The garage doubles up as a multi-utility space in many households. Some treat it as a storage unit, some treat it as a work area, some use the space available to allow the children to set up their indoor games space. Many garages have seen the first versions of world-famous songs and businesses. Some of the startup founders who head mega corporations swear by the garages in their parents’ homes they began their journeys from. Many might have started off their ventures while using portable Air Conditioners for the garage. One will soon understand why.

When the summers arrive, along with it comes myriad problems. The garage which provided a solution to many a space crunch problem becomes the cause of one of the main problems. The same space which was a safe haven for spending many afternoons and evenings working on your hobbies or interests suddenly turned uninhabitable like the Amazon forests. This is when one searches for a solution to reverse the situation.

There are various reasons for the garage becoming difficult to stay in. The garage which otherwise is a place for a close-knit group activity or individual fiefdom is built in a unique manner. Almost all the garages that one comes across are built on the same principle.

Usually, garages lack insulation. Just because of the way they are built, garages lose the energy that one uses to cool the space. This energy seeps out from under the garage door or through the walls leaving a space that needs some serious cooling. It is suggested that one try an energy efficient air conditioner in such cases.

Since the garages are probably exposed to sunlight from outside more than any other part of the house, it tends to get hot easily. Plus, the area inside a garage is pretty large. One might need to find the perfect garage air conditioner.

Depending on how the garage is built, one needs to determine which air conditioner to procure that will give the best possible cooling for the garage. What one needs would be an air conditioner that is efficient in cooling and effective when it comes to maintaining the cool temperature inside the garage space. The options available are:

Types Of Air Conditioners

Types Of Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners

These are the models which can be placed on an already existing window. If your garage has a window, then you should go for a Window Air Conditioner. These can give you all-around cooling and are pretty affordable. If you do not have a ready window sill, then it will cost you to first create vents and then install such a model.

Through The Wall Air Conditioners

These are usually the kind that looks like window air conditioners; however, they do not need windows. However, as the name suggests you will have to spend extra on creating a hole in the wall and insert a metal sleeve. The advantage of a through-the-wall air conditioner is it is quiet and safer than window air conditioners.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners

This is the latest in air conditioner innovation. If one wishes to keep one’s air conditioner cool and dry, then the ductless split air conditioner is one of the best choices. Though it has numerous advantages, one primary disadvantage is the heavy costs one has to bear to purchase a split air conditioner model.

Portable Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, these are the air conditioners that can be lugged around pretty much anywhere. Since the discussion is about portable air conditioners for garage, the complete focus will be on sharing the pros and cons of using a portable air conditioner for garage. We will throw light on which are the best portable air conditioners currently available in the market. This article will also touch upon other topics like outdoor air conditioners, solar air conditioners, and even battery-operated air conditioners.

Tip: Whenever you buy a garage air conditioner, it’s important to buy one which is oversized. This is because the insulation in the garage is pretty low and you might not find the room cooling as much as you want.

One of the key points to note when buying a portable air conditioner for garage is that it will require some floor space dedicated for it. It is one of the best options available if the garage doesn’t have a window to install the air conditioner or when there is no central air conditioning.

Things To Do Before Installing A Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

Things To Do Before Installing A Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

There are a few things that need to be taken care of before installing a portable air conditioner for garage.

  • Seal all the gaps and outlets and insulate the garage. This will act as a vapor barrier or what is known as a weather-resistant barrier.
  • Invest in roof vents in case you want to blow out the hot air that gets accumulated inside the garage during hot summer days.
  • Paint the interiors and exteriors of the garage in light and bright colors. People tend to use dark colors to paint their garages. However, dark colors attract and trap heat and therefore the temperature inside a garage tends to be high.
  • Space out the materials in your garage in the best way possible. Preferably construct racks and wall cabinets so that there will be fewer items lying around clustering the floor and giving way to potential temperature escalation.

Innovations In Air Conditioners

Because the majority of homes use air conditioners and the ever-rising temperatures are giving birth to the need for temperature regulations both inside and outside, there have been some innovations in the air conditioner space including portable air conditioner for garage.

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

This is one of the first innovations that’s gaining ground. Solar air conditioners have multiple advantages. This type of air conditioner works by absorbing energy from the sun and using that to operate its cooling system. People who have installed these types of conditioners have reported lesser electricity consumption, energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse emissions, and even an increased value of the residential property.

Outdoor Air Conditioners

Owing to global warming, there have been rising cases of heatstroke from rising temperatures across the world. Taking into account the number of establishments that operate in an outdoor setting, and innovation in this sector has produced outdoor air conditioners. The technology leverages the absorption of air and the release of cold air in all directions.

Battery Operated Air Conditioner

Though currently priced quite high, this nifty invention doesn’t need the usage of electricity to perform its function. The battery operated air conditioner uses a 12-volt DC battery to cool an area roughly 50 feet in size. It’s perfect for extremely tiny spaces like camping tents and the like. There are different variations of the battery operated air conditioners. One involves the usage of an ice tank and a fan that pumps out cool air. Another is the evaporator units which work on the mechanism of air passing through water dripped pads thereby cooling an area down.

Things To Look For In Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

Things To Look For In Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

There are a few boxes you need to check once before finalizing the purchase of your portable air conditioner for garage. The final choice should undoubtedly have certain basic features that will elevate the output. This in turn will ensure the basic requirements are not only met by the portable air conditioner but exceeded.

Does it have wheels: Portable air conditioners for garage that you buy are not exactly very portable. Once set up, it does require some strenuous exercise to lug the product around as per the needs. Having wheels at the base helps in moving it as and when needed.

How powerful is the portable air conditioner for garage? Unlike other AC units that one installs, the purpose of a garage air conditioner is to cool down a usually hot garage space. The product that is finalized should have the ability to do some heavy pulling in this area and should be powerful enough to negate the effects of the summer-like heat.

Is it energy efficient? The portable air conditioner for garage should also be energy efficient. The reason why energy efficient air conditioners are sought is because of the cost savings. Because the portable air conditioner would be pulling heavy-duty work to cool the garage, the compressor switches on frequently. Every time the compressor kicks into action, it consumes more electricity. An energy efficient air conditioner will keep the escalating cost of electricity in check.

Advantage of a Multi-mode product: It is often observed that the areas that have an extreme climate in summer tend to have an extreme climate in winter. Your portable air conditioner for garage with multiple modes will double up as a heater during the winters.

Is the portable air conditioner compact: Since it’s the season of minimalism and every product tries to shed extra weight and surface area; this is another requirement for a lot of people going in for garage air conditioners. A product that scores high on space economics and high on cube maximization related to floor space will definitely rank higher.

Which Portable Air Conditioner For Garage Should You Buy?

Though there are many brands in the portable air conditioner for garage- space, anyone buying a portable air conditioner for garage will vouch for the fact that it can be a tedious task. So based on the opinions of experts, we will highlight four types of portable garage air conditioners that can be purchased:

The Double Hose One

The Double Hose One

Most portable air conditioners are usually criticized as loud and not very effective when it comes to cooling an area. Certain models are a favorite option as people prefer the ones having double hoses and come across as the most powerful air conditioners available. One of the most popular models that people choose as their first choice is often a machine with a double hose. Because it needs to cool a considerably hot place, it can be an ideal choice as a garage air conditioner. A unique feature of such a product is that it can run at variable speeds as opposed to the other models which usually have a choice between two extremes (either two high or zero). So always make sure that the machine you buy has a double hose and an option to select variable speed.

The Quiet One

Another priority while choosing portable air conditioners is to choose the quietest one. Always go for a model which makes the quietest sounds. While you are searching also go for one with variable speed dual rotor inverter-based compressor within. Often the models with a top-mounted fan that produces a white noise and sends out cool air are the preferred choice of people.

The Rough And Tough One :

The third suggestion is a powerful all-year-round-use model which is extremely durable and powerful. While people search for a portable air conditioner, they prefer a rough and tough one that can work all through the year and double up as a heater during winter.

The Eco-Friendly One

Check out the various options available under various brands that have the unique feature of being very environmentally friendly. The reason being such models have a CFC- free refrigerant and works on a lead-free RoHS-compliant mechanism. The models also pack a unique odor removal system with a twin filter system to remove particles in the air as well as the odor leaving your garage air space clean and welcoming.

Care To Be Taken After Installing Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

Care To Be Taken After Installing Portable Air Conditioner For Garage

There are a few things that need to be considered right after the garage air conditioner is installed.

  • Make sure the garage space is clutter-free. It seriously works productively for garage space cooling.
  • Ensure window locks after vents and ducts have been installed for the portable air conditioners. This is for obvious security reasons.
  • Do not park cars parked outside all afternoon inside the garage as it can make the temperature inside the garage rise up.
  • Always air out the garage before switching on the air conditioner.

In conclusion, if owning an air conditioner for the garage is a requirement, and if you are looking at cost-effective solutions, then finalizing a portable air conditioner for garage is the best step. Not only will the garage air conditioner keep the temperature bearable, but it will also keep the finances in control. Finally, it is important to study the area which you need to cool. The ROI is also a must study for the kind of AC you install.

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