These days there is no excuse for any home to have a boring bathroom. How much to retile a shower is something that many people consider, as shower jobs are a sought after bathroom remodel option.

What sort of budget are you looking at for bathroom remodel ideas?  Some people go the whole hog with their bathroom remodel job while others simply want to know how much to retile a shower will be. Others want to convert their regular shower experience into a torrential downpour by having jet-powered shower heads installed.

How much to retile a shower is one thing but if you want a pulsating massage shower head and clear frameless glass shower doors, you’ll pay more while new tiles might be all the remodeling you want right now.

Do you want to remodel your bathroom and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to know how much to retile a shower? The Internet is alive with easy and practical advice on what to do to change your bathroom into your own private retreat.

Check out the Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Retile Cost

Bathroom Tile

It’s amazing to think that a decade or two ago one had to contend with plain colored square or rectangular bathroom tiles. How much to retile a shower is certainly different than it was long ago because bathroom tiles have come a long way since then and you can get every shape and color.

For floors, you can have a wooden plank look that is resistant to water. Dimensional tiles and herringbone patterns are a popular shape today, but with the graphic patterned styles of today you can give your bathroom a custom look.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

It doesn’t matter what you have in mind for your bathroom remodel ideas – your bathroom should be energy efficient. A home’s top-selling point today is energy savings. When planning your bathroom remodel, you want to be thinking of low flow toilets and LED lighting instead of traditional incandescent lights. You also want light, bright, airy bathrooms with lights that showcase your bathroom remodel beautifully.

Many people don’t have the money to completely redo their bathroom, but how much to retile a shower is a worthwhile remodel idea – removing an outdated old bath and putting in a modern shower with glass doors and modern shower heads that leave you feeling utterly energized.

Shower Tile Patterns

There is no holding you back when it comes to choosing shower tile patterns for your bathroom. How much to retile a shower depends on many things as there is, first of all, a massive selection of porcelain, stone and ceramic tiles to choose from, not to mention hundreds of colors, patterns, styles and even picture tiles.

Some people choose 3D tiles to give them a realistic feel of the theme they’ve chosen in their bathroom. Even in small bathrooms and showers, there are people who prefer large-format tiles as they have fewer grout lines, making them easier to keep clean and free of mold.

Bathroom Tiles Designs

There are just so many beautiful bathroom tile designs out there.  Whatever style you want – you can achieve it with the range of tile shapes, colors, patterns and textures. There are heaps of bathroom tile pages to check out online and in interior décor books and magazines for ideas. If you want to know how much to retile a shower, you need to do good research because not only do you want good looking tiles, you have to think about performance too.

Surface wear, grades and porosity all come into play so you need to do some research on glass, ceramic, clay, granite, marble, mosaics, simulated stone as well as other kinds of tiles.

Bathroom Floor Tile

When it comes to bathroom floor tiles,  apart from beauty, the tiles have to be practical and functional too. You can take your pick between porcelain, ceramics, stone, linoleum, vinyl, cork and floors that mimic natural wood.

Then again, there are carpet tiles that are water- and mildew- -resistant and you can remove single tiles for cleaning and if one section is damaged. When you choose bathroom floor tiles, you need to think about appearance, but also strength and the tiles will need to be anti-slip as well as well as anti-mold and bacteria.

Bathroom Wall Tile

Once you know your budget for bathroom wall tiles, you can have a better idea of what to look for. With research, how much to retile a shower will have you discovering that ceramic tiles are the cheapest option.

If you’re having your bathroom renovated and you’re not clued up on tiles, a good decision is to visit a bathroom warehouse and showroom so that bathroom design consultants can show you different looks and also advise you on what options you have in your price range.

Bathroom Shower Tiles

When it comes to shower tiles, you can’t just choose beauty, you have to think of functionality too. The tiles have to stand up to the constant pounding of water on them, whether it’s floor or wall tiles. Therefore you have to choose sturdy shower tiles that are both durable and waterproof.

How much to retile a shower will require you looking at ceramic tiles as they come with many options and porcelain and quarry tiles are part of the ceramic tile group and are ideal for ‘watery’ areas such as showers.

Home Depot Shower Heads

If ever you want choice in bathroom accessories, the Home Depot is a good place to look as they are the world’s biggest home improvement retailer.  They’ve got endless supplies of products for the DIY customer and contractors. They’ve got many different shower heads from a host of different brands such as Hansgrohe, Toto and Kohler.

At Home Depot you can get advise on shower heads as you will want to know about water pressure, fixed shower heads, how you want it mounted, on the wall or the ceiling, the diameters of the head, multi-function heads, rain showerheads and much more.

Home Depot Ceramic Tile

How much to retile a shower will depend a lot on the type of tile you choose. Home Depot knows that ceramic tiles are still a popular tile because they’re affordable and durable and they keep these in stock in various colors and styles.

Even if you don’t know too much about them, there is no cause for worry because Home Depot has consultants in the tile department ready to advise and inform on their ceramic tiles.  You’ll be advised on glazed and unglazed tiles and how you get lots of choices, from porcelain to terracotta and how they can be used on your walls or floors as they are all manufactured to the highest standards.

Home Depot Bathroom Tile

When you want to choose tiles for your bathroom, Home Depot is one of the first places you should look at in terms of service, variety, tips and advice and choice. Take into account your bathroom’s size, its lightness, the tile’s durability and maintenance requirements as well as price, the grout joint’s width and much more.

How much to retile a shower becomes important, even in terms of light. Light colored bathroom tiles can make your small bathroom feel and look more spacious. Then you’ve also got to think in terms of safety as regards to slipping and the Home Depot consultants can advise you on all this.

Home Depot Wall Tile

Tiles are so versatile things and you can use the same tiles on the floor and walls of a bathroom. You can take the same tiles, just different shapes. Tile shapes can bring in some nice contrast as well as the colors and finishes. The Home Depot is a minefield of information and when it comes to wall tiles, how much to retile a shower means looking at the grouting too.

With a shower job,  look for tiles that have some mold-resistance to them to ensure less maintenance. you no longer have to stick with white grout either and you can go with grey or even some more funkier color – nothing is set in stone.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimator

While a typical bathroom remodel can cost anything between $5,000 to $15,000, you can’t give a price because the size of your bathroom and what features you want will play a huge role in costs.

That is why when you look at bathroom remodel websites, they provide you with the opportunity to get free estimates by making use of their cost guide that they provide. These bathroom remodel cost estimators can let the homeowner explore different bathroom improvements while keeping an eye on the costs involved.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

With good planning, you can make this costly renovation project far more affordable for you. You might be wanting the most basic bathroom remodel and how much to retile a shower might be all that you require for now.

With a bathroom remodel you may want the most luxurious deluxe remodel there is. Whatever you have in mind you can expect to spend roughly between $5 000 and $15 000. Establishing a budget for your renovation project is a good starting point because then you’ll know the scope of what you can do.

Tile Installation Cost

Nobody can put a price on a tile installation cost because you might be only tiling a shower or only tiling the walls or just the floor. When homeowners start talking about tile installation costs then you hear $10 to $15 per square foot being bandied about.

Home Depot Bathroom Remodel Cost

Some people never get anything done with a bathroom remodel because they think it is all or nothing. If you don’t have the money to do a full remodel job, you can do smaller jobs to start with.

Some of these smaller job can be done by the DIYer so you can save on costs, but some of the larger jobs might require a contractor. If you are thinking of remodeling in stages, how much to retile a shower might be one of the first things you want done.

Save money by watching your local hardware store for sales. Home Depot is always having some or other sale or deal on their bathroom items and it will be a tremendous saving if you can buy sales items for a later remodel project you have.

Average Cost of Bathroom Remodel Per Square Foot

The size of your bathroom will play a role in costs as well as the type of materials you go for and whether you do the job yourself or you have to pay for labor. For a remodel, you may pay about $70 per square foot for the cheaper bathroom accessories and fixtures but with labor as well as a licensed contractor doing the job, you may be looking at f$250 per square foot.

Labor Cost to Install Tile Shower

Labor costs to install tiles in a shower will depend on what you like and want.  Ceramic tiles are always a popular choice as these versatile, durable tiles come in so many styles, shapes and colors.

Choices simply mean a wide range of costs, but the average range for a fully tiled shower will be roughly $1,800 to $4,000. The cost of getting a ceramic tile shower installed can vary depending on the size of the project. The area you live in can also have an impact on labor costs.


How much to retile a shower will have anyone with a flair for detail wanting the trendiest tiles and when you do research you find lots of bathroom remodel ideas with purposeful, interesting and pleasurable products that will ensure when you enter your bathroom you have a more relaxed attitude to life.

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