Are you getting bored of your landscape design and thinking that you want to change things up a bit? Are you searching for some interesting modern landscape design ideas?

Well, look no more. In this guide below, we share 5 awesome landscape design ideas with you.

1. Go Bee-Friendly

There’s a growing trend nowadays to make the modern home not only friendly to the owners but also other important beings on this planet, such as butterflies and bees. Did you know that bees are important pollinators and were declared the most important living species on Earth recently by the EarthWatch Institute?

90% of the bees’ population has dwindled recently. Without bees, we wouldn’t have any food to eat as plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce. That’s why it’s a great idea to double up your modern landscape to be havens for precious bees.

2. Start Growing Your Own Food

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Another big modern trend in landscape design has to do with increasing sustainability and green efforts as individuals. One great way to do this is by changing your backyard and/or front yard into vegetable gardens.

It’s easy to do and it will yield delicious, fresh, organic food for you, saving you money and saving the Earth. It will also teach you a skill that’s quite lauded in modern society.

3. Think Of Your Entertaining Goals

Are you thinking that you want to get away from the crowds at baseball games and pubs and entertain at home more? That’s where landscape design comes in. You can start thinking about creating a space for your guests to sit and chat with you for hours on end, by creating a living area in your yard.

Put out comfortable chairs, maybe a BBQ, even a refrigerator, and you are ready to become the entertaining hotspot of your neighborhood.

4. Fire Pits for the Modern Home

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There’s nothing like a firepit to bring memories of a long-lost childhood sitting around campfires on scouting or school trips. You can clear out any remaining tree stumps using a stump drill and dig up your backyard to have a firepit installed. Think about all those beautiful star-lit evenings you could potentially spend next to a crackling fire!

5. Use Your Fence as a Trellis

Why leave your fence bare and miserable? There are many gorgeous vining plants that you can thread through your fence and watch them shoot up faster than you imagined possible.

You can also use flowering vines to make your fence a bee-friendly haven. Do not use perennial vines (only annual plants) since the perennial vines can chip off fences and repeating fences can be a pain in the arse.

Modern Landscape Design Is All about Thinking Outside the Box

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That’s the great thing about modern landscape design. If you can imagine it or dream it, you can create it. There’s no need to keep yourself to what others have done and proven.

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