Texas was first a province of Spain and Mexico, but once European settlers arrived, it became known as Smith County. The country is situated in northeastern Texas, with Tyler being the largest town.

The climate is comfortably warm and moist and many families and young professionals opt to live in Smith County, attracted by the high quality of life.

Houses for sale in Smith County TX and which are advertised on reputable property listing sites are updated so that buyers and sellers can see the most current content.

You will find colorful photographs, floor plans, virtual tours and information and advice of every new home. These sites have new home listings, vacant land and commercial property to ensure your property shopping is always easy-peasy and enjoyable.

Tyler Texas Real Estate Market

Tyler is the largest city of Smith County and houses for sale in smith county tx can be found in its 12 neighborhoods. It is known as the ‘Rose Capital of America’.

In January, the housing market looked promising for the real estate business, but COVID-19 changed this. Nonetheless, the National Association of Realtors says things are looking to change.

Finding Homes for Sale in Tyler, TX

Tyler has some wonderful residential properties, and houses for sale in Smith County TX are fun to search for and explore online.

When it comes to finding homes in Tyler, location and price play a big part as well as acreage – after all a big garden is lovely to look at but it can be a large financial investment keeping it looking lovely.

Find Land for Sale in East Texas

You can find land for sale in east Texas but you have to be quick because with COVID-19, people are looking to move away from over-populated areas, They are snapping up open land. The National Association of Realtors said that people are investing in East Texas land. They have seen increases in unit land sales in Tyler and Longview.

Zillow Tyler, TX

Zillow, the online real estate database company, has more than 144 000 Texas Real Estate & Homes For Sale listed. The median home value of single family homes and condos is roughly $215,658 in Texas. Homes have gone up 3.7% over the past year and it is expected that they will go up by 4.5% within the next year.

How to Find Land for Sale in Tyler, TX

With the coronavirus, online property sites are a great way to find a property without leaving your home. Zillow.com is one of these online market places, while Loonet.com, Landwatch.com, Trulia.com, LandandFarm.com and Realtor.com are others.

They all offer houses for sale in Smith County TX as well as vacant land and agricultural properties.

Homes for Sale Whitehouse, TX

Whitehouse is a city found in Texas. If you want to find your ideal home in the city, you can research home values and market trends on the Internet and find out what schools are in the area.

On Realtor.com there are listings of houses for sale in Whitehouse. On Realtor.com houses for sale are priced roughly between $33K and $100K. In September 2020, homes in Whitehouse were going for roughly $250 000.

Homes for Sale Flint, TX

Flint is a city in Texas with 3 neighborhoods. Homes for sale are a-plenty and real estate options are available, from houses to townhouses, condominiums, gated communities, golf communities and other options too.

On residential property sites, you will find more than 200 different houses for sale in Flint. You can take your pick from affordable 2- and 3 bedroom listings and homes stay on the market for only about 48 days.

Prices of homes go between $3.9K to $4.0M.

Homes for Sale by Owner Tyler, TX

With houses for sale in Smith County TX, people want to sell their homes themselves to save on estate agent fees. Real estate agents can take a hefty commission in the region of 5% to 6% of the sale price of your home.

If you sell your own house in Tyler, Texas, do your research on recently sold homes in your area to work out an attractive selling price.

Homes for Sale in Smith County Texas

With houses for sale in Smith County TX, the real estate housing websites all offer a lot of information about the homes for sale. Accompanying the information are photos and virtual tours. You can even find homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for less than $100 000 in Smith County.

Cheap Land for Sale in Smith County, TX

There is about 5,000 acres of undeveloped land for sale in Smith County, with the average price of undeveloped acreage for sale in Smith County being roughly $193, 000. Uses for the land include, among other, residential use.

Find Homes with Acreage for Aale in Tyler, TX

There are land specialists in Tyler Texas as well as further afield who have extended knowledge on houses for sale in Smith County TX with acreage. Homes with acreage can have sprawling ranch homes on them.

You can find country properties for sale, waterfront properties, rural properties or properties with particularly large gardens. They are always away from busy metropolitan areas.

New Homes for Sale in Tyler Texas

If you are looking to invest in brand new houses for sale in Smith County TX, you have the wonderful convenience of looking online. Most of the best real estate agencies host listings of new homes for sale. Simply filter your online property searches for new homes by price, area and the number of rooms you would prefer. Each home comes with pictures and details about the home, the property size and price.

 Zillow Smith County TX

Zillow was established in 2006 and headquartered in Seattle. If you are looking for houses for sale in Smith County TX, make use of this leading real estate and rental marketplace. They make it easy for consumers to have access to useful data and knowledge when looking for property in Tyler.

They have a database of millions of homes for sale, to buy and to rent and brand new homes as well as Zestimate home values and other useful information related to owning a home.

Homes with Land for Sale in East Texas

If you do your research you can find some of the most beautiful homes with land for sale in East Texas. Some of it comes with lake frontage to ensure spectacular views. There are plenty of real estate listings in East Texas that come with 10 or 15 acres of land and others much more.

For Sale by Owner East Texas

The main reason people in East Texas look to sell their property privately is that they want to avoid paying those costly agent commissions. Many people manage to do it successfully but for others, it comes with challenges such as the legal pitfalls and not being able to market the property effectively.

For Sale by Owner Bullard, TX

The owners of homes in Bullard know the homes they are selling like the back of their hands. They believe that buyers prefer dealing with them as opposed to agents.

A home is a huge financial asset but these days online property selling websites provide the seller with everything needed to have an excellent process selling their home on their own without the need of an agent.

Cheap Houses for Sale in East Texas

There are costly houses for sale in Smith County TX, but you can also buy cheap houses. Some of them might need a little bit of fixing up, but they can be a ‘great buy. You can find cheap houses that come with a lot of information of East Texas real estate as well as virtual tours and photographs to give you a good idea of what is available.

When looking for cheap houses you can use the filtering functions on the property portal to help you find the property you are interested in.

Cheap Land for Sale in East Texas Zillow

Some people in the East Texas area look for cheap land for sale because they are trying to avoid some of the high property prices. They want to buy vacant land and build a house exactly the way they want it.

Cheap vacant plots listed on Zillow are far cheaper than developed land and you can pay the mortgage off quicker. Also, if you buy cheap land in an area that is popular, you will be able to benefit from appreciation on your investment.

Find Owner Finance Smith County, Texas

Residential mortgages are the most common type of financing for buying houses for sale in Smith County TX. Owner financing is an alternative. This type of financing can help the seller sell faster when they are not able to secure a mortgage.

The home buyer finances the purchase directly through the seller instead of the usual way through the bank. The seller does not hand money to the buyer but extends enough credit to the buyer to cover the purchase price of the home. The buyer signs a promissory note to the seller, laying out the terms of the loan.

Country Homes for Sale Tyler, TX

With COVID-19, people are showing an interest in escaping metropolitan areas where everything is crowded and escaping to the great outdoors. They are looking for country houses for sale in Smith County TX.

Zillow may have 19 country homes for sale in Tyler while Realtor.com might have 12 and another real estate search engine 32, and so on. All these real estate listing websites have property experts who make use of their local knowledge of Tyler, Texas to get you the best results. They make use of sophisticated marketing technologies to ensure a seamless estate agency experience which can ensure you get the desired outcome.

The Brooks Subdivision Tyler, TX

The 2nd World War saw a huge change in housing in America, and returning veterans returning to civilian life needed housing. The high demand for housing required new creative ideas, and William Levitt designed the first subdivision and an opportunity for affordable home ownership.

A subdivision of property is a large piece that has been divided into several that have a house or condominium. Today, The Brooks at Cumberland Park is a subdivision located just off Hwy 69 and every part of the development has been designed with consideration for the natural surroundings.

Homes for Sale in Tyler, TX with Pool

Many people with young families fancy the idea of houses for sale in Smith County TX that have a swimming pool. Owning a home with a pool comes with lots of advantages, especially with those hot Texan summers.

There are plenty of Tyler homes for sale with swimming pools with prices varying significantly. In Texas, everything is bigger and there are homes with enormous swimming pools complete with hot tubs, palm trees, rocks and rivers.

Commercial Property for Sale in Smith County

Apart from houses for sale in Smith County TX, people are also looking for commercial property for sale. This can be warehouses, retail or office. You can get information about the square footage of the commercial property and other related information.

Narrow your search to what you need in terms of different types of commercial property listings which also includes multi-family, industrial, as well as residential income properties.


How to find houses for sale in Smith County TX need not be difficult because there are so many real estate listing sites and they all highlight properties in Smith County Texas as well as featuring commercial properties. Simply by providing access to properties, these sites empower individuals, groups and companies to find new homes and businesses for sale and new opportunities in Texas.

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