These days, certainly more so in some countries, there are power struggles going on and we sit in the dark for 2 to 4 hours with load shedding. It makes a person more aware about the cost of electricity and how desperately we rely on it.

Of course, the most simple and obvious strategy to conserve energy is to turn off whatever is not being used, for instance, lights and electrical appliances such as heaters, TVs and computers. A smart way to conserve power is to make use of the sun, and Florida has plenty of that.

How to become an electrician in Florida is something worth considering because the sun is free for all and it can charge certain of our devices and provide us with hot water. Unlike fossil fuel, the sun isn’t going to run out any time soon. An electrician can advise you on how to prepare your home with gadgets that can make your life more comfortable, brighter and affordable.

An electrician can complete a solar panel installation for you so that your home or business can move away from dependency on public utilities. Once the solar panels are installed, there is no cost to generate energy from the sun. A professional electrician with all the licenses and insurances in place will ensure a proper installation – where to install the panels and how to install them.

Even if it is not about solar panels, an electrician would still be needed for all the electrical work that is required from time to time in homes and offices, and therefore qualified electricians are always in demand all around the world and not just in Florida.

All About Becoming an Electrician in Florida


How to become an electrician in Florida requires you getting the best training because after all, electricians work with electric power and they install and test the wiring in homes and businesses. They often work with architects to design electrical systems for new buildings.

Electricians require proper training and a license to be able to work in most states. How to become an electrician in Florida may mean earning a license by participating in an apprenticeship program.

Programs like this can last for 4–5 years, because the electrician will have to complete many technical courses too. How to become an electrician in Florida however, does not require you having an electrical license, but for an electrical company to exist, the contractor must have an electrical license through the state.

In Florida, there are 4 kinds of licenses – Certified Electrician, Registered Electrician, Certified Electrical Specialty Contractor and Registered Electrical Specialty Contractor. Certified electricians can work anywhere in Florida while a registered contractor is limited to the counties where they hold a local license.

Electrician Salary

How to become an electrician in Florida requires you applying to an apprenticeship. There are a few electrical apprenticeships in Florida. The average salary for an electrician in Florida is about $20 to $23 an hour.

Electricians are in demand in Florida, and how to become an electrician in Florida requires you knowing what sort of electrician you want to be. There are different kinds of electricians. While most electricians work in the building industry where they earn an average salary of $52 000 a year, an oilfield electrician can earn up to $80 000 a year.

Master Electrician Salary

In Florida, the average  Master electrician salary is roughly $31.14 per hour. The average Master Electrician salary for the year ranges between $53,000 and $68 000 per year. Other skills and certifications will have an impact on the amount the electrician is paid.

How to Train yourself as an Electrician

How to Become an Electrician

How to become an electrician in Florida requires you commencing your electrical trade job by getting the appropriate training and experience. How to become an electrician in Florida means understanding that the requirements across most of Florida are 4 to 5 years of experience.

You can enroll in a technical college electrical trade program or join a union apprenticeship program. Some of these technical school programs include an internship, giving you the chance to work at job sites. Holding an associate’s degree through a technical program will stand you in good stead for entry-level positions.

Electrician School

Many people are interested in becoming an electrician in Florida and to serve the numbers, they have a generous amount of electrician schools. How to become an electrician in Florida requires you attending one of these electrical training programs at a technical school. It will provide the electrician-to-be with the hours required to gain experience. Ridge Technical College, Florida Electrical Apprenticeship & Training and Orange Technical College are just some.

Electrician School Online

Yes, there are even some. Electrician school programs, which provide a diploma or certificate, are offered online, and some of these are not free. Many people look at how to become an electrician in Florida by looking at some of the online programs and courses.

There are also free online electrician courses available. Some of these are courses through online learning platforms or colleges. These free courses however are not going to be enough to become an electrician and to become a journeyman electrician, you need to complete apprenticeships and get licensed.

Nonetheless, to get started, there are excellent free online learning platforms that offer courses related to skilled trades, of which being an electrician is one. You will learn things such as Basics of Electrical Technology, Introduction to the electrical trade, Maintaining home appliances, Circuits and Electronics and others.

Electrician Training

There are different ways on how to become an electrician in Florida but one of the most popular ways that people choose to get electrician training is with Florida Electrical Schools.

How to become an electrician in Florida requires you checking out the different community colleges and technical schools in Florida offering training.

Once you get a certificate, diploma or degree, you will be able to enter Florida’s workforce. Other people choose to enter an apprentice program, where they work alongside a professional electrician, learning the trade on-the-job. These sorts of programs can last between 2 to 5 years.

Electrical Licensing

Florida requires its professional electricians to be licensed. There are different license categories – Specialty Contractor, Registered Electrical Contractor and Alarm System Contractor. In fact, Florida offers a number of categories and subcategories of electrical licenses. For these licenses you need to pass a licensing exam by getting at least 70%. You need to work as an apprentice to become a licensed electrician.

Electrical License Renewal

You have to renew your electrician license every year. The renewal fees range from $50 to $200. You also need to know your renewal deadline and there is also education training that you will need. All Florida electrical licenses expire on the same day regardless of when they were issued. They expire on August 31.

Electrician Jobs

You can go onto any online job search engine for Florida and find a host of different electrician jobs advertised.  How to become an electrician in Florida means you will need to review some of the good ones and be prepared to complete your application online by having all the information you need to apply. This includes submitting a CV and certificates etc.

An electrician is a wireman or lineman, but there are specializations with these. Wiremen deal with the wiring of premises.

They may wire new places according to technical drawings or they will be replacing older systems within buildings. Linemen work on electrical utility distribution lines or transmission lines and these are the electricians you see working on power lines that move electricity.

Electrical Apprenticeship

Many people opt to become an electrician via an electrical apprenticeship. It can take 2 to 4 years or so to become fully qualified. There are even some would-be-electricians that start an apprenticeship program immediately after school.

Electrician apprentices support electricians in the maintenance and repair of electrical systems. The best reason to undertake these apprenticeships is that it gives the person a chance to earn and learn at the same time.

Electrician Apprenticeship Program

An electrician apprenticeship is a paid training program. The apprentice works under the guidance of a professional electrician so as to learn the trade. These apprenticeship programs include both theory and hands-on experience.

These programs on how to become an electrician in Florida can go on for 4 years. For each year you complete at least 2,000 hours training on the job and 144 hours of class. During the apprenticeship program, you will learn wiring and conduits, how to install outlets, electrical theory, electrical code compliance, blueprint reading and much more.

You can find these electrician apprenticeship programs with Professional trade associations,  union organizations, the National Electrical Contractors Association. They all sponsor electrician apprenticeship programs.

Electrician Apprenticeship Jobs

You can find electrician apprenticeship jobs with many online recruiters and job advertising sites. These allow electrician job seekers to find jobs from different web sites. you will find job listing from job boards, recruitment agencies and a host of other sources.

When you begin a new career, it can be great having a teacher or mentor who trains you and passes on some valuable tips. Experienced electricians are knowledgeable, and as an apprentice you can pick up valuable safety tips too and seriously tap into their knowledge.

Apprentice Electrician Salary

If you want to know how to become an electrician in Florida and what you will earn as an apprentice electrician, an apprentice can make in the region of $47 000 a year but the range is $40,000 to $54 000. Nothing is set in stone and salary can range because of factors such as area, education, skill as well as other factors.

Electrician Apprenticeship Union

How to become an electrician in Florida means you will need to decide between union contractors and non-union shops for your apprenticeship and employment. The job tasks as an electrician are identical between union and non-union jobs, but there are differences when it comes to apprenticing with union or non-union employers.

The IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) is the parent organization that governs local electrical unions. Although joining a union contractor means being a member of the IBEW, most of your involvement with the union would be through your local chapter.

A union apprenticeship program includes job experience and classroom-based instruction. The difference between going with the IBEW or a non-union shop can be seen in the wages you can earn.

Union pay rates have been professionally negotiated by union representatives and tend to be higher than non-union shops. In a non-union shop the market influences the rate of pay.

How to Become an Electrician Apprentice

You can train to be an electrician through an accredited training facility approved to offer apprenticeships. Apprenticeship is an excellent training method for those wanting to be an electrician. An electrician apprentice then gleans from the knowledge of experienced journeymen.

It is an effective way of educating electricians to take their place later on in the Florida workforce. Electrical apprenticeships are a method of training electricians to become skilled and experienced. Working with a contractor you learn the hands-on skills required as well as receiving classroom instruction where you learn theory and code.

Electricians can enjoy excellent job security and also rely on a steady income. How to become an electrician in Florida requires you starting as an electrician at the bottom. But you get paid while learning. It is an excellent opportunity for you to learn everything about an electrician job while earning money. As you gain valuable skills, you get to earn a living wage.

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