Are you looking for open plan living ideas for your home?

Open plan living has become increasingly popular in the world of interior design in recent years due to its flexibility, functionality, and all-around fabulousness.

That being said, if you want your open plan living space to be as practical as it is pretty, it needs to be well designed and cater to your family’s bespoke needs.

Fortunately, if you are at a loss when it comes to open plan living ideas for your home, this blog will give you some much-needed inspiration.

Living Ideas For Your Family Home

1. Create defined areas with partitions

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Just because you have chosen to have an open-plan living space in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t also create different areas or zones to break up space a bit. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of a column or partition wall. You could even add a handy alcove for a storage solution that is both stylish and space-saving.

For a more cost-effective way to create defined areas in your home, why not invest in a decorative screen?

2. Choose the right sofa

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The right sofa can make the world of difference to your open-plan living space, helping you to create separate living zones and opening up space for entertaining. For maximum versatility, a modular sofa is your best option, as you can create either a U or L-shaped seating arrangement depending on the type of layout and look you want to achieve.

In terms of design, don’t be afraid to pick a bold pattern, especially if the color of the walls is fairly neutral.

3. Be brave with lighting

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If you don’t want your open-plan space to appear cold, you need to be clever with the lighting you choose. From pendant lights over a kitchen island to a chandelier over the dining room table to floor lamps by the couch, you need to ensure that you choose a wide variety of different lighting options if you want to create a feeling of warmth in your home.

Dimmer switches are also a great idea, allowing you to instantly create a more intimate atmosphere when needed.

4. Add a wood-burning stove

As well as looking cold, open plan living spaces are also prone to feeling chilly, so you may want to consider adding an extra source of heat, such as a wood-burning stove. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, a well-placed stove has the ability to transform your open plan living space, acting as a focal feature that your guests won’t be able to help themselves from mentioning.

5. Embrace texture

To create softness and feelings of warmth in a big open-plan space, you should aim to add as many different textures as you can. This could be through the use of cushions, rugs, or even indoor plants that will also help to improve the overall air quality in your home.

Other ways to add texture to space include:

  • Add an accent wall
  • Use wooden accessories
  • Experiment with metal features
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