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Big Spartan girls compete in Pankration. From the series “Boxeo Girls”
Mission impossible?
“…two muscular flexible female bodies
are working like combat machines,
designed to crush everything crossing their path”
(Ana Almeida).Fighting women no longer surprise anyone. Women have taken their strong positions in the boxing rings, tatami, mats and MMA cages. And also among fighting fans. However, persisting traditional concept of a vulnerable women belonging to the weaker sex still exists, which is a source of numerous jokes and satyrical pictures. In the past, men monopolized all combat activities and now they try to mock fighting women who invaded the originally male realm of physical encounters. Everyone sneers to the best of his talent. As a women knowing fighting from the inside and outside, I confirm that o lot of subjects for mocking can be found in the worls of fighting women. The first comes into my head is fighting of well-dressed women which is a quite ridiculous scene. Or imagine two fair-skinned plump boosty girls competing in wrestling. And they do – look at big women in Sumo. Big girls even fight in the cages, in the rings but more often privately. Now, imagine them undressed. Isn’t it funny? In fact, the main sources for the inexhaustible satyre are situtions in which people involved who don’t match their appearances and features. Mission impossible. Like a boxing balerine or a big male wrestler wearing the ballet tutu. That’s what is the favorite source of the irony in the realm of fighting women. The favorite topic of artistic satirists is depicting female breasts ludicrously hypertrophied and involve them into furious fighting along with their owners. Usually such women look separately from their breasts. Actually, tits are nuisance in any contact sports even they are tightly wrapped. How about punches or kicks in the breast? Or even worce – twisting them? Sometimes it happens that tits flatter during a bout… But what about titls like cannonballs?.. As a matter of fact, a busty big assed female wrestler is favorite men’s erotic fantasy. Yes, eroticism of female fighting also causes laughter… Seriousness of some female fighters also inspires parodists. For instance, the saying of female MMA fighter Ana Almeida about women battling in teh cage: “…two muscular flexible female bodies are working like combat machines, designed to crush everything crossing their path. The fighters breathe heavily, drop with fatigue, but continue to attack recklessly and resist desperately. They roll over the floor, having a desire to be on top. They want the outright unconditional victory; each aspires to bring the opponent to complete helplessness or force her to admit defeat. Each seeks to destroy, overturn, and smash the opponent; in the end, to humiliate her. Each wants to celebrate her victory, and dreams about only one thing – to jump for joy, looking down the opponent’s nose and enjoy her helplessness… “. How do you like a babe as a combat machine? The breast can be considered the only woman’s body part which can serve as a combat machine, more correctly, a throwing weapon which is capable to destroy opponents. At that, the breast muct be big like a cannonball. Who can withstand such a military weapon? Not men in any event. OK, once tits have been investigated, let’s imagine various collisions emerging between female rivals who know how to fight. Also men involved in such collisions… Another inexhaustible source of paridies – fighting between a man and a woman in which the man is always look shamefully and ridiculously weak. Or during the close-quarter he turns on and embarassed… And expressive triumphant poses of victors. And male referee attempting to separate female fighers getting out of control… Or vice versa – female referee in the men’s boxing… And a female boxer in the ring who doesn’t forget about restoring her makeup… Young tender girls simulate feats of ancient epic heros… Aren’t all those funny? many, many topics for humor and satire there… 

Lillie LefortFighting Women. Satyrical picturesTO ENLARGE AN IMAGE CLICK ON IT; CLICK ON IT AGAIN TO RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL THUMBNAIL SIZEAll images are reprinted in accordance with the “Fair Use” concept and the international copyright lawAncient warriors run away from a woman with a rolling pin. “Don’t eat from the table!”
Source: Fotostrana
Girls replace pankratiasts
Source: Judith Rafael
Girls replace pankratiasts
Source: Judith Rafael
Contemporary female pankratiasts
Artwork by Marginal0
Girls replace Gerakles and Anteus in their wrestling match
Source: Judith Rafael
Girls replace Gerakles and Anteus in their wrestling match
Artwork XXTT22XX from the resource DeviantArt
Girls replace Gerakles and Anteus in their wrestling match
Artwork by sk701982 from the resource DeviantArt
Bigger abd stronger than Gerakles and Anteus
Artwork by Dr. Edgar Slam
Blowing the balloon to down her to the mat
Artwork by Dr. Edgar Slam
Mission is really impossible!
Artwork by Dr. Edgar Slam
‘Final Bustice’. This is exactly how men are dreaming about imaginary fighting girls: curvy bodies, dollish faces, huge fists and exotic motions of the female body involved in the masculine ferocious game…
Artwork by Edgar Slam
Artwork by Emet Demente
Unimaginable kickboxers
Artwork by Colin Scrod
Picture from Female Single Combat Club
“Achilles’ hill” of a man fighting against a delicious curvy woman
Artwork by Boxeo Girls
That’s how men imagine the truly triumph of a female victor: she must step on the breasts of fallen opponent!
Artwork by Boxeo Girls
“He punched too intensively, so got weakened. 
Artwork by Boxeo Girls
Outright victory by women’s rules.
Artwork by Boxeo Girls
Massive fight in the Delaware university. Sketch from the Police Gazette. End of the 19th century.
Source: Art of Manliness
Domestic Sumo contest.
Artwork by Valentin Druzinin. Source: KP
Dream of a primeval sexist: catfight with striptease.
Artwork by Jack
Boxing is amusing and feminine!
Artwork by Boxeo Girls
African dance with fists
‘Theater for one spectator’. Each woman in the audience thinks the fight is over HER
“No more men in the village”
Artwork by Lillie Lefort
Men’s dream: busties in a firce fistfight
Artwork by Faustino Perez
Men’s dream: busties catfight
Atalanta wrestles with epic hero Peleus
Artwork by Adam
Victory of the feminine element
Artwork by Adam
Sea Nymphs fighting
Composition by Dmitry Bilyk
Forest Nymphs fighting
Composition by Dmitry Bilyk
River Nymphs fighting
Composition of artworks by Daniel Pascarelli. From the collection of Drew Hammond

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