55 percent of Americans spend one to two hours per week in their garage doing hobbies and other activities.

Sometimes you simply need a little extra space. Renting a room might be beneficial, but it is costly and inconvenient to travel there each time. A detached garage may be the answer in such a situation.

A Separate garage is not just a big storage area. Depending on your needs, there are various detached garage ideas to choose from. Some designs may include home gyms, offices, workshops, pool houses, and living quarters.

They are also available in several sizes. You won’t experience as many constraints with a detached garage since it is a separate construction. Continue reading for the five critical, detached garage ideas to start you off.

1. Black And White Three Car Detached Garage

Roller Garage Door

After building a garage that can accommodate two cars, you may begin thinking of pulling over. However, when it comes to a detached space, aim for better. It’s beneficial, particularly when you don’t have to deal with plumbing, electrical, and insulation difficulties.

A three-door detached garage complements your home nicely. It also goes well with black doors and contrasting white siding. Discover more here about the various detached garage designs on the market.

2. Transitional Two Car Detached Garage Design

When making your detached garage plans, you are at liberty to determine how much space you want. You can settle for a double carport with good lighting if you have many cars. You can also design the garage to blend or contrast with the main house.

3. One Car Detached Garage Ideas

One Car Detached Garage Ideas

You’ll need a safe spot for parking your car, working, or for extra storage. A single-vehicle detached garage might be just what you are looking for. These garages can be constructed to completion for half the price of a two-car garage.

The most incredible detached garage designs don’t necessarily have to be elaborate or extensive.

4. Detached Garage Ideas With Apartment

When building a detached garage, you can take advantage of including a small apartment. Isn’t it true that everybody enjoys a garage makeover? A separate garage with an apartment is a fantastic addition to any property.

It’s convenient if you have visitors or someone staying over for a long time. But first, ensure you’re up to date on your area’s building codes. Adding shutters and homey boxes will give it a cozy atmosphere.

5. Backyard Two Car Detached Garage Design

You can have a detached garage in your backyard. You may not like the garage’s appearance and prefer hiding it at the back. You may have other reasons for having your detached garage at the back.

Yet, you can still make it as attractive as the main house.

Learn Inspiring Detached Garage Ideas Today!

Learn Inspiring Detached Garage Ideas Today

As the name implies, a detached garage is not linked to the house. It’s a self-contained building that can hold things you don’t want in the main house. Different detached garage ideas add a few other benefits.

We hope the ideas mentioned above help you choose the most inspiring design for your detached garage.

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