Civilizations around the world make use of stone, and from ancient times to modern times, the layer of the earth has many stone varieties.

Masonry buildings have existed since the Middle Ages. As early as the 11th century, the first churches were built of natural stone, while brick made its entrance as a building material in the 13th century

Stones have been used to cover the houses since the humans have sought refuge from the bad weather outside. Nature continues to produce stone materials that are very useful as well as beautiful to decorate the facade of our houses.

There is a uniqueness to all the different stones there are so one wonders why anyone would want to know how to change exterior stone color when there are already so many varieties, however, some stone becomes faded and weathered.

How to change exterior stone color can be done with painting or concrete staining where color is added to stone as well as fake stone or stone-like materials through the means of an acid wash. Here we talk about in more detail.

how to change exterior stone color

Weathering causes the stone to change color

Once brick and stone are in place they are solid and inflexible. However, over time, the brick and stone start to weather, and the stone changes color somewhat. If a person wanted to expand, later on, it can become difficult to match the appearance.

If you want to brighten the exterior appearance of your stone house, it can be as simple as just painting it. There is masonry paint that is able to easily bond with stone and mortar and it also keeps moisture out.

Before you start painting, clean the rock facade properly. The dirt won’t allow the paint to bond properly so the stone will need to be washed. Most people make light of the task by using a pressure washer.

You can also try to scrub the facade with non-residue cleaner before rinsing with a pressure washer. Just always be careful with a pressure washer as it can be so powerful that it actually dislodges pieces of stone and mortar.

Prep your stone for painting or staining

Painting a faded or outdated-looking stone wall can certainly modernize your place and give it a facelift without having to do anything major. As always, how to change exterior stone color will require you first prepping the surface.

A coarse type of wire brush can be used to gently scrub the surface of the stone. This loosens all the dirt that will hinder your paint job.

Once the stone has been washed and dried, a good idea is to prime the stone as this helps the paint to stick to the masonry. It is a wise move to choose a primer specially designed for masonry. The primer must be allowed to dry before painting.

When updating the look of your house, unless you are super rich you won’t be using gemstones in any of your living spaces.

There are many types of stones available that are used in building projects such as marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, slate, basalt, and others. All the stones used in building projects are hard and tough and free from any kind of defects. These stones for construction purposes come from being quarried from solid rock.

With building stone, the natural colors are brown, tan, white, grey, bluish, black, and pinkish. Changing the color of natural stone like this may well require expertise, especially if you want to preserve the stone’s natural beauty.

How to change exterior stone color will also depend on the stone you have. Limestone, a sedimentary rock formed of alkaline calcites for instance can be stained easily because it is porous and it absorbs the stain easier.

How to change exterior stone color to your liking

When homeowners use stone in their homes, they discover a limitless variety because nature gives us a host of different colors. The different kinds of stones and colors all present a certain ambiance in a home.

How to change exterior stone color is important because the color of the stone can be somber or it can be bright and cheerful. Most people these days opt for lighter stone shades, and bold, dark stones can be tricky for people wondering how to bring about lighter shades in natural stone.

Colors always play an important role in setting a mood, whether interior or exterior colors and always when natural stone is involved. Homeowners need to know how to change exterior stone color because they may want to match their roof to their stone walls.

Because stone is a natural product, it will likely contain many colors. It is possible to adapt and change colors for any wall or floor from the colors you find in the stone. So in effect, it is the stone that becomes the focal point of a floor or wall.

Matching your roof color to your stone walls

Once you have chosen your stone, imagine what colors will look best on the walls. Keep in mind that, when trying to choose a color shade to match your stone, as mentioned, natural stone always contains different colors. By considering the roof and the walls, you can come up with a plan to make them work in harmony together. You can choose a paint color you love for a whole new look that reflects your sense of style.

How to change exterior stone color is possible even though natural stone already comes in an endless variety of colors. If you buy a particular property and you love everything about the place except the color of the stone walls, they can be changed.

Maybe the walls are a brown-yellow color that you do not like and you want a more cream shade. Choosing a stone shade that you think is beautiful is possible and you can change the look of the place you already love. These stone wall paints are compatible with almost all exterior surfaces, including stone.

The paints dry to a smooth weather resistant finish and some come with Microseal technology that ensures no mold development as well.

Once you have chosen a color you can also use a natural stone sealer that is easy to apply and that is also weather-resistant to ensure the stone does not peel or crack.

Staining should be done by experts

If you do not have a clue about stone and how to change exterior stone color with the stain as an example, it should be done by experts who will know how to expertly change the color while preserving the natural appearance.

Many people do not like the color of the natural stone they have and experts are able to change the color of mortar to the exact color you want.

Brightening up the look of a stone house facade is literally as simple as just staining or painting it. The masonry paint bonds with the stone and a weather-resistant layer are formed to seal out moisture.

But how to change exterior stone color requires knowing which masonry paint is the best. For instance, if you live on the coast, you are not likely to choose masonry paint that does not have waterproofing qualities.  When choosing a paint for stone, check out the specifications for your needs.

Awesome garden decorations with stone and paint

People may be inclined to think that stone or rocks are only associated with homes and buildings, but did you know that you can paint stone to make the most awesome garden decorations? There are lots of wonderful paints that are perfect for stone painting to liven up your garden.

how to change exterior stone color

The rewards of craftsmanship

Even if you have artificial- or synthetic rockwork around your swimming pool, there is paint that can be used to replicate the natural color of rocks once rocks have faded because of weathering and chemicals.

Rock painting is a brilliant art and anyone can bring a whole lot of life and interest into a garden, and even with artificial stones.

Painting stones and rocks for gardens is easy but you will require some specialty supplies. Apart from the paints in different colors, you will need to choose paints that have been designed for outdoor use and possibly a clear acrylic or varnish to protect the stones.

Color changing gemstones

How to change exterior stone color does not really apply in the same way to gemstones, and in fact, you will find that there are actually color-changing gemstones under different lighting sources. Look at the garnet as an example. These color-changing garnets change color according to the type of light they are viewed in.

Cultured Stone

Nearly all stones can be stained using an acid stain. These acid stains are able to penetrate different surfaces. You always have to clean the stone. There is trisodium phosphate that is mixed with water and you use a scrub brush.

Natural limestone’s color ranges from white, grey, and yellow to beige, cream, and blue. Painting limestone can give it a bright, new look but preparation is important prior to painting.

Natural stone is always a wonderful choice around the garden in terms of cobblestone pathways for instance. But when natural stone is not economical or even compatible for a particular project, you can choose cultured stone.

It is available in lots of styles, because essentially it is made of concrete, and cultured stone is alterable, using stains made especially for concrete or masonry.

You will need to strip sealer from the concrete to be re-colored and lay a coat of low-toxicity, gel stripper on all surfaces of the cultured stone, making use of a paintbrush. Let the stripper remain on the stone for a few hours and then brush away the residue with a scrub brush.

Remove the remaining residue while washing the cultured stone with fresh water. Coat all surfaces with a concrete etching solution that is biodegradable and let the solution stay on for half an hour.

Scrub the stone with a special scrub-brush. You can neutralize the etching solution by washing with a neutralizing concrete cleaner.

Allow the cultured stone to fully dry. Stir the concrete stain and apply it to all surfaces making use of a paintbrush. Allow the stain to dry for about an hour and apply a second coat. Paint the dry cultured stone with a coat of concrete sealer.

Porous stone absorbs color easily

To upgrade your home, you may be wondering how to change exterior stone color after looking at your faded, tired-looking stone color on your patio. How do you bring about a new color? It can be achieved by staining the stone.

how to change exterior stone color

There are some stones that are better for staining than others as they are porous, absorbing the stain easier. However, most stones can be stained and you get these acid stains that can penetrate masonry surfaces.

When working with stains, put on protective gear such as gloves and a face mask. You will need to clean the stone first, making use of a scrub brush. Tridosium is a potent cleaner particularly used in masonry work.

Once you have done that, allow the stone to dry thoroughly. The aid stain you are going to used can be put into a plastic spray bottle for you to spray your stone patio. You can use a paintbrush to help with working the stain into the stone.

If you want to know how to change exterior stone color into a darker shade even, simply apply a second coat of stain.

How to change exterior stone color is possible. The main thing about color is that you do not have to be artistic to use it successfully with all the modern stone exterior stains and paints available today. Using color is the most effective way to change or revive a surface and you can color stone more brighter and beautiful with some stunning results.

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