A little-known fact about awnings: In addition to adding some much-needed shade to your home or business, they also provide UV ray protection of at least 94%. Apart from there being an array of shapes, sizes and styles, there are also a lot of colours to choose from. But does colour really matter?

When choosing the best awnings Melbourne vendors can offer you, it’s important to choose the correct colour for the type of home or business you have. Believe it or not, the colour you select can be the difference between your home looking tacky or stylish. Another little-known fact about awnings is the colour you choose for business use may end up subconsciously attracting customers.

Does Colour Matter?

There are many factors that affect the way we perceive colours. Culture and environment are among them. For instance:

  • In America red and blue are considered to be very powerful colours.
  • In the Netherlands orange is a popular colour.
  • In Australia green and yellow are more prevalent.

When it comes to choosing an awning for the outside of your home or business, do you simply choose your favourite colour? Or is there more to it? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular awning colours and why or why not they’re a good choice.

Few people realise that colours can have an effect on your moods and the choices you make. In general, yellow, red and orange generate warmth. Green and blue hues are typically more soothing.

Here are some in-depth details.


Without realising it, most people associate the colour blue with trust and loyalty. Experts of the meanings and uses of colours agree that the colour blue has proven most successful in customer retention. People feel more comfortable shopping at an establishment where the primary décor or marketing colour is blue. It is also the most popular colour for awnings in both home and commercial settings. White or beige homes are best suited to have blue awnings.


Colour experts suggest choosing contrasting shades of green if you’re leaning towards green awnings. If your building is dark green, choose a lighter shade of awnings to contrast. In general, green attracts people who love the outdoors. In a business setting, green awnings are most effective with nature and outdoor sport type stores.


Usually yellow shades are reminiscent of fun. It’s also a very popular colour used by businesses which sell anything child related, like toy stores. When it comes to homes, yellow complements homes with white exteriors.


Often people choose brown as a colour to add dimension to the exterior of their homes. Dark brown awnings complement homes with a lighter paint colour.


Many businesses make use of orange awnings because it’s another one of those colours that consumers find attractive. It’s a popular choice for budget and DIY stores. It generates the feeling of being affordable and reliable.

Choosing an orange awning for your home though can be tricky. Make sure it’s the right shade to complement your exterior colour. As much as orange can look appealing, the wrong shade can make it look tacky.


It’s common knowledge that red is the colour that creates the most urgency. It’s often called the colour of energy. Even if you don’t know much about the psychology of colour, red makes you feel like you need to get things done. Successful marketers use this tool very effectively in clearance sales. Many take-away food establishments also use a lot of red in their advertising.

When it comes to your awnings, it’s a great choice if you have an outside restaurant. A plus point with the colour red is it looks good on a wide variety of exterior paints. Homes that are painted in shades of white, beige, tan, yellow or grey look stunning with red awnings.


Because pink is commonly associated with calm and nurturing, it’s the popular choice of beauty salons and spas.


Commonly used in businesses in the tech industry, white symbolises honesty and cleanliness. In a home setting it’s ideal on a dark exterior, providing the perfect contrast.

The Impact of Colour on a Business Awning

Colour can be instrumental in sending the right message to potential customers. You want your commercial building accessories to look professional, serve the desired purpose and at the same time be inviting.

It’s important to remember that solid colours make bold statements and are more suited to businesses selling items. Stripes, on the other hand, create a more relaxed atmosphere. These are the types of awning designs you’d use in sit-down coffee shops.


When it comes to choosing the right colour awning for your home or business, it’s important to consider the external paint of the building. Remember that an awning is supposed to complement your home or business. With some careful consideration, you’ll find the right colour to enhance your building’s exterior and make the impact you want!

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