Owning a business requires a lot of you.

Not only are you responsible for the past and future success of your company, pleasing your clients, and ensuring that your employees are efficient and happy, but you’re also responsible for your physical space. Having a well-maintained brick and mortar should be as important as anything else at your business, but where do you start?

In this post, we’re going to talk about commercial landscaping and give you some landscaping tips for your business. Appearance isn’t everything, but giving your new customers and passersby a good first impression will help your business grow.

1. Invite People Into Your Business

Invite People Into Your Business

First and foremost, your landscaping should be serving your business, not inhibiting it. Make sure that you aren’t blocking any signage or pathways with large trees or garden beds. There should be clear sightlines all around the building so that people can see what it is and how to approach it.

If you have to, alter the land around your space to fit your needs. To learn more about what this entails, browse here.

Making your landscaping welcoming can be an abstract concept, but think about what type of building you’d want to walk into. Is it drab and depressing or is it lush and colorful? Use lots of flowers and colors to draw people in the door.

2. Outdoor Furniture

For those summer months, or if you live in a warmer climate, all year round, you should have some outdoor furniture for your guests to lounge in while they wait. No matter what line of business you’re in, it’s nice to sit outside and have a chat, whether it’s about car repair or financial advice.

This will also add to that welcoming vibe that you should be looking to introduce into your landscaping.

3. Plant Native Plants

Something a lot of landscapers tend to undervalue is the use of native plants in your space. Most people use exotic plants to make their space look uniquely scenic, but they require a lot more maintenance to look right. This is because they’re fighting a losing battle against climate and other conditions.

You can figure out which plants are native to your area with a quick Google search. Native plants will thrive in your climate and soil, and because of that, look much better with much less work than exotic plants.

4. Overall Maintenance

Simply hiring a landscaper to construct a beautiful entranceway for your business isn’t going to work long-term. You need to be putting work into maintaining your plants and landscaping, whether it’s having an employee take care of it every day or keeping your landscapers on retainer.

Flowers, plants, and grass will all grow uncontrollably or die if you leave them alone. This isn’t appealing for customers and certainly not why you’d invest in landscaping in the first place. Keep an eye on it and it’ll continue to usher people towards your doors.

Take Landscaping Tips to Heart

Take Landscaping Tips to Heart

Take these landscaping tips to heart and we promise, your investment into this side of your business will pay off. It’s not easy to create a welcoming space that is universally appealing, but everyone likes good landscaping.

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