There was a time when smart homes were the stuff of dreams shown only in movies. Advancement in technology has transformed this dream into a reality as everyone can now avail of a smart home just like the ones showcased in sci-fi movies. If you have been pondering over transforming your house into a smart home whether for energy efficiency, convenience, or becoming more eco-friendly, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to guide you through the process of transforming your house into an environmentally sound and efficient abode.

Keyless Entry

  • Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans

Did you know that you can elevate the efficiency of your ceiling fan to the next level by banking on your home broadband line connection! In stark contrast to a traditional ceiling fan requiring manual interference every time you try to alter the speed, a Wi-Fi ceiling fan banks on Bluetooth or your home broadband. As a result, you can exercise control over the speed, movement, and direction of the fan using your smartphone. The smart fan mimics the operation of a smart thermostat by adapting to the regular patterns of your life so that it can match your schedule over time.

  • Smart Light Bulbs

An incandescent lightbulb uses just 10% of its energy in creating light while the rest is lost on heat. This is why modern millennials are increasingly opting for smart LED light bulbs which can be operated using your smartphone. You can choose to illuminate the light bulbs even remotely at a pre-fixed time every day. The settings of these bulbs can also be controlled from your smartphone for keeping energy use in check.

  • Keyless Entry

Homeowners are not relying on traditional keys for entering into and exiting from their houses. Rather, they are installing keyless entry pads into the doorway so that you can enter and exit using a simple passcode. This system can be accessed directly from the smartphone of the homeowner and relieves him from the hassle of carrying the home keys which are extremely vulnerable to getting lost. Homes operating as short-term rentals are using keyless entry systems as a means of strengthening their safety parameters.

  • Robot Vacuum

We often find it very difficult to clean our floors especially while juggling with home and office single-handedly. A robot vacuum can help maintain the hygiene quotient in such cases as it can clean up every nook and cranny of your home within a short time. You can remotely schedule its operations and on completion, the vacuum plugs itself to the charging port. By simply pressing a button on your smartphone you can return to a clean house on a daily basis.

  • Smart Shades for Smart Home

You can now pre program your blinds and shades to roll up and down whenever you fancy. This can be an ingenious way of exercising control over the sun exposure that is heating and illuminating your home. You can easily maintain the desired temperature level in your house and make your mornings brighter with a simple click of a smartphone button.

revolutionize your home

Final Words

You can easily revolutionize your home by following the tips listed above. These are extremely affordable and can be availed of by all homeowners. You can browse through the buzzing iphone deals for bringing home an iPhone or smartphones from other manufacturers which can infuse a dash of smartness in your home setup. It is also imperative to test the strength of your home broadband system since smart devices increasingly rely on internet connections. If your current internet connection is unable to tackle the load, then you can opt for better plans with faster speeds.

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