste of money and effort. There are many different pavers available and as already suggested, they are not all priced the same. Even things such as size and color can have an effect on price.

Driveway paving prices are often higher than other projects but the price can decrease because it is more economical to install a driveway over a larger area.

Do Not Be Caught By An Unskilled Contractor

Do Not Be Caught By An Unskilled Contractor

The cost to repave driveway can also be determined by the contractor you choose. The contractor you hire can have a huge impact on the paving price. You do not want to have a contractor who will underestimate the cost of a paving project and then you have to pay the difference out of your pocket.

It will be best to call up several contractors to get a range of quotes. In the quotes, the price of labor and materials will be laid out so that you can see what you will be paying for each one.

The particular design you want for your paving will also influence the price. More intricate designs and patterns require more skill and labor which means a higher price. If there are problems or difficulties beyond the norm with excavating and more labor and specialized tools are required, you will see an increase in price.

Sometimes it can be impossible to predict exactly what paving prices are going to be for a particular job and that is why it is so vital to hire the services of a contractor with integrity. If something needs to be added on, you will have peace that is a necessary addition or alteration and not some fabricated story.

So all in all, the cost to repave driveway is more expensive than resurfacing a driveway. To calculate the square footage of your driveway, you require to know the length and width. Different cities have certain rules too about driveways so if you are repaving 30 years later, find out about local building codes that might have changed. You do not want to undo any new work because of ignorance.

Check Out Previous Driveway Repaving Jobs

It makes sense that a repaving job will be costlier than a resurfacing job as there is a lot more labor involved with repaving a driveway. As with any kind of building work being done, the work will be as good as the contractor who does it for you. Get references and take a look at previous work done, especially driveways that were repaved several years ago.

The cost to repave driveway can differ a lot. To determine the cost to repave driveway you should have an idea of how many square feet the repaving job will be covering. The best driveway experts will stipulate a price and tell you exactly what their work will entail. The work they do will also be guaranteed.

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