How much lawn should you have? Lawn care services Wake Forest NC tackle laws of every size, from small city gardens to schools, businesses and sports fields.

A good, open lawn is beautiful to look at, but it will need to be cut every week in the rainy season so you want to think carefully about how much lawn you have. You also don’t want to have a lot of trees, shrubs and flower beds cluttering up a lawn as it makes it difficult to mow. You also have to think about grass and the way that there are certain areas where a lawn won’t grow.

The people of Wake Forest enjoy working in their gardens and they enjoy going to a nursery to buy products that enhance their gardens. They enlist lawn care services Wake Forest NC because after attending the Wake Forest Home & Garden Show they want their lawns to look as beautiful as the sample lawns they see at the show. As it is, this particular show has been canceled now because of COVID-19.

Mowing the Loans

Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing lawns these days requires a little more expertise than was once the case. No matter the size of your garden or area to mow, you have to be absolutely sure that the mower blades are sharp because we’ve all seen how blunt blades can rip your grass and make it look ghastly and hacked.

Lawn care services Wake Forest NC always makes use of mowers with the sharpest of blades. Mower shops can do a great job of sharpening the blades for you. Mowing regularly and at a higher height can ensure you have a healthier, attractive lawn.

Certainly, if you have a garden or meadow and there is a sizeable lawn or you possibly have the job of maintaining a sports field, you are going to need an appropriate lawn mower for maintaining the attractive look of the lawn. Riding lawn mowers will be a good investment because you can cut grass of large areas with little time and no effort. A high performance riding lawn mower will be the ultimate choice.

Professional landscapers keep every kind of lawnmower to tackle all the lawns they cover – whether for businesses or for a private home. For the lawn care services Wake Forest NC that they offer, they know how to select the best mower for the cause at hand.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers are popular because they’re able to turn the mower in any direction at any time. They’re excellent on flat lawns with obstacles. Before landscapers invest in such machines, they take into account the size of the lawn.

Lawn Fertilizer

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen as a matter of course. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC know too well that you have to feed a lawn, cut it, tend to it and fertilize it if you want it to look and feel beautiful. There are of course, plenty of benefits to spreading fertilizer across your lawn as every lawn will require nutrients that it doesn’t get on its own.

For a lawn to flourish, it needs nutrients as over time, soil loses some nutrients and these will need to be replaced. Water, sun and good soil are a tonic for a lawn. Fertilizing a lawn is simple these days, especially for large lawns and if you invest in a spreader, the fertilizer can be distributed evenly around the lawn so that you don’t get darker, thicker patches of lawn.

There are differences between organic and chemical fertilizers as well as their effects on lawns, soil and plants. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC have seen that organic fertilizer release nutrients at a slower pace so that the grass gets what it needs without being over-fed. Because of birds and earthworms it is better to use natural lawn fertilizers as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Transforming Your Outdoor Area

Landscaping Design

Landscaping design is all about transforming an outdoor area, and that includes planning an area that includes lawn. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC is all about landscaping that converts an area into something totally beautiful and involves the arrangements of trees, shrubs, ponds, pathways, water features, flower beds, herb gardens and lawns.

Certainly, landscaping design can increase the value of a property. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC is wonderful to have as the landscapers undertake lawn inspections and provide seasonal treatments that include controlling insects, applying organic fertilizers and top soil and checking for weeds as well as discussing any problems you have about your lawn.

Landscape Gardeners

Landscape gardeners love what they do – creating beautiful, relaxing gardens for their clients. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC are nearly always a part of general landscaping services.

The landscapers have all the skills needed to recommend gardens that suit the weather and climate conditions in a particular area. They are full of gardening advice but they don’t insist on certain types of gardens when you have another idea. Landscape gardeners work for individual customers, for private companies, and other clients too. They meet with the client to discuss all their desires for a garden.

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Nothing is set in stone about what a front yard should look like, but of course it needs to be designed in such a way that it brings sheer joy and pleasure to the person living there.

Landscapers aren’t there to tell you what garden design you should follow, but rather to give you ideas about what is best grown there as they have studied what type of plants to better in certain climates.

There are myriads of choices for front yard gardens and you can choose English country gardens ideas, Japanese gardens, a Mediterranean-type garden, a desert garden or something else. Your front garden can be as formal or as wild as you like but always well attended and healthy, whether you want pathways, bridges, ponds, lots of grass or something else.

Landscaping Companies

Landscaping companies aren’t all the same, and it is only the right choice of company that can ensure your garden being landscaped the way you like it. Lawn care services Wake Forest NCare offered by the best landscaping companies that are always accredited – they’re not these fly-by-night companies that don’t have the training or the skills to do a proper job.

They are proper professionals packed with creative skills to design gardens with pathways, water features, garden beds, irrigation systems and even driveways. They’re diverse these landscape companies and while some pursue training in woodland landscapes others specialize in Oriental landscapes or something else.

A landscaping company has lots of skills with local and foreign types of gardening, container gardens, herb gardens and much more. Some of them belong to ‘green’ groups, and you know that they provide gardens and landscaping in keeping with nature.

A landscaping company can be small or large and some of the larger ones even have separate departments such as logistics department or an irrigation department. Some of them offer every service there is, from design to installation to  maintenance, installing the created design based on the specifications of the client. They themselves liaise with other specialists in the field such as professional decking companies, pools, and lighting specialists.

Landscaping Services

You can hire a professional landscaping services company and their services will be different to the next landscaper. Between them all, you can expect a range of different landscaping services, from planning and laying brand new gardens, revamping existing gardens, programs that promote plant health or that protect and feed lawns. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC always include the likes of the installation of irrigation systems, erosion control and drainage, pathways and much more.

Brightview Landscaping

BrightView is a leading commercial landscape company whose focus is on delivering excellent services with every job they take on. There is nothing this skilled team can’t do, from designing wonderful landscapes to developing them in keeping with zoning rules and regulations and with thought to the environment.

They don’t just design and develop wonderful landscapes but they maintain them too, from tree care to fertilizing to weed management and much more. They are even there to help with any time snow and ice threatens to damage your garden.

They’re highly skilled and with Ph.D level research behind them they know how to maintain golf courses to sports fields, and roping this highly specialized team in for your landscaping needs, ensures the cream of the crop landscaping company to meet every commercial landscaping need there is.

Simple Landscaping Ideas

Some people don’t have huge sprawling grounds but they have small gardens that can benefit from simple, effective landscaping ideas. One popular and very simple idea is to invest in a small deck and with a platform deck for instance, there are no steps and no railings – nothing complicated. There are many hardwoods that are excellent for such a deck and which are low maintenance. They will give you ideas about some simple roofing ideas so you can enjoy your deck in all kinds of weather as well as attractive lighting ideas.

Type of  Landscaping Rocks

Landscapers know that rocks are a most beautiful and interesting addition to any garden and they have lots of decorative rocks for the very purpose of landscape design. They’ve got gravel, pebbles, rocks and boulders and a whole lot of unusual ideas to use them, whether it be in a rock garden, for pathways, in gardens, among grasses, beside the pool or for use in walls and other structures.

Gardening Services

If you love the idea of a gorgeous garden but you just don’t seem to ever get enough time to work in it, gardening services can be of tremendous help. Some complexes offer gardening services in the form of a person who mows the lawns and trims the edges once a week while the residents have to take care of tending the flower beds themselves.

Gardening services extend to the communal areas too such as the outside verge, the pool area and the pathways for instance. Some landscapers offer full gardening services while other people open a garden service company and once a week they come to your home and clean up your garden, mowing the lawns and doing some of the more difficult gardening chores.

Free Landscaping Rocks

Lawn care services Wake Forest NC will mow around your rocks and trim around them to make sure your place always looks well cared for. Even if you have managed to get free landscaping rocks from vacant land, from river beds and out in the countryside, however you use these free landscaping rocks in your garden, they will take care to keep the rock area in tip-top condition.

Types of Landscaping

Just look through any gardening magazine or book and you will get a good idea on all the different types of landscaping there are. Lawn care services Wake Forest NC ensures that you can have a beautiful lawn together with the types of landscape options the are available to you. Whatever kind of landscaping there is that appeals to you, you’ll find it as there are literally a wealth of options.


Investing money into landscaping is rewarding, therapeutic and it increases the value of your property. The people of Wake Forest know that lawn care services Wake Forest NC is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the services you get from a landscaping company. Skilled landscapers simply have all the talent and expertise to transform the area around your home or business into something that suits you in terms of beauty and functionality.

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