Selling a house is not an easy task, but it is doable. There are situations in life when you need to sell a house urgently, but it is encumbered (restricted in the disposal of the property) due to some circumstances. What is the owner of the house in this situation, and how to sell a distressed house and not violate the law? The following is a scheme of action.

But even if the bank refuses you, selling the distressed house is still real. To do this, you will need to find an investor who is willing to pay the full cost of the house, even though the house is destroyed or damaged. The company Christian Home Buyers can give you cash for houses. The homeowner will get a fair price for their home.

Algorithm to sell a distressed house

distressed house

For many people, the best option may seem to be to fix the problem with the house before it is sold. To do that, you need to fix the cause that caused the legal penalty and make the property legally “clean. But solving this problem quickly is not always possible. When the house is sold, the obligations under the imposed restrictions are transferred to the buyer (this does not apply to the situation where the house has been seized and it cannot be legally sold). It is not easy to find someone willing to purchase a property with encumbrances.

Many realtors try not to work with distressed houses, fearing the substantial risks and large financial losses. Of course, this business, although it gives a lot of trouble, with skillful organization and quality execution of transactions on such operations, can earn 40-80% per year.

Dealing with distressed real estate

distressed real estate

Extensive experience in conducting transactions with distressed real estate allows specialists at Christian Home Buyers to find the best solutions to complex situations in the organization of the purchase of houses, non-residential premises, and other objects. Often the problems of homeowners are only exacerbated when they turn to real estate agencies with insufficient legal qualifications.

At Christian Home Buyers, we have highly qualified professionals, attorneys, and lawyers with extensive experience. They can handle the most complicated cases, taking into account all the legal issues and finding the best ways to resolve problems. Christian Home Buyers also assists in litigation, helping clients to win in various disputed situations. Offering services to work with the distressed house, the company’s staff will advise the client on a variety of issues.

Christian Home Buyers will help sell or buy a distressed house without legal consequences, if:

  • the property has been seized;
  • there are lawsuits;
  • there are problems with the documents;
  • conducted repurchase of a mortgaged house or auction (negotiating with the banks);
  • the deal with the housing is carried out with registered persons or registered children;
  • the property owner is registered in the hospital;
  • in the house lived or were owners of persons who have disappeared and recognized in court as dead;
  • part of the house is being sold.

A Distressed House


Banks are reluctant to allow the sale of a house under construction after a mortgage has been arranged. Most often, in such cases, the loan is very recent by the standards of this type of banking service, i.e., from a year to 2-3 years. The construction of houses today is rarely delayed for long periods. Attempts to transfer mortgage obligations to a third party in such a short period cause mistrust. Christian Home Buyers Sell Your Home Fast. In any condition and as fast as possible.

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