Is it that time of year when you’re wondering how to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass? Are you looking for guides on ‘how to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass’ but can’t find the right one? You’ve come to the right place.

Gravel driveways must be properly maintained to prevent grass overgrowth, making the driveway appear untidy and unappealing. Getting rid of the overgrowth might seem difficult, but it really isn’t. Your driveway can look as good as new with just a little effort and attention.

In this article, we will explore the causes of overgrown grass, how to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass, maintenance tips, and answer a few frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

Causes Of Grass Overgrowth On Gravel Driveways

gravel driveway overgrown with grass

Before you decide to tackle the issue of grass overgrowth on your gravel driveway, you need to know what is causing it in the first place.

Here are some of the most common causes of grass overgrowth:

  1. Lack of maintenance and upkeep
  2. Presence of organic matter in the soil underneath the gravel
  3. Poor drainage and water pooling on the driveway
  4. Poor quality gravel
  5. Exposure to sunlight
  6. pH imbalance in the soil

Steps To Fix A Gravel Driveway Overgrown With Grass

gravel driveway overgrown with grass

In this section, we will answer the question “How to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass?” in six simple steps.

Step 1: Clear The Driveway

The first step is to clear the driveway of all debris and vegetation using tools like a rake, leaf blower, or broom. Make sure to remove as much grass and weeds as possible before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Apply Herbicide

Apply herbicide to kill any remaining grass and weeds. Follow the instructions on the label precisely and wear protective clothing. Keep pets and children away from the area until the herbicide has dried, as the chemicals can be harmful.

Step 3: Level The Gravel

Level and compact the gravel on the driveway. First, use tools such as a shovel or rake to level the gravel, then compact it using a compactor or roller.

Step 4: Lay Down Landscape Fabric

Lay down a layer of landscape fabric to prevent weed growth. Landscape fabric is a permeable material that allows water to pass through while preventing weed growth. Cut the fabric to fit your driveway’s size and lay it down over the compacted gravel.

Step 5: Add A Layer Of Gravel

Add a new layer of gravel and compact it thoroughly. To add another layer of gravel, follow the same process as in step 3, making sure to compact it and make it even.

This layer will ensure the landscape fabric remains in place, adding an extra barrier against weed growth.

Step 6: Install An Edging Material

Install an edging material to help prevent grass. Edging materials like metal or plastic strips can help contain the gravel and prevent grass from creeping in from the sides. You can bury the edging material around the perimeter of your driveway or place it on top.

Now that you know how to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass, let’s go over some maintenance tips to help prevent grass overgrowth.

Maintenance Tips To Prevent Grass Overgrowth On Gravel Driveways

gravel driveway overgrown with grass

Once you’ve fixed your driveway, it is essential that you maintain it to prevent overgrowth. Here are a few maintenance tips from experts that you should follow:

  1. Inspect your driveway regularly for any overgrowth signs: Remove any vegetation or debris as soon as you notice it to prevent accumulation.
  2. Improve drainage and address any water pooling issues: If you see water pooling on your driveway, consider adding a drainage system or creating a slope allowing water to flow away from your driveway.
  3. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth: Pre-emergent herbicides target weed seeds before they grow out of control by forming a barrier at the soil level that stops the germination of any new seedlings.

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How Do You Remove Grass From A Gravel Driveway?

You can remove grass from a gravel driveway in several ways, including hand pulling, herbicides, a hoe or shovel, landscape fabric, and other equipment such as a power brush.

What Tool Removes Weeds From Gravel?

You can use several tools to remove weeds from gravel, including hand-weeding tools or mechanical weed removal equipment such as a gravel rake or gravel cleaner.

How Do You Repair A Gravel Driveway After Erosion?

Remove the gravel and debris from the eroded area, then level the soil and add a layer of gravel to fill potholes in the gravel. Level and compact the gravel, and add an edging material to prevent future erosion.


A gravel driveway can make your house look beautiful, but it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Maintaining a gravel driveway can be easy and low-cost but requires effort. Prevention is critical, and investing time and effort to maintain your driveway can save you from costly renovation work.

In this article, we have covered the causes of grass overgrowth, how to fix a gravel driveway overgrown with grass, and discussed some prevention tips to help you maintain your gravel driveway and keep it looking tidy.

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