Did you know over one in five homes across the States depend on small community septic systems or individual septic systems? If you would like to learn about the benefits of a septic system, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over things to know about owning a septic system.

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1. You Won’t Contaminate the Water Supply

Septic tanks will gather wastewater. Wastewater is the water generated by your washing machine, garbage disposal, or toilet.

It will gather the water from your house and hold it below the yard. Solids will remain in the tank, and the liquids move to a buried drain field.

Solids will sink to the bottom. Septic tanks have to get emptied and maintained so you can avoid issues.

2. Technicians Can Inspect the Tank

Technicians Can Inspect the Tank

Inspection pipes or ports allow cameras inside the tank to make sure things function well.

A manhole is a top port on your septic tank. If necessary, a technician can climb inside.

3. Septic Systems Last With Regular Inspections

Septic systems will need to be maintained and inspected often so you can avoid issues. An inspector will need to check the drainage, ventilation, and pipes and look for leaks or clogs.

Inspections should get done once every few years. Some people will procrastinate and not complete the checks.

4. Septic Systems Interest Homebuyers

As a homeowner, you’ll want to keep detailed information about your septic system for future buyers.

You’ll need to know the specifics of your septic tank if you buy a new home. The size will provide insight into how often you need to drain your system. You should also find out when it was installed, as well.

Septic tanks will need to get replaced every 20 years. Replacing your tank could cost up to 10,000 dollars. This will depend on where your home’s located and the size of the tank.

Let’s take a look at the importance of maintenance.

How Do You Prepare for Maintenance?

How Do You Prepare for Maintenance

A septic tank will need to get drained, maintained, and inspected often. You’ll need to get the sludge pumped out of it and removed every few years.

This could cost hundreds of dollars and depends on the size of your tank. Learn more about sewer cleaner equipment.

Don’t Be Careless About What You Put Down the Drain

Homeowners need to remain vigilant about what they put down their household sinks. Make sure you aren’t putting coffee grounds down the drain.

Coffee grounds aren’t totally water-soluble. When the grounds mix with oil, grease, or butter, you could end up with a clog.

Don’t put cooking oil, grease, or butter down the drain. They will end up coating the pipes and also increasing the risk of clogs.

Considering Owning a Septic System

Considering Owning a Septic System

We hope this guide on why you should own a septic system was helpful. Septic systems will help keep your home safe and clean. Keep up with regular maintenance.

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