When it comes to ideas for renovating a home, knowing how to build a closet from scratch is a wonderful talent. You’ll have people demanding your services as everyone is always looking for more storage space. Rooms can look untidy and forlorn when lack of closet space causes one to just put stuff wherever there is a square inch of space.

By knowing how to build a closet from scratch and having closets made to your specific requirements, you can transform any area of your home. With closets for your bedroom, laundry, lounge or bathroom, everything will be in its proper place.

You can choose whether you want a walk-in closet or the traditional reach-in closet. Walk-in closets are wonderful as simply walk  in and with a closet organizer, all your shoes, belts and items of clothing have their own place.

The main idea and benefit of knowing how to build a closet from scratch is that these tailored closets will add tremendous value to your home. You maximize on the space you have and most importantly, you get organized.

Most people want more shelves, baskets and hanging space for their short, medium and long items of clothing. Closet specialists will measure your space and design a closet around the client’s special organizational needs.

Here is Everything You Should Know About Closet

Closet Organizer

Not being able to find certain clothes can make you seriously late for work or for some other appointment you have. That is why knowing how to build a closet from scratch is a talent that will never go wasted.

With closet organizers, you’ve got all the shelves, drawers and hanging space you need. You can safely say that these closet organizers are time savers because you know precisely where everything is.

There are even simple but effective tie and belt racks. The beauty of these closet organizers is that you can keep certain clothing items grouped together – t-shirts with t-shirts, pants with pants and so on so you know exactly where to find them. If you want to fill your closets with the custom design t shirts find here the best websites that will help to make eye-catching t-shirt designs in minutes.

Clothes Rack

One of the most exciting parts about custom closets is selecting the materials, colors, and accessories for your closets so that they become uniquely personalized. When you know how to build a closet from scratch, you know about all the different materials you have at your disposal.

Melamine, glass, wood, steel and bamboo are different options.  A clothes rack of sturdy steel in your closet can ensure a proper place for all your pants, dresses, shirts and skirts, and on top of that you can add in additional separate hanging rods and double up on the number of clothes racks you have.

They’re separate from the main rack or rod so you can move it around in your closet to where you want it.

Closet Doors

Wood is always a popular choice for when you’re wanting to know how to build a closet from scratch using the best materials. Pine, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany and Teak are beautiful with polyurethane finishes in wood tones.  Of course with technological developments, you can select from a wide range of colors from natural wood shades to bright oranges, reds and blues which won’t obscure the grain of the wood.

There is no end to the ideas for closet doors, and if it’s not wood, you can choose bamboo, wire, sliding doors, closet doors with mirrors, bi-fold closet doors, louvred doors, frosted glass doors or something else.

French Closet Doors

French closet doors are attractive in that they give a light, carefree look to a home. Knowing how to build a closet from scratch will always include looking at how French closet doors will work.

Made to look similar to French windows, they are often known for their glass panes which gives a closet a light, airy look to it. Then again if you want a more traditional look, you can add mirrors and create a natural-looking extension of your room.

Closet Doors Bifold

How to build a closet from scratch requires you knowing about bifold closet doors. This is because they are useful for when space is limited.

It is a great do-it-yourself project but you will need a bit of knowledge with knowing how to place the track, pivots and hinges. They will need to be precisely placed in order for the bifold door to open and close smoothly.

With bifold doors, you can choose to open up your closet entirely or just part of it.

Sliding Closet Doors with Mirrors

Sliding closet doors with mirrors are so popular because they are perfect space-saving doors. They don’t swing open, requiring additional space, but merely glide to one side.

It simply means that you have more floor space left as you don’t have to make provision for a door that swings open. When DIYer are looking for ideas on how to build a closet from scratch, sliding closet doors with mirrors are always a popular choice.

These kinds of wardrobe doors are good looking too and they are sleek and stylish to look at. Easy to operate, sliding closet doors make it easy to get in and out of your closet, and you just slide open the part of the closet that you want to access. Many people opt to put mirrors on all their closet sliding doors as it makes the room appear much larger and brighter too as the mirrors reflect light.

Closet Systems

If you know how to build a closet from scratch, you always get exactly what you want. Then again, if you know what you want, and you aren’t a DIYer, you can order your cut-to-order closets from a reliable custom cabinetry professional.

You get craftsmen who use state-of-the-art machinery to develop their closet making skills in new, unusual and exciting ways. Beautiful and thoroughly installed, custom closets are functional, stylish and flexible.

Only the best materials and finishes are used for their finishes, and you get closet systems made to order and which meets all your storage requirements. They’re adjustable too and can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements. You can move shelves and hanging rods around to suit your changing requirements.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of custom-designed closet systems is the satisfaction you get from having a closet tailored to your unique requirements. Custom closet systems are fantastic because they can be made smaller or larger.

Closet Shelving

Closet shelving keeps things tidy and organized. Before deciding on what shelf systems to use and the type of material for the shelves, decide first of all what you will be storing on them.

Do you want the shelving to fit in with your decor and what weight are the shelves expected to carry? Wooden shelves look great in any closet but then so does melamine or wire shelves. Closet shelving is versatile and you can choose exactly what style you want. Where space is at a premium, mobile shelving is a good idea because the shelves are mounted on wheels inside the closet.

Wire Closet Shelving

Attractive wire shelving is a popular choice and these wire shelves are available in trendy metals of which stainless steel is also a part. Wire shelves are easy to label too and they are versatile in that you can put a hanger into them easily.

Wire shelving is great for open concept designs, allowing bedroom closets to be exposed to air and you can see your clothes easily too.  Wire shelves are a lot cheaper than wooden shelves too and assembly is really easy as retailers have all the design tools you need.

These wire closet shelving systems are versatile and affordable and there are always wire closet shelving accessories such as baskets and racks available.

Closet Drawers

By building a closet based on your storage needs, even a small room can be well organized. When it comes to closet drawers, think of the person using the closet. Nobody wants to have closet drawers too high to reach and to see what’s inside.

You need to have your closet built more ergonomically and to have your closet drawers where they can be reached easily. There are different kinds of closet drawers and you can choose from built-in drawers or you can choose freestanding drawers.

Closet drawer systems aren’t the same and while some are made from wood, other drawers are plastic or wire. The wood drawers essentially use slides or runners that guide the drawers in and out.

Wardrobe Closet

People try and get technical about some things when there is no need. They try and define what a closet and wardrobe is, when essentially they are one and the same. They both store clothes and shoes.

Most wardrobes have doors whereas a modern closet is a walk-in storage area that may not necessarily have doors. Wardrobe closets can be designed to suit the home owner and they can be as narrow or as broad as you like.

There is no real standard for wardrobe closets and they are simply designed to fit into the dimensions of the rooms they’re being built in and come with drawers, shelves and hanging space.

IKEA Closet

People like turning to Ikea for their closet ideas because they are about low-priced, quality furniture and closets. If it’s wood Ikea closets you’re after, they’re all about sustainable sourcing of wood.

Making the planet a priority, they also make it their mission to understand their customer’s needs to make life easier. They offer an assembly and delivery service.

Wardrobe Closet IKEA

How to build a closet from scratch is easy with Ikea because you do it online. They are a  home furnishing brand and you can send them details of your wardrobe closet ideas and they will assemble and deliver your wardrobe to you.

In fact, with IKEA products, they can be specifically designed and are simple to assemble so that home owners can do it themselves or if you prefer, they have an Assembly Service partner that can build your IKEA closets in your home for you.

Portable Closet

A portable closet is such an awesome solution for somebody to get organized and to store all their clothing when they don’t have something permanent.

They are perfect too in that they are lightweight but they offer all the closet storage of any other fixed closet. If you’re looking for a portable wardrobe closet, you’ve got different options and these closets are perfect for other areas of the home where there is a shortage of closet space.

You’ll notice that they are made in lots of different materials too, including wood, plastic, canvas,  metal, and different fabrics.

Walmart Clothes Rack

Walmart is a huge multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of stores where you can buy all your household products. Of course, when it comes to storage items, you can find whatever you need.

A Walmart clothes rack is useful because you can simply hang your shirts, pants and coats on it to keep your room nice and tidy. These clothes racks are flexible too and certain parts can be adjusted and even removed as needed.

Closet Door Ideas

When you start looking at ideas on what kind of doors to have for your closets, there are many great ideas. Some of them are more beautiful to look at than others while others are more functional.

You’ll have to research the different closet door types to get ideas on what you fancy. There are all kinds of closet door types, from bifold closet doors to French closet doors,  mirror closet doors accordion closet door and many more and all in a host of different materials, colors, hardware and accessories.

Home Depot Closet Organizer

Most people aren’t satisfied with their closet space when moving into a new home. But that is why Home Depot closet organizers are a good buy as you get all the closet space you need.

Home Depot is the world’s biggest home improvement retailer in the world and their closet organizers bring order into your room. These organizers come equipped with all the proper components you need for all kinds of clothes, from pants to shirts to dresses to coats, belts and underwear.

They reduce the need for a hundred and one other sets of drawers and cupboards.

Home Depot Closet Doors

As the biggest home improvement retailer, Home Depot is known for their huge variety of closet doors. There are always consultants standing by too to advise you on which doors are perfect for your DIY closet project.

They can show you their bi-fold closet doors, double closet doors, louvered doors, mirrors doors, glass doors and many others, all in different styles and with different prices.

Portable Clothes Rack

If you don’t know how to build a closet from scratch, don’t worry because there are heaps of trendy clothing storage products to be found. A portable clothes rack can come to you with or without wheels and they’re pretty heavy duty too so that you can hang all your clothes on them.

Even the clothes racks without wheels are light enough to pull along into the next room and the ones with wheels glide along to wherever you want them. After washing clothes, it’s so easy too, just to hang the clothes up to dry to reduce the need for ironing.


How to build a closet from scratch won’t be difficult for the skilled DIYer because there are so many home improvement stores with all the right products to build whatever you like.

You will find online plans, tips and advice on how to build a closet from scratch and ensure you get the exact kind of storage you need from all the drawers, shelves, baskets and rods included.

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