You may have done some renovations to your home which included building on another room. The room may be finished being built but it can’t be considered finished until it has its closets added in. Choosing to build a custom modern closet system for your home means you get all the storage you need but the very looks of the closet can bring beauty and interest to a room as well.

Closet organizer

How to build a closet in a finished room will require hanging space, drawers, and shelves and maybe even some baskets.

Newer closets come with closet organizers and there is a spot for every clothing item of yours as well as packing space for other things. How to build a closet in a finished room requires closet organizers, which are versatile and you can see exactly where everything is.

They come with rods for hanging things, plus they come with closed drawers and open shelves. Some of these have open spaces where you can even have wire baskets for storing things. Closet organizers are an efficient way to use up any extra space you have in a room.

Closet doors

There is nothing worse than having a closet door that doesn’t function properly or is the wrong fit for the type of space it is in.  How to build a closet in a finished room requires having the right doors for the space you have.  For instance if you have a small, cramped room it can be a nightmare trying to force open a closet door that opens outwards.

A sliding door would be a better choice. If you get a professional in to install your closet doors, they will choose doors in keeping with your budget and bi-fold doors for instance can save you quite a bit when compared to other closet door types. These door types come in 2- and 4-panel configurations and they also require less room than swing doors.

Closet doors ideas

Yes, closet doors need to be functional but that doesn’t mean they can’t be highly decorative too.  Many people love the idea of putting mirrors on their closet doors because this makes a small bedroom look much bigger.

How to build a closet in a finished room requires you being aware of the many choices you have. There is a wide choice of closet door hardware too and between door knobs and hinges, closet door ideas can be varied and give you many different looks. You can update your closet doors by installing sliding doors, mirrored doors, bi-fold doors, louvered doors or something else and all these doors can be in a wide range of materials too.

Closet systems

Closet systems bring neatness and order into any room. You can put these systems into any room – your home, office, wine room, laundry or pantry. Special challenges in a home pose no problem as these closet systems are designed to fit into any awkward area.

There are different kinds of closet systems such as walk-in-closets, which is one of the most popular choices. These walk-in closet systems can be like an entire room without closet doors and where everything is on display. Design options are endless and how to build a closet in a finished room will require you knowing about the different closets there are.

Reach-in closets are the most common type of closet and are smaller than the walk-ins. They used to be made up of just hanging space with maybe a shelf above the hanging space but modern reach-in closet systems have shelves and drawers too.

Wardrobe closet

Before you install a wardrobe closet you will need to spend time measuring up the area where you want the closet to go. How to build a closet in a finished room will mean you first understanding what the room’s purpose is and then designing a wardrobe closet with the right storage that serves the purpose.

Closet doors Bifold

When you want to know how to build a closet in a finished room, deciding on door types will be an important decision. Closet doors bi-fold can be sure to give you a smooth-opening operation for your closets.

Designed essentially for wooden doors, the Bi-fold door comes in different kits to cater for different opening widths. These bifold closet doors are perfect for any modern home, and apart from wood, they come in other materials and styles such as mirror, louvred, glass or something else.

IKEA Closet

Ikea has an endless selection of furniture, décor and closets. The Scandinavian company makes sure your home is organized. It doesn’t matter if you want smaller organizers or a full-on closet system, they’ve got what you want. Their Elvari storage system for instance is adjustable and easy to dismantle as well.

It is ideal for any room that doesn’t have a closet. Their versatile Algot system is perfect for when you need extra storage space in a bathroom or laundry. It works as an open wardrobe or to organize a closet.

IKEA Wardrobe

IKEA beLieves you will love their IKEA wardrobes, and whatever you have in mind, they believe they can bring your ideas to life.  If you’re looking to know how to build a closet in a finished room, they can schedule a free consultation with their client to discuss their needs ad discuss closet materials and styles.

The cupboards are designed to be easy to assemble so that your DIYer can assemble the cupboards on their own. IKEA do have assemble services should you prefer.

The Pax wardrobe system is particularly customizable for a walk-in closet and it allows for many ways to suit your storage requirements.

IKEA Wardrobe closet

With the IKEA wardrobe closet, you’re able to keep your rooms clean and tidy. Maybe with IKEA, you don’t even need to know how to build a closet in a finished room, as they have wardrobe closets that fit right into any space you have.

A popular choice of wardrobe closets come from the PAX wardrobe systems without doors, These wardrobe closets come in a wide selection of sizes, styles and colors and you’re able to get an attractive looking closet wardrobe to simplify your life.

The Pax range has different wardrobe combinations and even wardrobe closets designed to fit perfectly into corners.

IKEA closet organizer

The Ikea closet organizer is fantastic as it fits into small or large spaces. How to build a closet in a finished room requires you to first look at their excellent range. Their new Hauga series can be used anywhere.

They have a range of storage baskets and boxes to go with their closet organizers. As already mentioned, their Pax wardrobe system allows you to choose the size, style and doors you want. And you get to choose the interior organizers too such as clothes rails, shelves and drawers. There are so many closet organizer ideas and even for any awkward spots you have.

IKEA closet systems

Ikea has a range of flexible closet and storage systems that are designed to help you ensure everything has its own place. Each of the closet systems have racks, shelves, drawers, cabinets and frames and they are able to be put together in a range of different combinations to suit your unique needs.

Nothing is set in stone with Ikea and you can combine the parts on one storage system into all kinds of shapes, styles and sizes. The Aurdal system for instance is perfect for all your storage needs and it provides a sleek, elegant look that can be assembled and installed in even the smallest of spaces.

Walk-in closet ideas

Anyone today can own a walk-in closet and it’s not something that only the rich have. How to build a closet in a finished room will certainly mean you need to look at this amazing storage option. Anyone can have an area to store all their belongings. Choose the particular shape wall closet you like.

The common shapes are U, L and the straight walk-in closet but nothing is out of bounds and you can choose the shape you like. Whatever shape you go with, there will be ample place for clothes, shoes, belts, luggage items, blankets – you name it.

That’s why, before you come up with walk-in closet ideas, you have to have a rough idea of what stuff you want to store in it.

Home depot closet organizer

The retailer Home Depot has plenty of closet space ideas for anyone wanting to be creative with closet space. How to build a closet in a finished room is no problem as they have ideas for any size rooms. Their closet organizers can fit any room size and purpose.

They’ve got huge closet organizers with plenty of hanging space, drawers and shelves, but they’ve also got much smaller closet organizers that make the most of any small, cramped area. Also, you can also choose streamlined organizing tools for within your closet, and these space-efficient storage tools can even include shelf dividers or slim hangers.

You can order an entire walk-in closet kit at Home Depot.

Home Depot closet doors

When you want to know how to build a closet in a finished room, with Home Depot, you can get as creative as you like with closet door types from Home Depot. They are a gigantic home improvement store with plenty of closet door ideas for you.  Each of these doors will give a room a different look altogether. From sliding doors to French doors, accordion doors, bi-fold doors, saloon doors – you name it, Home Depot has it.

Sliding closet doors with mirrors

How to build a closet in a finished room always requires you looking at sliding closet doors with mirrors as an option. They are one of the most popular closet door types there are. For starters, sliding doors are popular because you don’t have to worry if a bed is close to the closet as the doors slide to one side as opposed to swinging open. These doors don’t need the extra space to open.

Sliding closet doors with mirrors also brighten up a room as they reflect light, giving the room an airy, bright feel to it. People who have exchanged their old hinged wardrobe doors with trendy sliding mirror doors say that their mood is just better when entering such a room as they know they have done the best with the space they have.

French closet doors

French closet doors suit any room or decor in your home. Essentially they are made of a wood frame with panels of 6 or more and which can be made of cork, glass, wood or mirror. The French closet doors can be in any style – bi-fold, sliding or something else which shows you how versatile they are.

These doors are great for pantries, bathrooms, dining-rooms and bedrooms. French closet doors are sleek, attractively simple and totally functional with most operating on a track. Prices for French doors will vary depending on the materials you opt to use as well as size and style.

Armoire closet

How to build a closet in a finished room but not be your idea, because an Armoire closet might be what you have in mind. This is a large movable cupboard that has everything needed to ensure your place is organized. They used to store arms and ammunition but were quickly found to have many other uses.

The old armoires always had space to hang clothes, but the modern Armoire has shelves and drawers too. Armoires are essentially cabinets for storing any kinds of things and they can be used in any kind of room. Some of them are so interesting to look at people use them in their hallways or entryways just to make a statement.

Wood closet organizers

In the 21st century, wood is still the most popular material for closets and furniture and wood has a huge impact on the way your place looks. How to build a closet in a finished room with wood will guarantee a wonderful feel and look to any room.

You can have closet organizers made with thick real solid wood where only the best quality hardwoods are used and where the finish ensures beautify and longevity decade after decade.

With a wood closet organizer system, they can be configured and installed in a variety of ways to fit the look you want. These closets also come with lots of beautiful and function closet hardware accessories that match the wood perfectly. For the DIYer, you don’t need any massive carpentry skills to install these solid wood closet organizers, just your basic carpentry skills, whether you want reach-in closet organizers or walk-in closet organizers.


How to build a closet in a finished room comes with so many options, whether you build in a closet or you decide to have an open closet – the ideas are endless, from buying a freestanding wardrobe to building one – the thing is you don’t have to spend a lot with the many options available to you.

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