Family time together is important, so it’s essential to have a great living space where you can relax with your loved ones, catch up with the family news and bond. However, a lot of the time, the family living space can end up being bland and boring and no one wants to spend time there. Here are our top tips for making your family room somewhere that you’ll all want to be.

Lots of seating

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If you want people to enjoy their time together, you don’t want them to be crushed up against one another on a tiny sofa. Make sure you have plenty of space for everyone to spread out. Importantly, always have some seating for guests to make the most out of your space with friends and family.

Display good memories

Got some lovely holiday snaps? Pictures from special occasions? Even art or posters that the whole family loves? All of these can help make a living space feel special. You don’t have to settle for one or two frames on the wall either, there are plenty of ingenious picture and poster hanging systems to help you highlight your art or make a feature wall out of your snaps.

Focus on lighting in your family living space

Lighting is important — you don’t want a living space that’s dingy and unpleasant. Of course, you probably don’t want something that’s too bright either. Central ceiling lights are common, but try to make it a bit more interesting with lamps at the edges of the room. This helps make sure that the light can soften the entire room and create a nice mood. It’s also good to ditch the plain white bulbs and opt for warmer colors. You can even look into colored lightbulbs or lighting strips to really make your living space warm or airy, as you prefer. There are plenty of ways to light a room for a better atmosphere.

Don’t just focus on your living space while decorating your place with the lights. Focus on the other places of your house such as the garage to make sure it’s perfectly lit.

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Have lots of storage

Living room spaces are meant to be used and you’ll quickly find that everyone has different ideas on how, which really adds to the clutter. Toys for younger kids, electronic devices for older kids, craft projects, books, magazines — all of it adds up. The way around this is to make sure there’s plenty of storage in the room. Make sure that everyone has somewhere to clear away their mess without having to pack it away in their bedrooms and you’ll find that everyone feels more at home. Luckily, there are lots of storage ideas to inspire you to keep your room neat and tidy.

Be flexible

Life never moves in straight lines and your living space will reflect this. Whether it’s a friend needing somewhere to sleep for the night or a late-night pizza party your kids have planned, there’s always something that will change up the usual household routine. Your living space should be flexible enough to handle this. Sofa beds are great for unexpected guests and having a decent-sized table can help if you need to sit down and figure out holiday plans.

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Ultimately, your family living space needs to reflect who you are and how you live. The most important thing to remember is to leave your mark on the space you spend time in, with colour schemes and materials that suit your tastes. There are some things you can do to make your family living space good for whatever comes your way, including having family photos on display and making sure you’ve got plenty of space to hold all the odds and ends of daily life.

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