When you choose a fence, it should fit well with the house. The most common variants are net fence, wooden fence, and wrought iron fence. The choice of material also depends on the conditions you have where you live. In this article, we would talk about post and rail fencing.

Post and rail fencing is as popular as ever, especially in rural parts where it is a super desirable traditional look and where this type of fence can be used as an animal enclosure, a border fence, or as a divider.

Post And Rail Fencing- A Non-Private Open-Type Fence

A non-private open-type fence

Possibly the biggest attraction with post and rail fencing is that it is an open-type fence – you can see clearly through it. Post and rail fencing is nearly always sought after for farms and industrial properties. Post and rail fencing is an excellent choice, making use of perpendicular posts and horizontal railings.

If you particularly need a privacy fence, then post and rail fencing might not be the best choice, although nothing is set in stone with the way these fences are created. They are essentially made up of posts with 2, 3, or 4 rails but they can be adapted to suit the requirements of people.

Fences for a property can be constructed from lots of materials. Garden fences are made of various materials or they can be made of a combination of materials, such as wood, steel, wood, and steel or wood with wire or recycled pallets. Some people like the idea of a traditional hedge. Other than that, wood is always one of the most popular materials.

Know What You Are Allowed In Terms Of Fencing

When you are thinking of installing a fence for your property, you need to know exactly where your property line is so that you do not do anything on a property that is not yours.

Before deciding on what kind of fencing is right for your property. You could contact a building inspector in your area if you are wanting a fence in your neighborhood that may have to comply with certain rules, regulations, and codes. You should also contact your local building inspector, homeowner’s association, and utility companies to ensure you have the proper paperwork in place and that you are safe to dig holes for your fence posts.

You want to check your local regulations surrounding fence building in your area. You do not want to install a fence and then discover that you have to pull the thing down again.

So, establish how far your fence must be from the road, what its maximum height can be and what zoning restrictions exist. Of course, if you are not sure where your property line is located, you can always have a site survey done.

Post And Rail Fences Are An Easy Installation

Building a post and rail fence can be done over the weekend, being made a lot easier with the help of a second person and if your materials have been bought ahead of time.

These post and rail fences are often referred to as farm- or agricultural fences. They are created essentially to protect livestock from animals as well as human trespassers. This is when other kinds of metal or wire are used to make the fence more of a deterrent.

The most common material used for these fences is wood, but vinyl is also a popular material choice. These kinds of fences are usually about 4 feet in height and come in various forms, of which the post and rail are one of the most popular choices.

These rail and post fences are the most common type used for farming and are a cost-effective choice even when you choose a good solid timber type. They are quick to install and also particularly easy to fix.

You can say that the most difficult part of the job is going to be the digging of the holes for the posts, more so if you are on rocky ground. The reason why you may find it easier with a second person to help you is that you will need to measure and record the distance of your fence.

From the figure that you come up with, you will be buying your posts and rails. Once you have your entire area measured and have a list of materials you will need then it is a case of buying your fencing products.

There Is A Variety With Post And Rail Fences

split rail fence tractor supply

When you start looking at this post and rail fencing, you quickly discover that most people like to create these fences with posts and 3 rails, but of course, there are lots of variations. Some people want 4, 5, or 6 rails rather to give their property more protection and more privacy.

You may believe that this kind of fencing is the most affordable for you and yet it can turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. This is because it can be made out of solid timber.

Does not matter what timber you settle on, it will need to be treated to protect it and ensure that it lasts for a long time. extend its life. Then again, if you have small animals that you are concerned about, you will need some kind of wire mesh type fencing behind your post and rail fencing.

If you want to know how to create post and rail fencing, particularly to enclose pets or livestock, you may need to put your rails a little closer together to prevent any animals from trying to squeeze through. You have to remember that the style of the post and rail fencing is not about privacy, as the fencing style is too open.

Most times it is made of wood but that’s the other drawcard with post and rail fencing – it can be made of other materials too such as metal. People who choose this type of fencing love that it is attractive to look at but also durable.

The fencing is able to blend into all kinds of properties. These kinds of fences play an important role in the exterior design of a property but are also capable of providing it with some kind of protection from stray animals.

These post and rail fences are also affordable and sturdy fencing solutions and they can be used with wire mesh for extra security and protection.

Wood Post And Rail Fence

Used Split Rail Fence For Sale

A wood post and rail fence make for an appealing boundary to any property. It is important to note that the material you choose for your fence should be carefully considered. What kind of weather does your area experience?

Vinyl, metal, and composite are materials to consider for fencing but essentially you want to consider the climate of the area you live in. Composite planks, vinyl, and metal options do not have issues really with the weather, but wood does.

If you want to go with a wood rail and post fence, then you may want to look at some of the harder wood species such as cedar as it is a wood that resists warping.

Even though they have large gaps between the rails and posts, they can be made far more secure by adding wire mesh. A post and rail fence with wire is no longer technically a true post and rail fence but it is a stronger alternative.

It is still a split rail type of fence but also a post and rail fence with wire, keeping even the smallest animal in or out as the need arises. Whether you need to keep animals in or out, a post and rail fence with wire can still be an attractive alternative to the traditional split rail fence.

With a few fencing techniques, post and rail fencing is easy to install but even so, you need to be a little bit clued up on how to do it successfully. For instance, you want to use high-quality fencing products that will last you for many years or decades.

On the Internet, you will find lots of tips and advice on how to create post and rail fencing. If you follow the installation instructions, you will discover that they guide you on proper timber post installations with proper drainage at the base of the post to avoid rot.

How big is your property? You will need the correct number of posts, rails, corner posts, and fixings.

Tools required to put together post and rail fencing –

  • Spade
  • Tape measure
  • Post driver
  • Post level
  • Post rammer
  • Claw hammer
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • String line
  • Maul
  • Fence posts, rails, and corner posts
  • Marker pegs
  • Weak concrete mix

All of these materials and lumber can be bought at your local hardware store and lumber yard.

Carefully measure out where you want the fence to go and decide where the ends will be, where the corner posts will be placed, and mark this area out with the pegs.

A wood post and rail fence is the most popular of all and can be easily installed. It is essentially a case of –

  • Clearing your installation area of rocks and bushes and then leveling the site.
  • Deciding on the ends and the corner positions.
  • Maring the area with pegs and establishing changes of direction as well.
  • Putting in the first post to establish the line for the first length of the fence. Also, put in the last post to be used as sighting posts.
  • Digging the hole for the first post. Place the first post in the hole. You have to decide how deep you want the pole to go in to suit the height and style of the fence.

Remember, that if the ground is soft, you may want to set the posts in a weak concrete mix.

You can choose from lots of different wood post and rail fence styles including linear post-and-rail as well as lots of other patterns. Most people love a round post and rail fence.

This kind of wood fencing is made with round wooden rails. It is similar to split rail fencing, but the fence is made of round rails that are smooth on all sides. The posts that support the rails are also round.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a round post and rail fence is that it is so safe. Nobody climbing onto the fence or through it will encounter any sharp parts. You can safely say that one of the important considerations when looking at a round post and rail fence is improved safety.

Sharp wooden parts and barbed wire can put your animals in danger. With wood round rail fencing, you do not have to be concerned about injuries to your animals.

What Wood Will You Use?

Fence Contractor

You can also stain the wood. The height and size of your wood fence will impact its price. The quality of your fence will also depend on the kind of wood you choose. It depends on where you buy your post and rail fencing products as some of the posts and rails will be pressure treated against rot and insect damage.

Many people are able to tackle a fencing project like this with ease, more so with the online tips and guides you get. However, if you do think that such a fencing project is beyond your realm, there are many fencing experts around who will gladly do the job for you.

Once your fence is installed, then if you want you can paint the fence to reduce the effects of weathering on the timber.

True, fences are always chosen because of their unusual looks for decorative purposes but the post and rail fencing offers much more and can be a safe, protective fence for you as well. Fencing experts have come up with innovative ways for handymen to create a fence that will look good and stand the test of time.

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