The world of construction is in the midst of some big changes that you should know about. From residential to business and large-scale construction builders are beginning to rethink their choice of construction materials.

It’s not happening tomorrow but the world of brick, steel, concrete, and wood as building materials of choice may one day be a thing of the past. Construction companies are looking at all kinds of new and innovative construction materials that could be part of your next home.

Why Are Builders Rethinking Traditional Construction Materials?

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Concrete, steel, and wood are strong and have been the backbone of U.S. construction for centuries, and some would say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fair enough but there are some reasons to think about the value of new construction materials.

Concrete is incredibly bad for the environment, it takes a long time to cure, and it cracks over time. Steel degrades eventually, it’s heavy, and making it is an energy-intensive process. Wood can be sustainable, but it absorbs water and it changes its shape based on the weather. These materials are heavy, bulky, and expensive to create and move.

So what are the newest lightweight construction materials that can beat these big three at their own game?

Latest Construction Materials

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In the quest to build the homes and buildings of the future new materials need to be just as strong as concrete and steel but without the massive carbon footprint. Here are a few materials that might fit the bill.

Graphene: This honeycomb-looking layer of carbon atoms has so many uses scientists are playing with it all the time. When it comes to building graphene can be incorporated into existing concrete to make it stronger and reduce its environmental impact.

Graphene is being introduced into all types of materials as a way to create new composite materials that are stronger and lighter than steel and concrete so stay tuned.

Ceramics: No not the kind you made in shop class in high school, and not just the traditional ceramics like bricks and glass. There is a new generation of ceramics that is so light, strong, and long-lasting that there’s very little downside to using them. This new generation of ceramics is of particular interest because they’re heat resistant and lightweight.

Some scientists have worked to create flexible ceramics, and others are using them as the base materials in large-scale 3d printing. So could your home one day be printed out of ceramics by a giant printer? It’s certainly possible.

Flexibility, abundance, strength, and low weight are going to be the buzzwords when it comes to the future of construction materials. And the new generation of ceramics made out of silicon carbide SIC is of particular interest. It’s one of the most interesting polymers being created out there, and it combines great heat resistance with lightweight and strength.

The Future Looks Light

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Generally, these kinds of polymers have been used in things like igniters and thermostats because they’re so good at withstanding heat. But as scientists continue to experiment with lightweight silicon carbide technology, we’re going to see more and more of it show up in our buildings and even our homes.

That’s a good thing because we only have so much earth and using lightweight construction materials is going to help us take care of the one we have. Did you find this article helpful? If so please feel free to dig around our website for more interesting content.

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