The word ‘outbuilding’ refers to any structure that has been added to the exterior of a home or garden. Perfect outbuildings can range from simple garden sheds or garages to much more ambitious additions like offices for work and study or gaming rooms.

They can be created as extensions to the main home or as free standing structures in a front or back garden. Outbuildings are becoming extremely popular among homeowners because, if well designed and built, they can increase the value of a property.

So how can you ensure that you create a perfect outbuilding that adds rather than subtracts value? Have a look below to learn the things to do.

Key things to consider


  • Decide what you want it to be

The first step in preparing for a perfect outbuilding is working out exactly what you want it for. After all, if you are planning an office or games room, it will need to be a lot bigger than a shed.

A space of that sort will also need to be properly furnished and equipped with amenities like electricity. This brings us to the next point to consider.

  • Ensure you have any necessary permits

Before you can build anything, you will need to make sure that you have the necessary planning permission and permits. These can vary depending on what state you live in and can take quite a lot of time to come through.

Depending on the scale of your planned outbuilding, permits may not be needed though. In some states, small structures that will not involve installing plumbing or electrics – for example garden sheds – are classed as ‘permitted developments’ and do not require any planning approval.

  • The construction process

Once you reach this stage, you will have to decide if you want something pre-built or a bespoke design. For outbuildings like sheds and garages, a pre-built steel structure will provide a cost-effective and hard-wearing solution and many companies also offer customized designs.

an outbuilding

If you want to have your outbuilding constructed from scratch, the cost will vary depending on its size and how detailed the design is. The best bet will be to get quotes from different construction firms before hiring anyone.

The benefits that a perfect outbuilding can offer

Adding a good-looking outbuilding can be a real advantage. Here are some of the main benefits that it will bring.

  • Increasing the property value

High quality and useful amenities will always add to the value of a property. Most potential buyers will be able to see the benefits of having a separate office space or study close to the home, or a gaming room or indoor pool for rest and relaxation purposes.

  • Freeing up space

A family home can quickly become a very crowded and cluttered space. Adding a perfect outbuilding to the garden that can be used for work or for storing excess items will free up space within the main home, making it more pleasant to live in and easier to keep clean.

The Outbuilding

  • Providing space for creativity

Finding the room to pursue creative ambitions within the primary home can be difficult unless you are lucky enough to live on a large property. However, space of this sort can be yours if you add a perfect outbuilding as an extension or garden room.

It could be turned into a studio for arts and crafts or a darkroom for developing pictures if photography happens to be more your kind of thing. Having a place to create will be a great way of releasing the stresses of everyday life.

Alternatively, it can be built as a place for playing games like pool, or poker if that is what you prefer. The sky is the limit when it comes to perfect outbuilding options.

A well-chosen outbuilding will make your home more valuable and will also make it nicer to live in.

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