COVID-19 has brought out some good habits in people and one of them is saving. They have had to make resolutions about how they intend to improve things for now and into the future.

Rising energy costs are creating a lot of financial pressure and one has to find ways to lower energy bills. The good news is that you can also minimize your home’s energy consumption and there are multiple ways to do that;. Some,  for example, are as easy as switching to energy saving lamps or turning off your standby appliances, and some require a little hard work like insulating your exterior door. Yes, you can also keep energy consumption down by installing energy-friendly exterior doors.

These energy-efficient doors are specially designed to cut down on heat dissipation and thus lower the requirements for heating your home. These doors are thicker and have several layers that provide better insulation than traditional and less efficient materials. Finally, energy-efficient exterior doors are more often than not outward-facing, the ultimate requirement for retaining heat indoors.

People have been spending more time at home and they have been looking at how to build an insulated exterior door and conserve energy. We hear a lot about how to build an insulated exterior door while still ensuring they look good.

Exterior Doors

Do you have any idea how much heat you are losing through the door you have? Do you realize how important exterior doors play in insulating your home? Many people choose wood doors because of their beauty but they are not as energy efficient as other doors such as fibreglass. It is important to know how to build an insulated exterior door because they will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Thermal efficiency is an important part of exterior doors. This is the degree to which the door controls heat and cold. If your doors are thermally efficient, they will keep the warmth inside, and if not, they will conduct the heat into the exterior, and you will be spending more on heating the inside.

As you look at different exterior door options,  you will discover that the lower the u-factor, the more energy-efficient doors are. Thermal efficiency can be quantified by means of the u-factor or u-value. This describes the insulating performance of a set of doors and windows.

The u-value of a surface is actually talking about its ability to transmit heat. External doors with double=glazing will have a u-value of about 1.6, but it can be lower. If you build an insulated exterior door,  it is quite possible to build a door with a u-value of  0.5.

Interior Doors

If a door is facing the outside, it will need to offer better insulation than an interior door, which may not need any insulation. How to build an insulated exterior door requires you knowing about the differences between interior and exterior doors.

You need to know that interior doors do not necessarily require insulation.  Your interior door may be  solid wood, solid-core and hollow core doors. Probably the most commonly used interior doors are panel doors – in different configurations of 2 to 8 panels. The panels can be raised or flat. You also get French doors or Flush doors.

Door Jamb

Doors are more complicated than they look, and how to build an insulated exterior door will include the door jamb. The  door jamb is made up of the posts sitting on either side of the door. They form the vertical portion of the frame. Essentially, the jamb is a part of the frame, bearing the weight of the door and keeping it stable.

Door Hinges

There are all kinds of hardware fittings just to make sure a door works the way it should whether residential or commercial. These hinges can be a part of a door that is invisible to the eyes, although most people try to coordinate the hinges with the handles.

There are different types of door hinges – spring hinges, barrel hinges, strap hinges, radius hinges and a host of others to fit all door sizes. They are mechanical bearing devices that allow the door to rotate from a fixed axis.

Home Depot Exterior Doors

If you want to know how to build an insulated exterior door, you can get all the necessary parts at  Home Depot. If you do not want the schlep of building the door yourself you can buy a door, whether interior or exterior.

It is not only a hardware store, as they also provide a lot of building materials, outdoor furniture, tools and appliances. When you want to shop for something particular, such as exterior doors and hardware, you can check Home Depot store out. When you visit Home Depot you get plenty of exterior door options, from the actual doors to door accessories such as paint and stain to tools – and all from top brands.

Home Depot offers plenty of doors and frames for residential and commercial consumers. They come from manufacturers offering energy-efficient products. If you want to know how to build an insulated exterior door, you can find everything you need from Home Depot who also offer convenient shipping services.

Interior Doors Home Depot

If you are looking for stylish interior doors that are well-priced, Home Depot has them. In fact, if you want to know how to build an insulated exterior door, you get everything you need –  they have the range, the brands, and the quantities for you. You can conveniently shop online and get your orders delivered. You can shop for interior doors and interior door accessories from Home Depot. Whether you want Flush- or Panel doors, you will find them. you will also find Hollow-core flush doors, another cheaper version of the flush door.

Home Depot Front Doors

A front door is one of the most important exterior doors you have, and how to build an insulated exterior door like this is made that much easier at Home Depot. They have front doors of every style as well as beautiful accessories and hardware to personalize it perfectly. Take your pick from handles in different looks and materials, hinges that can take all kinds of strain, glazing, locks, door knockers, security accessories and even letterboxes.

Prehung Interior Doors

When you want to replace an old interior door, it is a wise move to choose a prehung interior door unit. Prehung doors simplify your installation. How to build an insulated exterior door is much the same as prehung interior doors. This is because both require you needing to be certain that the doors and all accessories are correctly ordered to fit the opening. Hardware stores have certain styles and common sizes in stock. You can order pre-hung doors with the frame already attached to a slab.

Interior Doors with Glass

The type of interior door you choose certainly has an impact on your interiors. If you are looking to open up your place to allow more light in, then interior doors with glass are a great choice. One consideration when installing these glass doors is that you want to be sure of safety. Therefore the glass doors should be made of tempered or toughened glass.

You get frameless doors too that look stylish, modern and trendy and you get a wonderful lot of light and space with these types of interior doors. Depending on the glass thickness they can also provide significant noise reduction. They are perfect for making small rooms appear larger and for businesses to include their company logo on.

Shed Doors

Shed doors are exterior doors that take a beating from all kinds of weather so they may need replacing quicker than you thought.  You may want to know how to build an insulated exterior door or maybe you just want a regular shed door.  You get options when choosing shed doors,  from hinged doors to sliding doors to bifold doors.

Your choice of any door, whether interior or exterior will depend on how you intend using your shed. You will also want to look at strong, robust hardware that stands up well to the weather and which keeps intruders out.

Exterior Wood Doors

it is tricky knowing which material to use for exterior doors. Wood always looks good but how to build an insulated exterior door with wood, especially when you are concerned with the efficiencies of the different types of doors. Timber is thought to have a relatively poor thermal efficiency.

An insulated exterior door is about 1.7 sq m in area and a solid hardwood door with a U-value of 3.0 will emit 115W. Exterior doors always need to be obstacles for intruders but also look good. These wood exterior doors fit the bill in terms of having good thermal insulation qualities, but just one drawback is that they are not resilient with extreme weather conditions. There are technologically advanced preservative products these days that protect exterior wood doors. Manufacturers these days also use steel stabilizers to strengthen wooden doors.

Exterior Steel Doors

Exterior steel doors are both beautiful and powerful, providing a lot of security. They are robust and powerful and they do not succumb to weather conditions the way wood does. They are thick and energy-efficient and while steel is not always the most insulating material, there is actually a thermal break between the steel layers. How to build an insulated exterior door made of steel requires you knowing where to get all the parts as in terms of insulation, these doors have insulated foam with a steel panel on the side.

Cabinet Door Hinges

When it comes to cabinet door hinges, their style is important There are 2 types of cabinets – face frame and frameless cabinets. Cabinets can be attractive and in some instances, you want to add style, particularly if the hinges are to be visible. Then again, with other cabinets, visible detail of the hinges would be totally unattractive and take away from the desired effect. You have got options – there are many hinges for cabinets – concealed hinges, semi-concealed hinges and exposed hinges. A cabinet will likely require two hinges.

Exterior Double Doors

Exterior double doors are certainly attractive. They are doors that have two  independently opening leaves. French doors or double doors – they are essentially one and the same. You will often see these double doors in hotels, restaurants and in large residential properties where they open up onto patios.

If you want to know how to build an insulated exterior door, you will see that these doors, made from wood or aluminum,  often have reinforced safety glass.

Parts of a Door Knob

A doorknob has 2 handles and these, one on each side of the door, can be locking or non-locking. The locking ones will have a locking mechanism. Knowing how to build an insulated exterior door will also require you getting the parts right, and the average doorknob, being 2.25 inches in diameter is made up of the shank, spindle and the knob rose.

These days, hardware for doors, especially the door knobs, are made to look beautiful, and while that is important, a doorknob has to be functional too. Designers and manufacturers of these door knobs, make use of computer-aided design software. They make sure that the shape, size and looks are both trendy and functional on each of your exterior doors.


Saving should be on everyone’s minds as financially, things would not be getting any easier in the future. Many people convert their garages into home offices or extra rooms to rent out. Then you want insulated exterior doors so that you can ensure they are comfortable in the summer and winter for whatever their purpose is.

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