Imagine having a special room in your home where you go to heal your soul, body, and mind. It would be a room devoted to your emotional well-being. A peaceful and tranquil room that allows you to connect with your inner-self and escape the stresses of daily life. Fortunately, you can create such a meditation room in your home.

Your home should be a place of calm and relaxation. Making it lovely and colorful should be a priority. Since it is a place you will always go back to, creating a stress-free environment when you get back from your daily endeavors can be helpful.

However, as much as your home might be your relaxation hub, you might need extra space just for you. Your meditation room can come in quite handy. It can be in the form of a special corner that no other family member knows about. Think of it as your special space within your space at home.

Tips for Designing a Meditation Room at Home

When creating your home meditation space, you should consider certain factors that will help improve your meditation practice. They include a thoughtful design pattern, comfy surroundings, and other small characteristics that will help create a feeling of zen. Some tips to help you create the perfect meditation room include:

Choose the Right Space or Room

The first thing you need to do is choose a space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. When you walk into the room, it should make you want to smile. It should also be a quiet room with limited disturbance or traffic. You also need to pay attention to the room’s lighting. A room with natural lighting will help you feel focused, grounded, awake, and good. It will also improve your mood, which is important while meditating.

Keep the Meditation Room Uncluttered and Clean

When it comes to creating the perfect meditation room, less is often more. The room should feel clean, bright, and light. A cluttered room, on the other hand, will make your mind feel more cluttered as well. Keep distractions such as the television, computer, and smartphone out of the room. After all, the main aim of meditation is to promote rest and take a break. Therefore, you want a no-frills, minimal, relaxing, and quiet room that will instantly calm you the moment you step into it.

Customize Your Space

This does not mean turning your room into a man cave. It is not spiritual or religious either. It is about associating your meditation area with calmness, stillness, reflection, and a moment for yourself. Make it so that your family knows what the meditation room is all about. Customize the space to your liking and needs with meditation pillows, mats for yoga and/or stretching, and candles or incense that promote harmony. Design the room with calming colors; painting a wall or two can go a long way to creating the right feel.

Make It Homey

Ensure your meditation space is a reflection of you. Although all you need in meditation is your mind and body, ambiance plays a key role too. Bring in things that compliment you in your life to aid in relaxation and self-realization. You could furnish the meditation room with your favorite blanket, a doll, white noise machine, among others. This helps you keep in touch with your inner being during meditation.

It is important to vent or channel your feelings to achieve calmness and balance in your life. Make sure that the space is comfy and cozy using soft cushions and plants that will purify the air.

As more states legalize medical cannabis, some who practice meditation like to do so with medical cannabis products. For example, a Michigan medical marijuana card would allow you to purchase medical cannabis legally from a dispensary. To apply to the state’s medical cannabis program, you’ll need to see a Michigan medical marijuana doctor. If approved, you can use the doctor’s certification in your application. Either way, a home meditation room can be a place of refuge from the outer world.

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